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Best princes and fashion dolls at Walmart

Unstructured playtime has so many known benefits, from boosting confidence to fostering imagination. Dolls are perfect for this kind of child-led activity, for solo playtime or a playdate with friends. With choices that are suitable for many ages, from toddler to tween, fashion and princess dolls come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and skin tones, with different hair types, abilities, clothing, careers and hobbies. But when there are so many options, what doll do you add to your cart? Read on for 20 picks your resident doll expert will absolutely love.

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1. Stylish dolls
$ 29.97

Barbie Doll in Wheelchair

We love that Barbie recognizes and celebrates different abilities. This crimped-hair beauty is fully poseable with 22 joints, and her wheelchair has rolling wheels and a working brake. She also comes with a rainbow-striped dress, white kicks and a white fanny pack. She’s also available in blonde and there’s a Ken version.

$ 29.97

Rainbow High Violet Willow Fashion Doll

Everyone is encouraged to show their true colours at Rainbow High. If your kiddo loves all shades of purple, they’ll fall for this pretty poseable doll that comes with two outfits, two pairs of shoes, two hangers, a hairbrush and a doll stand—all in lavender. And if your child prefers a different hue, the doll is also available in hot pink, pale pink, yellow, neon green, blue and rainbow.

$ 49.97

L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Movie Magic Starlette

If unboxing ranks high in your household, this L.O.L. Surprise! doll is the one you need. With 25 surprises (including a pair of 3D glasses to reveal even more cool features), this glam gal has packaging that doubles as a movie theatre for hours of play. Other versions include Gamma Babe, Spirit Queen and Ms. Direct.

$ 75.95

L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens Fashion Doll Cherry BB

At six inches—a size in between LOL and OMG dolls—the Tweens come with 15 surprises to unbox, as well as packaging that turns into a playset. Pink-haired Cherry has a vintage 1950s vibe with fashion and accessories to match. We also love Freshest’s blue braids and Hoops Cutie’s afro and basketball purse.

$ 21.97

Na! Na! Na! Surprise 2-in-1 Fashion Doll Glam Series Maxwell Dane

Two-in-one fun! Each soft Na! Na! Na! fashion doll comes with their own metallic fabric animal purse (complete with a clip for hanging on backpacks!) and animal-themed clothing. Maxwell’s outfit is puppy-inspired and includes a tag with his name, birthday and fun facts about him.

2. Princess dolls
$ 11.94

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Rapunzel Doll

Rapunzel is free from her tower and ready to play! This Disney Princess and her long locks come with a sparkly purple skirt, matching high heels and a tiara, perfect for a session of make-believe.

$ 11.94

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Mulan Doll

“Let’s get down to business…” and play with famous warrior princess Mulan! This long-haired doll comes with a shimmery pink skirt, matching shoes and a tiara—a big change from her short hair and armour.

$ 6.97

Disney Princess Secret Styles Surprise Princess Series 1

Who doesn’t love a good blind box? Each of these packages reveals one of six 3.5-inch secret Disney Princess dolls—Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Moana or Tiana. Each soft, flexible doll comes with a removable two-piece dress.

$ 29.97

Disney Princess Rainbow Reveal Ariel Colour Change Doll

Is there anything kids love more than toys that change colour? We don’t think so. Ariel’s tail changes hues when she’s placed in warm water (and it’s also segmented so it can move to look like she’s swimming).

$ 24.48

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon Kumandra Story Set

Seven dolls are better than one, obviously! This Raya and the Last Dragon set comes with seven figures (Raya, Sisu as a human and as a dragon, three Ongis and Boun) and five accessories, ideal for re-enacting scenes from the movie.

3. Career dolls
$ 26.98

Barbie Veterinarian Doll

Barbie has had some cool jobs, but vet is pretty close to the top of the list. Animal doctor Barbie comes with a furry patient, crate, pet pad, stethoscope and even a cone to keep Fluffy from licking her wounds.

$ 10

Barbie Doctor Doll

In her white coat and with her stethoscope in hand, Dr. Barbie is ready to see patients. This MD also comes with a blue-and-black striped dress and matching shoes for clinic days. You’ll love watching your little one role-play hospital!

$ 10

Barbie Salon Stylist Doll

This doll has the coolest purple hair, which is fitting for her profession. Stylist Barbie comes with a smock, comfy shoes, a blow dryer, hair clips and a brush to help her make her clients look picture perfect.

$ 78.14

Barbie Pet Groomer Doll

Sometimes it’s all about the accessories. Pet groomer Barbie comes with a cute pup, a grooming stand, pretend washing, drying and styling tools, a bathtub and more! Barbie herself is wearing an adorable dress, apron and hairband.

$ 14.97

Barbie Chelsea Can Be Rockstar Doll

The Chelsea Can Be line, which features Barbie’s little sister, has a range of diverse Chelsea dolls with cool professions. This one is a rockstar and comes with a guitar, microphone, headphones, VIP tickets and star-shaped glasses for pretend play awesomeness.

4. Sports and fitness dolls
$ 31.14

Barbie Signature Tim Horton’s Doll in Hockey Uniform

Barbie can be anything…including a hockey player! This doll suits up in her hockey pants, socks, skates, helmet and jersey (which even has her name on the back!) to hit the ice with her team. Hockey stick and puck are included, of course.

$ 34.97

L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Sports Cheer Diva

Gimme an O, gimme an M, gimme a G! This athletic doll comes with 20 surprises, including everything she needs to dominate at cheerleading competitions. Her reusable packaging doubles as a playset for ultimate fun.

$ 34.97

L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Sports Vault Queen

This gymnast with her sparkly mix-and-match accessories is set to top the podium with 20 surprises to unbox. She comes with everything required for gym meets, and her packaging becomes a playset complete with dressing room.

$ 49.97

Rainbow High Winter Break Skyler Bradshaw

Get your kiddo excited for winter (or cater to your winter-sport lover) with Rainbow High’s Winter Break collection, which reimagines the six original Rainbow High dolls. Each doll, including Skyler Bradshaw in powder blue, comes with two outfits, two pairs of shoes and winter accessories such as skis or a snowboard. Want a different hue? Try Ruby Anderson (Red), Jade Hunter (Green), Sunny Madison (Yellow), Violet Willow (Purple) or Poppy Rowan (Orange).

$ 58.38

Barbie Fitness Doll with Puppy

This fit Barbie is ready for anything! She comes with a gym bag, water bottle, protein bar, dumbbells, skipping rope, yoga mat and more. Kids will also love her canine companion, who has pup-sized weights, too!

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