24 Cute Stuffed Animals for All the Kiddos in Your Life

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Young kids and parents alike love cute stuffed animals. They may help children cope with fear or separation anxiety, encourage pretend play and even make learning to read more fun, plus you can toss most of them into the wash for an easy clean. They’re also downright cute. From super-soft teddy bears to trendy interactive pets, TV characters and everything in between, check out these adorable plush toys that anyone under five will love.

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1. Interactive and surprise toys
$ 12.97

Little Live Pets Scruff-a-luvs Babies Single Pack

The surprises keep coming with these snuggly rescue pets that need to be unwrapped then combed to reveal a sparkly, furry friend. Kids won’t know which species of animal they’re getting—from the colourful platypus to the playful monkey.

$ 69.97

Present Pets Princess Puppy

The unboxing part is just as fun as playing with this secret Princess pup will be. The plush toy comes with more than 100 sounds and actions, not to mention batteries (score!). Depending on their age, your child might also like these 15 top surprise toys.

$ 74.97

FurReal Gogo Interactive Toy

Not ready to get your puppy-loving kid a real dog? This interactive toy comes with a leash for all kinds of active role play and snuggles. The pup also comes with more than 50 sounds and reactions, which means kids can sing and dance with it, too.

$ 89.97

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron

One of the hottest toys of the year, Magic Mixies is a kit including a cauldron, spell book, wand and special ingredients that your little one can use to make a potion. Once the potion is mixed and the spell is cast, real mist rises and a special furry pet (one of two colours) will be revealed. Totally magical!

$ 19.97

Little Live Pets Noodle Pup

Why grab a stuffed dog with regular old fur when you can gift one with noodles on its back? This dog is still soft and snuggly, but it also busts a move and barks to its own music, making it one of the most fun toys in the bunch.

$ 14

FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy

Not only is this furball cute and snuggly, but he also poops (which will make young ones giggle with glee). Kids can feed him, walk him and clean up the little poop pellets he leaves behind.

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2. Teddy bears, dinosaurs and jungle creatures
$ 19.97

Care Bears Cheer Bear

Each snuggle spreads cheer with this nostalgic plush toy, which comes with a collectible Care Coin. Snag one and share a piece of your own childhood or pair it with a Grumpy Bear to remind kids that sometimes it’s okay to feel a bit grouchy, too.

$ 22.97

Mary Meyer Baby Putty Nursery Sloth

Why give a regular old stuffed bear or dog when you can wrap up a sloth? The trendy animal is cute as ever in this plush form, which is made with Mary Meyers’ signature Putty etched fur.

$ 15

Kid Connection Holiday Teddy

This dapper unisex teddy makes a great present for kids over three thanks to its cozy, oversized body and sweet snuggle appeal. Shopping for multiple tots? Grab another buddy in cream or camel.

$ 10

Kid Connection Mini Plush Dino

Cute, cuddly and totally affordable, this mini-plush dino fits easily in a diaper bag and is perfect for smaller hands to grasp. Bonus points for the embroidery eyes, which mean parents won’t have to worry about potential chocking hazards.

$ 37.97

Marry Meyer Baby Putty Nursery Octopus

Another Putty etched-fur offering from Mary Meyer, this octopus is cute and unique. That makes it a sweet addition to ocean-themed nurseries and for any budding marine biologists out there, too.

$ 22.97

Mary Meyer Nursery Dino

Start babies on the dino path early with this ultra-soft, machine-washable stuffy. The coral and cream colours are gender-neutral (perfect for baby showers), making it a great addition to all kinds of nurseries.

$ 22.97

Mary Meyer Baby Putty Nursery Elephant

This two-toned fabric plushie is perfect for safari-themed nurseries and toy rooms alike thanks to its embroidered eyes and mouth.

$ 15

Disney Winnie the Pooh Plush

Forgo expensive Disney presents with this classic and affordable Pooh Bear, which comes with the character’s signature red shirt and a cheerful smile. Want to double the fun? Add some bounce to your gift with a Tigger.

$ 5

Kid Connection Plush Dino

This docile dino is one of the most affordable plushies on this list, making it an instant win. Add in the soft material and purple hue and dino-appreciating kids everywhere are sure to love it, too.

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3. Movie, TV and video game characters
$ 96.48

Disney Pixar Inside Out Bing Bong Plush

The impeccable details on this Disney character make him instantly recognizable to movie fans, but even youngsters who haven’t watched Inside Out will love Bing Bong’s wide smile, fuzzy striped tail and checkered blazer.

$ 17.96

Baby Mario Plush

Kids don’t even need to be into video games to light up at this Mario plushie, given the character’s surge in popularity with littles under five. Of course, if it’s a true fan you’re shopping for, don’t forget to add a Baby Luigi.

$ 12.97

Sesame Street Elmo Plush

This mini-sized plushie of many preschoolers’ favourite show is perfect for little hands to grasp, plus it’s easy to throw in the stroller or car seat for extra comfort on the go. Already have an Elmo? Consider a Cookie Monster instead.

$ 34.29

Squirtle Plush

Kids who gotta catch ‘em all can start with this Pokémon-inspired Squirtle plushie. It comes in a cuddly finish with bright colours, making it the perfect thing to snuggle during those early morning cartoon sessions.

$ 36.97

Blue’s Clues and You Peek-a-Boo Magenta Stuffed Toy

Solve Christmas with this Magenta plushie and her signature paw print. Not only is she a recognizable gift for young fans, but her flappy, interactive ears take peek-a-boo games to the next level.

$ 16.97

Star Wars The Mandalorian's The Child

This is the way to winning Christmas, especially with season three of The Mandalorian on the way in 2022. While young fans wait, snuggling up to “Baby Yoda” or a Star Wars character may be an excellent way to pass the time.

$ 14.97

Disney Pixar Finding Nemo Plush

Younger kids will love the soft, bright material used to recreate this popular clownfish, older kids will appreciate the unmistakable, spot-on attention to detail and all kids will want to snuggle him—immediately.

$ 14.97

Paw Patrol Chase Plush

You’ll be on a roll this holiday by gifting a unique, racing-suit version of this favourite police dog. We’ve got a soft spot for the rescue leader, but Marshall and Skye are also available to round out all the Paw Patrol collections out there.

$ 12.97

Sonic the Hedgehog Plush

This super-soft iteration of the speedy blue character will appeal to kids’ imaginations as well as their love of cuddling up. His dangly legs and smaller frame make him easy to lug around, too, so he’s a great gift for the younger set.

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