Three moms dressed in Halloween costumes including Where's Waldo, a scary witch and a black cat.
Three moms dressed in Halloween costumes including Where's Waldo, a scary witch and a black cat.

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Halloween is one of the few times a year both kids and parents get to play dress up together. You’ve probably been planning the kids’ costumes for weeks, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck being a witch again this year.

No sewing machine? No problem. We found 15 DIY Halloween costumes for women that you can quickly put together with a few simple supplies. A glue gun and some tape will help you bring these last-minute Halloween costume ideas to life. Whether you’re going for a themed family photo at home or a socially distanced celebration, there’s a cute costume that’s just right for you.

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1. Where’s Waldo?

Why we love it: This cute Halloween costume is a cost-effective family ensemble that makes adorable photos. Read a few Where’s Waldo? books with the kids ahead of the big night to amp up the excitement.

How to make it: Throw on your favourite pair of jeans with a red and white striped long-sleeve shirt—voila! Add a matching tuque to keep you warm outside—bonus points for black, large-rimmed glasses and a camera around your neck.

Costume must-haves

2. Pumpkin in the Oven

Why we love it: What better way to dress up your baby bump than an adorable jack-o’-lantern tee? If the timing is right, this pregnant Halloween costume will make an amazing announcement for friends and family.

How to make it: Look for a cute and comfy Halloween maternity outfit featuring a pumpkin or baby skeleton and pair it with some leggings.

Costume must-haves

3. Joker

Why we love it: It’s an unexpected Halloween costume idea for women that comes together with just three key items. You might need to explain it to a few folks, but comic books fans will appreciate this creative take.

How to make it: Wear a dark purple dress or suit with bright red lipstick. Use a temporary hair colour product to turn your locks the perfect shade of Halloween green.

Costume must-haves

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No time to colour your hair? Opt for a green wig instead. By the end of the night, you’ll be happy you don’t have to wash your hair.

4. Ringmaster

Why we love it: It’s the perfect Halloween costume idea for moms in larger families who are master multi-taskers and miracle performers.

How to make it: Start with a red blazer and weave gold tassels through the buttonholes. Pin or hot glue tassels in place along the shoulders. Pop your blazer over a black bodysuit with black shorts and black leggings. Finish with a mini top hat or fascinator. Make the ring of fire by cutting flame shapes from construction paper and taping onto a hula-hoop.

Costume must-haves

5. Cute Kitten

Why we love it: Chances are you already have animal prints in your closet. That means you’re just a couple steps away from an adorable Halloween cat costume.

How to make it: This homemade Halloween costume is all about the leopard print—more is more! Dress in it from head-to-toe and complete the look with a set of cute ears or an animal-print mask.

Costume must-haves

6. Dancing Emoji

Why we love it: It’s clever and stylish! You’ll likely win a prize for best Halloween costume—if you can hold the tricky side pose.

How to make it: Slip into an off-the-shoulder red dress with a pair of matching killer heels and call it a night!

Costume must-haves

7. Guactober

Why we love it: We couldn’t resist one more pregnant Halloween costume—and this look couples our love of babies and guacamole!

How to make it: A cardboard box and a little paint is all you need to get this look. It’s as easy as cutting out the shape of an avocado from a large cardboard box. Don’t forget to cut out the middle! Paint it green with a darker border around the edge and let it dry completely. Punch two holes along the top and thread a soft silk scarf or string to hang around your neck. Adjust as necessary over a brown dress to frame your bump.

Costume must-haves

8. Send in the Clowns

Why we love it: This last-minute Halloween costume is a darker and moodier take on the traditional clown troupe—and even easier to pull off.

How to make it: Layer different textures of black and white pieces (think faux fur, velvet, wool and tulle) and finish with dramatic makeup and a black top hat.

Costume must-haves

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Layers are key to this look, so if you’re pressed for time on Halloween night, shop your closet to create this creepy costume.

9. Coco Chanel

Why we love it: The timeless elegance of Coco Chanel will never go out of fashion and neither will the appeal of this stylish Halloween costume for women.

How to make it: Carefully trace and cut out the classic icon on metallic paper and affix it to a black and white suit (pink tweed works too!) with strong double-sided tape. Accessorize with a black bob wig, chic fedora, heaps of pearl necklaces and a French attitude.

Costume must-haves

10. Crayola Crayon

Why we love it: This cute Halloween costume’s bright colour and simplicity is sure to delight the kiddos. Plus, it’s easy to spot in the dark!

How to make it: Roll a sheet of coloured Bristol board into a cone shape to fit your head and fasten with tape. Match the colour head-to-toe with leggings and a Crayola t-shirt.

Costume must-haves

11. Wonder Woman

Why we love it: Your kids already see you as a champion with special mom powers—now use them to create this superhero Halloween costume!

How to make it: Gold, glittery paper is your helpful sidekick here. Use it to cut out cuffs and a headband. Trace a star-shaped cookie cutter on glittery red paper and glue it to the cuffs and crown. Draw and cut out your own Super Mom logo on gold paper and glue to the centre of a red t-shirt. Pair with a blue tulle skirt and red leggings to finish this super look.

Costume must-haves

12. Pretty Princess

Why we love it: The pieces used to create this simple Halloween costume—a basic bodysuit and long, flowy skirt—can be worn again on their own throughout the year.

How to make it: Skip the pre-packaged princess Halloween costumes for women and make your own! Pair a black bodysuit or fitted white tee with a full tulle skirt and a sparkly tiara.

Costume must-haves

13. Wicked Witch

Why we love it: It’s a trendier take on the classic Halloween witch costume and highly recognizable for all the darling Disney fans that may come to your door.

How to make it: Take some wire and shape to create the horns. Wrap the wire in several layers of black duct tape and affix them to a headband with hot glue. Use some black velvet or leather fabric to wrap the base of the horns and the length of the headband. Finish your look by wearing a long black cape with a feather boa at the neckline.

Costume must-haves

14. Bride Corpse

Why we love it: Finally, something to do with your old wedding dress… just kidding! But seriously, if you miss being a bride for the day, this easy Halloween costume is your spooky second chance.

How to make it: Distress a white dress and veil or fascinator with some scissors and fake blood. Pair with a Goth-inspired beauty look, including black nail polish, dark lips and fake blood.

Costume must-haves

15. Cactus

Why we love it: Turn an old green sweater into a cute and cuddly flowering cactus costume.

How to make it: Tie yarn or pipe cleaners all over the sweater to create the thorns. The flowering headpiece is just as easy: a few fake booms glued to a headband and you’re done!

Costume must-haves

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