I love the gift-giving season for all its nostalgia; the memories of waking up to new toys under the tree as a child and the chance to share the experience with my own little ones. But, no doubt, I can feel the pressure when it comes to gift shopping for boys—the stress of getting something on everyone’s list, plus the mounting costs as the kids get bigger and the expectations get higher.

Thankfully, you don’t have to blow your budget with these kid-pleasing picks. (Here’s a secret: I even got my 10-year-old son to help me come up with this list of favourites—now I know what he wants too. Bonus!)

Whatever he’s into, however old he is, our cool gift ideas for boys will hit their mark and thrill your younger ones, at a price you can afford.


My boys are obsessed with the How to Train Your Dragon movies and can’t get enough of surprise eggs when it comes to treats and rewards. Now they can enjoy their two favourite things in one with this interactive Dragon-themed hatching egg gift idea. Not only does this baby Toothless dragon inspire your little guy’s inner nurturer, but he can also teach it how to plasma blast and fly!


One safe, over 50 prizes inside? It’s no joke — that’s Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe! With this Walmart exclusive, your very own Curious George can use the key to discover dozens of neat prizes inside, from action figures and gems to robots and more. Watch him peel, smash and decode to see what comes next.


Ideal for kids who like to mess around, this malleable putty will satisfy every tactile craving: drop it, bend it, break it, bounce it — there is almost nothing this putty can’t do! Braini Putti is big on bounce but then watch it melt over surfaces for a real cool experiment. With extreme colours and glow-in-the-dark effects, it’s a mystery that kids will love playing with.


This was on my 10-year-old boy’s letter to Santa last Christmas, proving that some toys never get old. To this day, kids of all ages love this iconic truth-telling toy. Simply pose a question, turn the Magic 8 Ball ball over and look in the window to get your answer — the Magic 8 Ball offers the fastest, funniest advice they’ll ever receive.


It’s easier for kids to stay focused and on track when they can count down the minutes to the recess bell. With this cool analog camo watch, they’ll have fun learning to tell time, and managing it. Colour-matching hour and minute hand and markers make the face easy to read, while the elastic strap means you can adjust once and be done—kids can slip the watch on and off with ease thereafter.


Forget fancy fidget-spinners, this official Rubik’s Cube will have kids just as puzzled as ever, in the best way. A new mechanical design means playing this classic puzzle is smoother and faster, while stay-bright colours promise to not peel. The mini size makes it perfect for pocket travel and playing on the go, while the low price makes it an affordable, fun-packed stocking stuffer surprise.


So he loves to race? Indulge his inner competitor with speedy toys for boys like this Carnival Spiral Speedway, which brings his favourite Pixar friends out to play. He’ll cheer as Woody, Bunny and Ducky race down the course and shoot through the finish line. Press the lever to start the race and activate circus sounds and favourite character phrases.


No brakes, red lights or pit stops on this non-stop car ride! Satisfy your little one’s need for speed with three slick track designs that are perfect for solo runs as well as races against friends. This kit connects with other sets for maximum fun and attaches to any wall for epic uphill stunts. Wall brackets make tidying up a breeze come bedtime.


Featuring heroes kids love from the movie Transformers: The Last Knight, Autobots Unite figures will make unboxing history at your next gift giving event. Transformers show and movie fans will love transforming this Walmart-exclusive Hot Rod from sleek Lamborghini Centario to autobot warrior and back. The 2-in-1 gift multiplies the fun factor for kids, while also providing great value to moms and dads.


Ready, set, build! Young race car fans will enjoy the challenge of this commemorative race car build, which pays tribute to the legendary late racing driver Ayrton Senna. The set includes a McLaren racing driver minifigure in a racing suit featuring the McLaren Senna and Pirelli logos, as well as a cockpit, removable windshield, rotatable rims and a buildable wind tunnel.


Let your racing rookie go off-road and off limits with this Fast and Furious-inspired remote control Dodge Charger. A pistol grip controller lets kids rip loose at up to 16 km/h (10 mph) on land or dirt. With working headlights and taillights and a rechargeable battery that offers up to 25 minutes of adrenaline-pumping driving on each charge, this R/C vehicle is 100% fun.


