A dog and a boy in matching blue and red superhero costumes
Kids and dogs dressed in matching DIY Halloween costumes including avocado and toast and Legos.

Ready to be mom of the year? Coordinate your kid and dog this Halloween with our adorable DIY costume ideas. The best part: They require zero sewing skills and—once you buy your supplies (including a hot glue gun and scissors)—can be made in a single evening.

The costumes are even simple enough that you can rope your child into making their own (with a little supervision), especially if you’re searching for activities to fend off boredom this fall. Working together on one of our 12 easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids and dogs can be a fun new tradition.

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Young girl and dog dressed in DIY bubble bath and loofah costumes

1Bubble Bath and Loofah

OK, how adorable is this?! It’s a kiddo dressed as a sudsy bath and a pupper as the accompanying loofah.

What you need

How to prep

This kid-and-dog costume duo is incredibly quick to prep. Start with the two-step bubble bath outfit.

  1. Simply hot glue white Styrofoam balls in different sizes to a white shirt.
  2. Glue a rubber duckie to a hard headband and you’re done!
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Shopping tip
If you’re having trouble finding Styrofoam balls in multiple sizes, you can also use white balloons blown up to your preferred fullness. Use safety pins pierced through the knot of the balloon or hot glue on the coolest setting to adhere the balloons to the shirt.

For the loofah costume, you’ll get to rip apart real loofahs!

  1. First, snip the thread that holds your loofahs bunched into a ball.
  2. Hot glue the loose mesh to a dog shirt of the same colour, bunching the mesh as you go.
  3. Hot glue the finishing touches to the dog Halloween costume: a rubber duckie and a long loop of white rope. You can also re-use the string from one of your loofahs, but you may prefer a longer, thicker piece of rope because it will be easier to see on the costume.
Young girl and dog dressed in DIY tooth fairy and tooth costumes

2Tooth Fairy and Tooth

A spin on a classic princess Halloween costume, the tooth fairy has a little extra personality with her toothbrush necklace and tooth wand. Add in a furry assistant wearing a tooth backpack and this costume is worth its weight in dental floss.

What you need

How to prep

Turning your little one into a tooth fairy involves buying or making a tulle skirt, necklace and felt wand.

  1. To make the skirt, simply take long strips of tulle off the roll, fold them over a piece of ribbon and knot them in place. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to tie around your child’s waist.
  2. To create the necklace, hot glue toothbrushes to a piece of string or elasticized cord. Once they’re glued, you can reinforce them by cutting a piece of felt and gluing it over the string and the backs of the toothbrushes.
  3. The tooth wand is a super-easy DIY! Cut two matching tooth shapes out of white felt, place a bit of cotton batting or a few cotton balls in between the two layers, then glue the edges of the felt together around a wooden dowel.
  4. Add a tiara and wings!

Your dog becomes a tooth with the quick assembly of a felt backpack.

  1. Cut out three pieces of felt: two large tooth shapes and a strip that you can knot or glue around your dog’s middle.
  2. Glue the edges of the tooth layers together, leaving an opening where you can stuff cotton batting. Seal the opening with glue.
  3. Glue the tooth “pillow” to the long strip of white felt. Leave the two ends open to glue them together (or knot or Velcro them) around your dog’s midsection.
Young boy and dog dressed in DIY flowerpot and bumblebee costumes

3Flower Pot and Bumblebee

Cue the “awwws!” This flower pot costume with a giant petal hat is magic on its own. Add in a dog in a bumblebee suit and you’ll send everyone scrambling for their cameras.

What you need

How to prep

To get the flower pot costume ready, you’ll need to make a flower hat and decorate a cloth basket.

  1. For the hat, cut out oversized felt petals and hot glue them to a brightly coloured toque or beanie.
  2. To prevent the petals from looking limp, fold them in half, lengthwise, before dabbing hot glue on the ends.
  3. When making the flower pot, start by cutting a hole in the base of your cloth basket. Keep in mind that this hole will need to be large enough to fit over your child’s hips.
  4. Cut pieces of fake greenery and glue them around the rim of the basket.
  5. Finally, hot glue, staple or stitch ribbon onto the pot to make straps that can hang over your kid’s shoulders.

