Easter Decoration Ideas for the Hoppenin' Home

Here are our Easter decorating ideas to help you hop into spring!

Easter time at our house always signifies the official end of winter and the beginning of spring. For my family, it’s important to welcome Easter with a deep spring clean and a fun redecoration of the house. Luckily, a quick trip to Walmart always makes our house’s rebirth a fun process.

Here are some of my favourite ideas for decking out your home with a fun Easter theme!

Easter Decoration Ideas:

  1. Easter Salt and Pepper Bunny Shaker + Easter Bunny Cookie Jar
  2. Zoomer – Hungry Bunnies
  3. Libbey Glass Bala Vase + Cadbury Mini Eggs
  4. Hometrends 5 T-light Rectangle Candle Holder Giftbox
  5. Easter Cake Stand + Assorted Easter Candy
  6. Lerman Décor Grapevine Wreath + MixUps SweeTarts Easter Eggs
  7. Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint + Hometrends Woven Table Runner

Easter Salt and Pepper Bunny ShakerOur kitchen is where my family spends the most time together, so holiday decorating always starts there. Bring Easter “hoppiness” to your home with matching bunny salt and pepper shakers. Don’t just stop at the seasonings, pick up the matching Easter Bunny Cookie Jar as well! The subtle white ceramic makes these timeless decorations that don’t need to be put away promptly after the holiday.



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Zoomer – Hungry BunniesMy little guy is still quite young, and he can’t help but want to handle all the colourful decorations that adorn our home. Instead of decorating with delicate items, I find it helps to use durable Easter toys. That’s where Zoomer’s Hungry Bunnies are a nice addition to our place. These bunnies come with a basket of ‘food’ that your little one can feed their new pet. Soon enough the bunny food pops out as shredded paper—and it’s pretty easy to clean, too!

I no longer need to tell my son to put his toys away, leaving them out is his way of decorating!

Cadbury Mini EggsWe all know the Easter Bunny loves delivering chocolate, but I think it’s important to keep the Easter spirit alive as you wait for his arrival. I like to pick up a few nice, clear Libbey Glass Bala Vases and fill them with my favourite Cadbury Mini Eggs. That way I can snack as I hop around the house decorating! Plus, the colourful wrappers shine through the vase, adding bright splashes of colour that make for a great centrepiece.

Feel free to improvise with many other sweet choices from Walmart’s Easter candy selection; the more, the merrier! Who says decorations can’t be delicious?

Hometrends 5 T-light Rectangle Candle Holder GiftboxAnother one of our favourite family activities is decorating our Easter eggs. My son is always so proud of his colouring skills, and I enjoy finding unique ways to show off his creations around the house. One neat idea I had is to use clear votive candle holders that turn my son’s Easter eggs into modern art installations in our house. All you need to do is cut the top off empty eggshells and place the candle inside.

Check out the Hometrends 5 T-light Rectangle Candle Holder Giftbox for a fancy way to display multiple eggs at once. If you would prefer to display eggs independently around the house, Hometrends also makes a Black Cube Candle Holder Giftbox.

These candle holders make for a versatile decorative piece as you just need to pop the eggs out when Easter is over.


Easter Cake Stand + Assorted Easter Candy

Smarties Milk Chocolatey Easter Mini Chicks 3-packMy little guy is four years old, so we are at a stage where he loves little figures and storytelling. We have so much fun using our Easter Cake Stand to set up a story using Easter grass, and different shaped chocolate ‘toy’ figures.

Nestle offers a Smarties Milk Chocolatey Easter Mini Chicks 3-pack, and Lindt has you covered for bunnies with their Mini Gold Bunny Milk Multipack. I throw in a few eggs from the Reese 3D Mini Peanut Butter Eggs Hen House to top off the scene. Usually, my son gets so engaged he forgets that he’s playing with delicious chocolate! When he’s done having fun, we all continue to enjoy this beautiful Easter decoration that sits in the middle of our kitchen.

I love when I find home decorations that do double duty!

Lerman Décor Grapevine WreathNo Easter decorating would be complete without a wreath to greet your visitors at your home’s front door. Walmart carries the Lerman Décor Grapevine Wreath that acts as an amazing canvas for you to customize with Easter accessories. Since it’s Easter, my favourite add-on is chocolate and other candy! Get your glue gun out and cover the wreath with plastic eggs to give it that distinct Easter look. There’s no reason you can’t snack while you work, so pick up a bag of MixUps SweeTarts Easter Eggs, and you’ll have treats to keep you energized.

Scribbles 3D Fabric PaintI’ve always loved a well-dressed dining room table. Simple table decorations such as table runners add a luxurious feel to space with minimal effort and cost. One simple DIY activity that makes a big impact is to pick up a pack of Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint to take basic fabrics and personalize them. Walmart carries a Hometrends Woven Table Runner in a classic grey that would be ideal to paint beautiful Easter pictures on. I start by drawing on a design in pencil, and then my son uses the fabric paints to trace over my drawing.

Afterwards, I have no problem getting him to set the table because he loves revisiting his artwork!

Any holiday is a great reason to make small decorating changes in your home that will have a big impact.  Easter is an extra special time of year where we have the opportunity to paint the house with colour in fun and delicious ways. Walmart Canada makes that easy by stocking ready-to-use items and handy DIY tools. Have a hoppy Easter!

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