Your baby driver can ride headfirst into adventure with this motorized toy jeep! Just like Owen Grady of Jurassic World, little ones can play at chasing velociraptors as they ride through the jungles of their imagination. Kids can cruise at speeds of up to 8 km/h (5 mph), over hard surfaces as well as grass, or parents can use the high-speed lockout for rookie drivers.


Whether they use them to get to school, around the neighbourhood or at the skatepark, a scooter’s got swagger. Now they can show off their pro skills with the MADD Gear Carve Elite Pro Scooter. The oil slick deck is sure to impress, while the cool squid grips and neo chrome paint deck finish display their moves with style.


The perfect gift for your young go-getter, the High Roller C Hoverboard is great for getting around between parks and playdates. It’s safe and easy to use, and fun to boot! Kids can enjoy the fresh air as they move along at up to 9.5 km/h (6 mph) for up to 16 km (10 miles) on a single charge. Lights keep them visible, day or night.


Mad scientist or gaming guru? Perhaps he’s a little of both, which is great, because this creative kit is sure to bring out his problem-solving best. You can see STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines at work as kids build more than 200 projects, using this kit that comes with over 30 parts and is also loaded with games.


They love to dance and sing to the SAME song/video/show over and over again. Now they can rock out while you keep the peace with these Pokémon Youth Headphones. The headband is adjustable, while a volume limiter keeps listening a safe experience for little ears by protecting hearing. The soft, comfortable fit and Pokémon graphic detail make this headset a stylish, comfortable choice for young kids.


These sleek earphones deliver great sound at a great price, whether it’s catching up with friends, playing an online game or singing along to the latest hit song. Kids can enjoy up to five hours listening time and three hours talk time on a single charge. Bluetooth compatible, the earphones feature a new Apple H1 headphone chip that delivers faster wireless connection to devices.


My boys and I love this movie, so they were thrilled to come across this board game on vacation recently. Boys of all ages will love playing as they make their move, leaping into the path of danger cards and using decoders to reveal secret messages. In the race against time to rescue fellow players, he’ll be thrilled when he finally gets to yell “Jumanji!”


Be the talk of the treehouse when you gift these souped-up walkie talkies to your biggest fan. The kid-safe two-way radios feature a digital connection that keeps kids’ conversations secure, preventing other walkie-talkie users from listening in or chatting with them. Little adventurers can also send messages back and forth using the LCD screen, as well as play two-player games for real-time gaming between devices.


Send them up and away with this mid-sized quadcopter. Not only does it perform cool tricks and flips with a click of a button, but it also gives big kids a view from on high thanks to its built-in camera, streaming live to your Smartphone for instant aerial footage, or recording to an SD card. Use the app or remote to control flight, takeoff and landings, as well as pictures, video and more.


He used to bang on pots and pans but now his interest has taken on a new flavour. Give your little one a taste of the heat with the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill. This toy barbecue set comes complete with doors, clicking knobs, play food, grilling accessories and a height adjuster that grows as he cooks alongside you.


Calling all Junior MasterChefs! This kitchen playset is just the thing to indulge your little one’s foodie side. Outfitted with a toy fridge, sink, burners, accessories and sounds, the set even includes a coffee maker with pods for your barista in training. In this imaginary world, little ones can make their cake and eat it, too!


Keep your little one busy with a garden full of fun thanks to this Activity Garden, where shapes, textures and colours inspire creativity and motor skills development. From the shape sorter to the telescope and more, he’ll be entertained for hours, giving mom her very own time-out. The set converts from a closed play square to a two-sided play centre.


Got a Toronto Raptors fan on your hands? Take advantage with a basketball set that helps develop their gross motor skills while they work on their team building skills as they take turns throwing the ball with a friend. Designed to grow with little ones, the set works indoors and out, so he can keep his game up, regardless of the weather. He’ll be slam-dunking in no time.