For the bumblebee pet costume, you’ll need to decorate a black dog hoodie with felt stripes, wings and pipe cleaner antennae.

  1. Start with cutting yellow felt into strips and gluing them around the body of the hoodie. Keep in mind that the shirt will need to stretch over your dog’s head, so try to make the stripes loose enough so the shirt can still expand.
  2. Cut two white felt wings (in the shape of large ping-pong paddles with handles) and glue them in the centre of the back (affixing the glue to the “handle” portion of the felt piece).
  3. Hot glue yellow pompoms to the end of two black pipe cleaners, then glue the pipe cleaners to the shirt’s hood.
Young girl and dog dressed in DIY clown and cotton candy costumes

4Clown and Cotton Candy

There are few Halloween costumes more classic than a clown. Add a dog dressed up as a bundle of cotton candy and you have a duo Halloween costume that feels fresh and fun.

What you need

How to prep

The clown costume’s main components are a large pointed hat, accordion collar and tissue-paper pompoms.

  1. To make the hat, wrap pink Bristol board around a pointed party hat and tape or glue it shut. Hot glue matching pompoms in a vertical column along the front of the hat and at the point.
  2. For the accordion collar, simply fold a piece of pink Bristol board into a fan and hot glue two pieces of ribbon to the flat side to act as neckties.
  3. For the shirt’s pompoms, glue decorative party fans or pre-made tissue paper pompoms to the shirt’s front, like oversized buttons. (You can also make your own by bunching up tissue paper and gluing it to a small circle of cardboard.)
  4. Finish the look with white face paint and pink circles on the cheeks.
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Rather than buying new clothes for the costume, repurpose items your kid (or dog) already has in their closet. Then use removable Velcro strips to attach the tissue-paper pompoms (or other details like the Care Bear tummy decals).

The doggie cotton candy costume is a frothy pink bodysuit and cone headband or collar.

  1. To make the bodysuit, pull apart pieces of cotton batting or pillow stuffing and glue them to a pink dog shirt. Then lightly paint the cotton batting pink with a sponge paintbrush.
  2. To make the cone, wrap a piece of white Bristol board into a narrow cone shape and glue it closed. Hot glue the cone to a white collar or headband that you can place on your dog’s head.
Young boy and dog dressed in DIY Jellyfish and scuba diver costumes

5Jellyfish and Scuba Diver

A light-up umbrella and doggie flippers. Need we say more?

What you need

How to prep

The centrepiece of the jellyfish costume is a light-up umbrella. For the rest of the outfit, stick with dark or marine-hued clothing.

  1. Glue battery-powered string lights inside the canopy of a clear umbrella. Make sure you can reach the battery packs to flip the switch on and off.
  2. Cut strips of ribbon and glue them around the edge of the umbrella canopy like tentacles. Curl the ribbons.

For your scuba diver dog costume, you’ll need to make flippers and an oxygen tank.

  1. To make the flippers, cut yellow foam sheets into flipper shapes and hot glue them to strips of elastic that you can pull over your dog’s feet.
  2. For the tanks, pour blue paint into pop bottles and shake to coat the insides. Pour out the remaining paint and leave to dry.
  3. Affix the two pop bottles to a strip of black elastic so that you can stretch it over your dog’s body or use a strip of black felt and glue the ends together once the oxygen tanks are in place on your dog’s back.
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Shopping Tip
Be sure to buy wired ribbon so that it holds a curl. And if you’re struggling to find narrow pieces of elastic for the dog flippers, you can always cut wider pieces into thin strips.
Young boy and dog dressed in DIY Legos costumes

6Building Blocks

Keep things super simple with dog and kid versions of the same costume: a building block. You can even deck out the whole family in building blocks of different colours!

What you need

How to prep

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, you can work on both building block boxes simultaneously to cut down on time.

