Our best date night at home ideas for Valentine’s Day will help set Cupid’s arrow in the right direction. We’ll help you see, smell and taste the romance with Walmart’s guide to a cozy night at home for two.

With the hustle of the holidays now a memory, there’s time to focus on planning something intimate for Valentine’s Day: date night at home. Our helpful tips and ideas for a warm and cozy night at home will help you say “I love you” to your special someone.

At-Home Date Night Ideas:

  1. What should I do for a date night at home?
  2. How do you make a romantic date night at home?
  3. What can couples do for fun at home?
1What should I do for a date night at home?

Taking the time to prepare a meal for another person is truly a sign of love. My husband rarely cooks, but when he does make an effort, it’s a major sign of his affection. Even the culinarily-challenged can master these simple but delicious classics that are special enough for a date night at home to mark Cupid’s day.

Prep time: 10 min
Cooking time: 20 min
Serving size: 4

Beef Stroganoff

This dish only takes minutes to prepare but tastes like you’ve been cooking all day. Brown strips of beef and mushrooms, flavour with onion soup mix by Knorr, thicken and pour over hot, cooked noodles.

Prep time: 25 min
Cooking time: 40 min
Serving size: 8

Guiltless Vegetarian Chili

Nothing warms up a cold night like a bowl of chili. For even less fuss, make our vegetarian version in a slow cooker and let it do the work, unsupervised. Use a variety of chopped veggies, kidney beans, corn and one jalapeno pepper for just the right amount of heat. Add a toasted baguette, and you’ve got a delicious meal that’s sure to please.

Why not make it dinner and a movie? Walmart has a large selection of movies, from sci-fi to musicals to the latest blockbusters and award winners. Streaming services such as Netflix, Crave TV and On Demand have loads of movies as well as TV shows to binge. Just don’t get too caught up in what’s on the small screen when there’s so much else to do. Read on!

A special occasion that celebrates your sweetheart calls for an equally special beverage. A glass of wine is delightful while champagne will help make this night feel exceptional.


Libbey Nebula Wine Glass

You don’t have to be a sommelier to hit it out of the park when choosing wine. That’s why we have experts at wine stores. I tell them what’s on the menu and they suggest the perfect vino, every time. Pour into wine glasses by Libbey and everything will go grape–I mean, great.


Libbey Wine & Dine Premium Flute Glasses

You can’t make a champagne toast with water glasses. Trust me; I’ve tried. Flute glasses are becoming increasingly popular, elevating an ordinary day to an occasion worth toasting.

2How do you make a romantic date night at home?

Setting the mood for the evening will help set the mood for the night. Clear away any clutter or signs of nagging chores. Did someone leave a laundry basket in plain sight? Tuck it away! No one needs reminding that their whites could be whiter while they’re enjoying a romantic date night at home.


Flameless Melted Top 2”, 3” & 4” Pillars

Few things spell romance as obviously as candles. Wax is no worry with this trio of flameless candles by Inglow that look and feel like the real thing. You can safely leave them unattended as they give off a pleasing vanilla scent. They come complete with batteries and ready to be switched on to create a soothing backdrop for your sweetheart night.


Mainstays Unscented Pillar Candles

If you prefer scentless candles, this two-pack by MAINSTAYS is affordable enough to line down the middle of a table. Or the edge of a bathtub – carefully. (Pull the shower curtain out of harm’s way!) The lack of essence leaves your senses open to other delightful smells like that wonderful dinner you cooked.


Hometrends Round Pillar Candle Holder

Keep wax off your table, and out of your tub, by setting real candles on candle holders. This versatile metal candle holder by Hometrends will cradle almost any size pillar, a few votives or several tea lights. In classic black, it compliments any décor from contemporary to traditional.

Music is another powerful mood-setter, and a smart home product may be the best DJ for your romantic evening at home.


Google Home Mini-Speaker

Smooth jazz? R & B? Classic rock? Whatever your musical wish, tell your tiny but powerful Smart Home assistant by Google what you want to hear, and it will make it happen in an instant. There are no buttons to push or settings to fiddle with. You don’t even have to get up from cuddling on the couch.



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You have the home atmosphere all set, but what about you? Your Valentine will appreciate the effort you take in looking your best, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look like a million bucks. Maybe a fresh article of clothing, shoes, or accessories is all you need to feel special and look your best on this special date night.


Wrangler Men’s Premium Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Dressing sharp doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This men’s plaid shirt from Wrangler is made of 100% cotton and features contrast piping on the back neck collar. It has an attractive colour combo, classic style and comes in sizes up to 3XL.


George Women’s Velvet SS Solid Top

Lucky for me, I married a man who doesn’t like fussy lingerie or complicated clothing. He thinks casual and comfortable outfits are sexy. This velvet top by George fits the bill. It’s snug and soft with a flattering flare and has a nice ruffle detail on the sleeves. And it comes in black or teal, sizes XS to XXL.

3What can couples do for fun at home?

Walmart has a great selection of adult party games. Some, such as Adult Loaded Questions, require four or more players and are best saved for a double-date night. Others, like Trivial Pursuit, are just as much fun with two people as with four. You might want to venture into something a little different for your date night at home.


Big G Creative Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Game

The idea behind a cozy date night at home is to chill out, wouldn’t you agree? There’s no one more “chill” than artist Bob Ross. This imaginative game by Big G Creative, named for the famed painter, compels players to get creative by making landscape features like ‘happy little trees’ and other Bob-isms to earn chill points. Bob himself is part of the fun, encouraging you along the way. It’s as chill as it gets.



This Marvel edition of Codenames by USAopoly combines the hit social word game with the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers and Doctor Strange. Be the first to identify all of your sweetheart’s ‘field agents’ to win! Nothing like a like friendly competition to heat things up.


Super Smash Bros (Nintendo Switch)

Maybe you’d like to challenge your date to a video game like Super Smash Bros by Nintendo Switch. Legendary game worlds and fighters collide in the ultimate showdown—a new entry in the Super Smash Bros. series for the Nintendo Switch system! Show off your skills or see what all the fuss is about, together. After all, you know you love each other, right?

Your tummies are full and a bit sore from laughter. You’ve enjoyed a movie or a fun game. Now it’s time to exchange gifts on your special night. Your gesture of love requires more forethought than spontaneously bestowing your Bob Ross masterpiece on your beloved.


Viewpoint by Timex Men’s Silver Metal Bracelet

For him, give what everyone wants more of: time. Walmart has lots of watches for everyone in the family, from analog to digital, sporty to all business. This Timex is perfect for every day and dresses up or down. Every time he looks at this watch, he’ll remember that you want to spend time with him.


Canadiana Ladies Sleep Robe

For her, jewelry isn’t necessarily a must-give unless you’re getting engaged or she’s been dropping major hints. If that’s the case, check out Walmart’s jewellery selection and pick out something sparkly. Otherwise, she might like this soft, cozy robe with ribbed cuffs by Canadiana. She’ll think of you every time she wraps herself in its warmth.

There are no unbreakable rules for a successful date night at home. If there are no distractions and you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. We hope you’ve found inspiration to create a stay-at-home Valentine’s evening to remember.

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