Get big fun for little kids with this Little Tikes Jr. Jump ‘n Slide Inflatable Bouncer. Kids can get their bounce on, any time they like, when you gift them this party hopping machine. You’ll be a playdate hit and the talk of the neighbourhood as kids jump, slide and bounce the day away. Inflates in minutes and folds for easy storage.


Score a win with an indoor game that has fun to “spare.” The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set includes six brightly coloured pins, a mini bowling ball and a carry bag for easy cleanup. Kids will have a ball knocking down the bug-eyed pins, developing hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while they’re at it.


No need to choose; kids can indulge their love of all sports with this 3-in-1 set. Set the net up in the location of your choice, and watch your child bend, slapshot and whip the ball of their choice, all in one set. Played solo or with friends, this multi-sport kit helps kids improve their athletic ability in a range of popular team sports.


Avoid the “I’m bored” refrain from your big kid with this 4-in-1 set that will keep him and his pals busy. Kids can choose from pool, air hockey, table tennis and football, and parents can keep interest going by switching games up in seconds thanks to the rotating design. Watch family and friend get-togethers reach a whole new level of fun!


Sparking his imagination and teaching him math skills, anything LEGO makes for a great gift for boys. The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Riverside Houseboat Building Kit gives kids three building options and you, endless quality time. Make a houseboat, classic seaplane or village with a fishing boat, all in one set. The kit also comes with awesome accessories, including a workbench, fishing rod, two minifigures and more.


Help him reach for the stars with this space shuttle Lego set. Boys who love outer space will enjoy this out-of-this-world kit, which includes a toy space research shuttle, a NASA-inspired Mars rover with articulated grappling arm and a helidrone for a space-tacular good time. Two astronaut mini-figures round out the fun and help complete the mission. The LEGO Life app offers intuitive instructions for a helping hand.


It’s a splurge, but for Harry Potter followers, this set is all they need to disappear into the magical world of Hogwarts Castle! The set features a magnificent replica of the castle, complete with library, moving staircase and Great Hall, and also comes with four mini-figures and 27 microfigures. With 6020 pieces, you can take your time with this one. A rewarding building experience for the whole family.

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Your wee game master will have a blast wherever he is, twisting, turn, playing and learning with this go-anywhere device. The rotatable, single-player game system runs on rechargeable batteries, with no Wifi necessary. With 12 preloaded games teaching skills including literacy, math and creativity, this is one device you won’t feel bad about saying “Yes” to.


He can step into a world of exploration and adventure with Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking open-world entry in the legendary video game series. Players can travel across fields, through forests and up mountain peaks in the game. In real life, their journey knows no boundaries: thanks to the Nintendo Switch download, players can now take their game anywhere and wander like Link!


We love giving and receiving games as gifts at our house, and we already have plans to pick up this one for the holidays. A contemporary twist on the classic favourite, Pictionary Air has players using the stylus to draw blindly in the air. It hooks up to your smart device so that the player and their drawing appear on the screen of your tablet or smartphone—or cast it onto your smart TV for even bigger laughs!


It’s never too soon to teach kids about money. With this version of the classic game, the race around the iconic board is the same, but this time around, Mr. Monopoly is voice activated and tracks money and ownership so the game is cash and card free. Board game lovers will enjoy the race as they practise business savvy with a round of family fun.


Your next generation spinoff will love travelling back in time to the 1980s with this family fun trivia board game. Big kids and parents alike will have a blast testing their knowledge of all things ’80s with questions covering Movies, TV, Famous People and Events, Music, Trends, Tech and Fun from the favourite decade, as well as the current hit show Stranger Things.


Re-connect with your big kid over your shared favourite show, as mom and dad relive their arcade gaming days with this retro handheld video game console, inspired by every teen’s favourite show, Stranger Things. Fans of the small screen hit are sure to get a kick out of playing the same games from the ’80s that their friends Mike, Will and Lucas do on the popular show. Includes Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga and more.