  1. First, cut into your boxes with scissors or an X-acto knife. For your child’s costume, you’ll need to cut off the top and bottom of the box so that your kid’s head and feet can pop out. For the DIY dog Halloween costume, you’ll want to leave only three sides remaining on the box so that the top can balance on your dog’s back.
  2. Next, hot glue small paper cups in rows on one side of each box (to run along your kid’s stomach and dog’s back).
  3. In a well-ventilated area, paint the cups and boxes with glossy spray paint.
  4. When the boxes are dry, hot glue or staple thick ribbon straps onto your child’s Lego brick.
  5. You can balance the box on your dog’s back for photos, or hot glue it to the shirt.
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Stick to only one colour of Lego for both costumes to save a bit of money on paint and ribbon.
Young girl and dog dressed in DIY farmer and corn on the cob costumes

7Farmer and Corn on the Cob

If you’re not feeling super artistic when it comes to your kid’s Halloween costume, this farmer ensemble could be up your corn row. Add in a dog dressed as a freshly peeled cob of corn (for which, admittedly, a touch of glue gunning is involved) and your duo will be the hit of Instagram.

What you need

How to prep

The farmer costume is assembly only. (Score!)

  1. Buy all your clothing and accessories, then tuck the farm animal and a few pieces of wheat into the front pocket of the overalls.

For this DIY corn-on-the-cob costume, you’ll need to do a little more work.

  1. Paint oversized cotton pompoms with yellow craft paint and leave them to dry.
  2. Next, hot glue them in rows across the front or back of your yellow dog shirt—depending on what will look best for your size and breed of dog.
  3. Hot glue your oversized fake leaves along the side of the costume (and the back or front, depending on where you placed the pompoms).
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Crafting Tip
If the leaves don’t take to the glue gun, you may have to use double-sided tape instead.
Young boy and dog dressed in DIY wizard and unicorn costumes

8Wizard and Unicorn

Have a kiddo that’s obsessed with magic? This low-cost version of a wizard costume (with four-legged sidekick) will rock their world.

What you need

How to prep

We love that the base of your kid’s wizard costume is one of the most accessible items of all time: a plain black garbage bag.

  1. Cut arm and head holes in the garbage bag.
  2. Lay out the bag and cover it with white, silver or gold star stickers or paper cutouts.
  3. Cut a piece of sparkly ribbon that you can glue in place as a belt around your kid’s waist.
  4. To make the pointy wizard’s hat, wrap a piece of Bristol board around a party hat and glue it in place.
  5. Add star cutouts and a strip of glitter ribbon around the rim.
  6. Make the star wand by cutting two matching stars out of stiff sparkly paper (or use pre-cut stars) and gluing them on either side of a wooden dowel.
  7. Add a long white beard.

Turning your dog into a magical unicorn involves making a tulle tutu and a unicorn headpiece.

  1. To build the tutu, knot strips of tulle around a ribbon and keep adding layers until you reach your desired fullness.
  2. To make the horn, purchase a foam or paper cone or make one from Bristol board and cover it with white felt. Twist silver string or wire along the length of the cone.
  3. Cut tufts of white fur and ears out of white and pink felt.
  4. Glue the fur, cone and ears to a headband.
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If you’re low on time, buy a ready-made tutu and unicorn headband. As far as Halloween accessories go, they’re pretty easy to find.
Young boy and dog dressed in DIY avocado and toast costumes

9Avocado and Toast

Hipster parents, rejoice! The mascot of millennials—the avocado toast—is now a DIY Halloween costume for kids and dogs.

What you need

How to prep

Another one of our easiest Halloween costumes for dogs and kids, this piece of toast is a cinch to make.

  1. Use scissors or an X-acto knife to cut a large, stiff sheet of foam core into the shape of a piece of bread.
  2. Paint the “crust” around the edge of the board with dark brown paint.
  3. Sponge the rest of the bread with two or three shades of lighter brown paint to create texture.
  4. Hot glue ribbon to the board so you can hang it around your child’s neck.

Next up is your avocado dog Halloween costume!

  1. Paint half a foam Styrofoam ball with brown paint.
  2. Hot glue the ball to the chest of a green shirt. Voila!
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Young girl and dog dressed in DIY Elsa and Olaf costumes

10Ice Queen and Snowman

Make your winter-obsessed little one feel like royalty with this ice queen and snowman DIY costume. Add personalized touches like fabric-paint swirls or snowflakes.

