Hosting a couples games night is a great way to score high points with friends as you get set to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. We’ve got ideas for tasty snacks, shared laughter and, of course, friendly competition!

Walmart Canada’s guide to Couples Games Night Ideas will help make you look like a winner when you mark Valentine’s Day with the special people in your life. Go ahead. Invite the gang, put out some yummy food and play your favourite board games, classic card games or exciting video games to create a memorable, fun and heartfelt evening for everyone.

Couples Games Night Ideas:

  1. What are good snacks for game night?
  2. What should I serve for game night?
  3. What are fun games for couples?
1What are good snacks for game night?

You’re likely to work up an appetite as you team up to play against your game opponents! Put out delicious snack foods and treats that are easy to grab when the competition heats up.

Prep time: 2 min
Cooking time: 0 min
Serving size: 6

Classic Knorr Onion Dip

Quick, tasty and versatile, this classic Knorr onion dip pairs well with crudités, chips and crackers. Ready in as little as 2 minutes!

Prep time: 10 min
Chill time: 2 hr
Serving size: 6

Vegetable Hummus

Game changer! Once you discover how inexpensive and easy it is to make hummus, you might find yourself making it more often than you think. I found this out when we bought a food processor a couple of years ago. Now I make this classic chickpea spread for parties as well as weekday lunches.

Prep time: 10 min
Cooking time: 1 hr 40 min
Serving size: 10

BBQ Snack Mix

Here’s a BBQ snack mix to help fend off those game-time munchies. Spiced just right with Bull’s Eye Bold Original BBQ Sauce as the main ingredient, a blend of salted peanuts, corn cereal and pretzel twists offers a winning combo of heat and crunch. Notice how the pretzels are shaped like hearts! This mix makes for a yummy snack when teamed up with cold beverages.

Prep time: 10 min
Cooking time: 15 min
Serving size: 6

Chili Con Carne

Chili is a classic dish for occasions like this, especially in freezing February weather. I like serving this one-pot dish because my husband usually volunteers to make it—which takes the pressure off me when we have other couples over. It’s made even easier if you cook it the day before your Valentine’s games night. Did I mention that chili tastes even better the next day? It does! Guests can grab a bowl of hearty chili con carne between rounds and get right back to playing.

Prep time: 20 min
Cooking time: 20 min
Serving: 30

Red Velvet Cupcakes

For casual get-togethers at our house, we like to put out a tray of chocolate and fresh fruit for those with a sweet tooth to nibble on. I also love the idea of serving these popular homemade red velvet cupcakes to help keep the Valentine’s Day theme top of mind. Rich and decadent, each little hand-held cake topped with cream cheese icing will make for a scrumptious treat to fuel your competitive couples games night guests.

2What should I serve for game night?

Keeping it simple should be the name of the game when prepping food for a couples games night. After all, you want to participate in all the fun on Valentine’s Day too! Serve simple savoury dips, snacks, treats and sweets on help-yourself party platters and serving bowls. Don’t forget soft drinks, juices, and other fun beverages for thirsty competitors!


Hometrends 5-Part Platter

Serve dips and spreads on a platter like this brilliant-white, hand-glazed porcelain beauty by hometrends. Simply place dip or spread in the centre and surround with crispy fresh vegetables and pita bread or whole wheat crackers.


Chip & Dip, by hometrends

Load up the centre bowl with ruffled potato chips or cheesy nachos. Use the side bowl for dip, salsa or guacamole. This porcelain bowl set is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Blossom Jubilee 3 Tier Serving Tray

This stunning serving tray by The Pioneer Woman is perfect for serving sweets, veggies, or delectable finger foods. Those mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting would be the perfect treat to serve on this stoneware piece! This serving tray, which features three unique plates, is designed for easy assembly and is dishwasher safe. The red underside of each plate is the perfect accent for the theme of the evening.


Starfrit Cocktail Shaker

Shake things up on Cupid’s special games night by mixing and serving your favourite cocktails to guests. Made of stainless steel, this cocktail shaker by Starfrit comes with a built-in strainer.


Libbey Glass Wine & Dine Premium Stemless Glass Set

Toast the winners and losers at your games night for couples with these stemless wine glasses and your favourite red or white. The modern squat design by Libbey Glass makes this glassware a practical, more stable choice to have on the game table when excitement builds during a rousing round of play. Comes as a set of 12.


Libbey County Fair Glass Drinking Jars

These Mason-jar-inspired drinking glasses with handles are fun for casual entertaining whether you’re serving pop, craft brew, Caesars or other beverages of a sociable nature. Comes as a set of 4.

On grownup game night, be a sweetheart by making sure you have lots of sparkling water or virgin cocktail options for the designated driver.

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3What are fun games for couples?

Whether you team up as couples or as men versus women or play individually, adult party games ideas will help keep everyone chatting and in stitches all evening. Or, maybe you’d like to keep guests guessing by having a range of board games, video games, and card games on the ready.


Adult Loaded Questions

This game for adults by All Things Equal, Inc is loaded with fun questions and ridiculous answers. You and your friends take turns guessing which player wrote which ridiculous answer to the kooky questions! Or, make things really interesting by pairing up as sweethearts to write those ridiculous answers. For 4-6 players ages 17+.


Trivial Pursuit 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition

Get ready to reminisce and laugh on couples games night. This premium Ruby Edition of the classic Trivial Pursuit game by Hasbro Gaming celebrates some of the biggest moments from the last four decades and includes 1,200 “Remember When” questions from 1979-2018. For 2-6 players.


Speak Out Game

This ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game by Hasbro Gaming will have couples doubled over with laughter. Players try to decipher what in the world their teammate is trying to say, and must correctly guess the phrase in order to earn the card. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The Speak Out game includes 200 double-sided cards, 10 mouthpieces, and a timer


Phase 10 Card Game

From the makers of UNO, this rummy-type card game is challenging with an exciting twist! The object of the game is to be the first player to complete 10 phases. The twist is that each phase to be completed is specific for each hand dealt. Those who complete the phase advance to the next, but those who don’t must try again. For 2 to 6 players.


Blindfolded Twister Game

A childhood party-game fave gets a challenging update with this edition by Hasbro Gaming. This fun version has you playing while wearing a blindfold. It’s the perfect game to play on Valentine’s Day, don’t ya think? This edition’s mat features textured shapes on the spots—players feel for them with hands and feet. It’s a blast to play and watch!


Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)

When the kids are away, it’s time for the grownups to take over the Nintendo Switch! Inspired by Nintendo‘s original Super Mario Party board game play, the beloved series has new mini-games and play styles that make use of the Joy-Con controllers.  Up to four players take turns rolling the dice and individually race across the board searching for Stars. Play solo or switch (no pun intended) to the 2 vs 2 mode for great sweethearts fun as you pit couples against couples!

Gathering around the table or in the living room for a couples games night is a fun and affordable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. Let the dice and the good times roll with any of these couples games ideas from

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