If they’ve been begging for a PS4 the way my son has, check out the lighter, slimmer PlayStation 4 500GB Slim console, which makes for an awesome portal for all your kids’ favourite games, TV, music and more. VR compatibility, a redesigned DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, exclusive gold wireless headset and high-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound make this PS4 the ultimate gaming gift.


My seven-year-old son loves building, mixing and matching parts to create his own custom ‘bots with this popular collectible line. Each blind pack includes seven bot parts, one pilot and a slime pod to create the ultimate warrior and battle against friends. With 19 different packs available, the combinations are endless! The small size and great price makes this a perfect stocking stuffer, too.


Pokemon card collectors will be thrilled when they unwrap this Pokemon Collectors Chest. Packed with five packs, three foil cards, one coin, a mini album, two sticker sheets and a code card, the set also includes pencils and a notepad so kids can keep score on their latest battles. Packaged in a themed metal carrying case, the portable collection keeps players battle-ready and ready to trade.


Fortnite fans will go wild over this Solo Mode collectible Carbide Figure Pack. The detailing alone is enough to bring the game to life. The articulating action figure comes ready for action with harvesting tools, and at 4” is the perfect scale for extending the Fornite experience with gliders, vehicles and more.


Up your best guy’s Nerf war game with this ultra-cool Fortnite-inspired design. The Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster is a replica of the blaster used in the Battle Royale video game hit, and features motorized dart blasting for battle-ready fun. A 10-dart clip and 20 official Nerf Fortnite Elite darts arm your warrior to the advantage, while two upper sights encourage accuracy.


Encourage your very own Writer in Residence with this teaching tool. Using Leapfrog’s Mr. Pencil’s Scribble & Write, kids will learn to write and draw as they practise with letters, shapes and more, using a stylus that helps them trace text while Mr. Pencil gives instant feedback. Kids can also tap the screen to make it come alive with animations, as well as work on their spelling.


My seven-year-old son is obsessed with this book series, and anything by creator Dav Pilkey. His hilarious Captain Underpants series will make a reader out of any child. The Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-a-lot brings back George and Harold for more potty-mouth humour. When their doubles— Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold—fall prey to their gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, George and Harold must strike back.


Encourage your little artist’s love of drawing and help develop creativity for boys with Drawmaster Marvel Medium. Using templates and stickers, kids can pull off their favourite illustrations with ease and amaze friends and family with their latest creations! Spider-Man fans will love this pack, which also includes Iron Spider and Vulture.

There’s nothing less tactical in a snowball fight than a soggy sticky mitten. Up their winter arsenal with a pair of melt-proof Puffer Gloves. A velcro strap keeps the gloves secure, while a fleece lining ensures digits stay toasty. The nylon shell keeps hands dry, and a palm patch offers better grip. Includes glove connectors to keep the pair together.

With a warm double cuff to keep ears frost free and a pompom to offer addition bump protection, this toque tops them off with style. The George stretch cable knit makes this hat one-size-fits-all, while the fleece lining promises to keep them cozy all winter long. A perfect stocking stuffer.

They live in them day and night. Add another hoodie to their collection and help their wardrobe make it to laundry day. The faux drawstring hood, raglan sleeves, kangaroo pocket, ribbed cuffs and full zip closure will pass the style study, while the cozy lining keeps them warm, even while they’re playing it cool. The Canada graphic and patch-embellished sleeve show their #wethenorth pride, making them feel at home, wherever they are.


Meet the famous Shark Family singing plush doll, who brings a smile to every shark-loving face. Your kids will love their new cuddle buddy! Just squeeze the tummy to hear the Baby Shark song, and watch the kids join in. Collect all three of your child’s favourite sharks — Baby Shark, Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark — and make your family complete.


Sparky the Robot may be just the solution to turn bedtime from painful to peaceful. The totally adorbs Ozark Trail Sparky Robot Kids’ Sleeping Bag can save parents from a late-night linen change, or get kids excited about bedtime. The wearable sleeves give the sleeping bag a role-playing feel, while the soft, breathable liner keeps your child cozy all night long — all the better to catch a good night’s sleep!

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