What you need

How to prep

Your homemade ice queen costume will involve decorating a blue dress, making a cape and braiding a Halloween wig.

  1. Start with a blue dress. The amount you embellish it is up to you! You can draw swirls and snowflakes with white or silver glitter fabric paint and stick on store-bought snowflakes or even make your own. This paper snowflake tutorial shows how to make snowflakes with just a pair of scissors and a few pieces of white paper.
  2. To make the cape, take a white towel and paint a “collar” with silver glitter fabric paint.
  3. Pin a snowflake to the “collar.” You can also use the safety pin to hold the cape closed.
  4. Braid a blonde wig into a single plait.
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Buy a blue princess dress and customize it with fabric paint and snowflake cut-outs or stickers.

The snowman dog costume requires a bit of crafty scissor work.

  1. Start by cutting your various shapes out of felt: black circles for the buttons, white and black circles for the eyes, and brown shapes for the twig arms, hair and eyebrows. Make two layers for any piece you want to be rigid (like the hair and arms).
  2. Place a piece of stiff wire between the two layers of your brown felt for the arms and hair, then glue the felt together.
  3. Wrap a square of orange felt into a cone (the carrot nose!) and stuff it with cotton balls or cotton batting.
  4. Glue all the felt pieces to the shirt.
  5. Draw a smile with marker.
Young boy and dog dressed in DIY chef and macaron costumes

11French Chef and Macaron

Say “Bonjour” to the cutest mini chef and sugary confection you’ve ever seen.

What you need

How to prep

Turn your child into a wee French chef with just a few essentials.

  1. Take a large long-sleeved white T-shirt and cut off the arms.
  2. Use the extra fabric to make a pocket and glue it to the front of the shirt.
  3. Draw a seam and buttons using black fabric paint. You can also cut black circles of felt for the buttons.
  4. Cut a strip of red fabric, glue it around the neck, and then knot it into a bow.
  5. Cut a strip of white Bristol board that’s long enough to wrap around your child’s head. Glue the ends together to make a modern chef’s hat.
  6. Tuck kitchen tools into the pocket.
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Instead of buying a matching whisk and spatulas, use whatever you have in your kitchen!

This macaron dog costume for your furry friend is more of an accessory than an outfit. Once you make it, you just have to loop it around your dog’s waist.

  1. Start with two round throw pillows and wrap each one in a light shade of fabric. Glue the fabric to the pillows.
  2. Cut a circle of cardboard about the diameter of the pillows or slightly larger. Wrap it in a darker-coloured fabric.
  3. Glue your layers together: pillow, cardboard filling and pillow.
  4. Hot glue the macaron to a wide strip of ribbon. You may also need to pin the pillow to the ribbon for added stability.
  5. Tie the ribbon around your dog’s waist or glue the ends together.
Young girl and dog dressed in DIY Carebear costumes

12Cartoon Bears

Huggable, smoochable, lovable! You won’t be able to get enough of your cuddly duo in their matching cartoon bear ensembles. If you’re looking for ultra-easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids and dogs, put this one at the top of your list.

What you need

How to prep

For these cartoon bear suits, you basically just need to make felt decals to stick to a pastel hoodie or dog shirt.

  1. Start by cutting a circle out of white felt.
  2. Cut more shapes out of different colours. You might make a rainbow, a sun, a cloud raining hearts—whatever your kid desires.
  3. Glue the decals to the hoodie or dog shirt. You can also use removable Velcro or try double-sided tape.
  4. Cut ears out of felt and pin or glue them to the hoodie.

Go behind the scenes at our Halloween costume shoot

Which costume duo is your favourite?

Bubble Bath and Loofah
Flower Pot and Bumblebee
Clown and Cotton Candy
Jellyfish and Scuba Diver
Tooth Fairy and Tooth
Building Blocks
Farmer and Corn on the Cob
Wizard and Unicorn
Avocado and Toast
Ice Queen and Snowman
French Chef and Macaron
Cartoon Bears

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