Make this Easter an egg-cellent one! Our Easter egg hunt ideas will help you plan a fun and memorable Easter celebration.

I fondly remember all those wonderful Easter mornings as a kid. Rolling out of bed with a smile knowing my parents have a scavenger hunt of chocolates and candy waiting for me throughout the house. Now that I’ve gotten older roles have reversed—it’s me doing the Easter egg hunt planning!

While traditional Easter egg hunts are always a win, this year why not plan something special for your children? There are plenty of creative egg hunt ideas that will egg-cite your little ones and give them sweet memories for years to come. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of seven tips to make your egg hunt a success.

So, stock up on chocolates, gifts, and other treasures and get cracking on your 2019 Easter egg hunt. Putting it together will take a bit of planning, but that’s part of the fun!

Easter egg hunt tips:

    1. Plan a unique hunt
    2. Create a list of items you’ve hid
    3. Incorporate exercise
    4. Go beyond chocolate
    5. Hide a “big ticket” item
    6. Include the whole family
    7. Make it fair and fun

Plan a unique hunt

Plan a unique huntTypical “hide the egg” hunts are an Easter staple but this year why not try something new? There are numerous hunt ideas that encourage your child to problem solve and develop child-like wonder. Many kids love new experiences, especially when they involve chocolate, candy, and other treats!

A great alternative is a scavenger hunt. Try creating a list with specific items your child must find—for example, five gold-wrapped mini-eggs, two striped eggs, one chocolate bunny, etc. Your children can feel accomplished as they find those treats and cross them off the list.

Another fun idea is a treasure hunt. Write clues down on pieces of paper that lead your children around the house to find chocolate eggs. Just be sure to follow your little ones and help them out if they get stuck! Have your clues eventually lead back to your child’s favourite spot on the couch, or their box of toys. This hunt option requires a bit more planning, but seeing your child solve each clue will make it worth the effort!

If you want to go simple with a nice twist, my parents would play a game of Hot and Cold from one egg to another. You’re getting warmer!

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Create a list of items you’ve hid

2. Create a list of items you’ve hidThis tip is an essential one. When prepping your hunt, make sure to jot down in a notebook the number of items you’re hiding and where you’re placing them. The last thing you want is to lose track only to find one hidden in a closet a few months down the road.

If your children happen to have a hard time locating some eggs, you’ll know where to guide them around the house.


Incorporate exercise

Incorporate exerciseEggs hunts are a great way to get your kids on their feet, exploring for the next great find. Finding a way to mix in light exercises can add even more fun, and it’s easier than you might think. For example, if you’re doing a scavenger hunt, one requirement could be doing five jumping jacks or a minute of running on the spot. After completing the short exercise, you can reward your child with the next clue or a chocolate sweet.

Another egg-citing option is to build you hunt around an obstacle course. What child wouldn’t want to army-crawl under a small fort to get to their next treat? Let your imagination go wild!


Go beyond chocolate

Go beyond chocolateWho says Easter egg hunts have to revolve around sugary sweets? You can always replace them with healthy snacks for your child to find. Crackers, granola, and trail mix are wonderful substitutes to include in the eggs.

If you’re itching to get more creative this year, you can always do some Easter baking and include your treats in the hunt. Swap out chocolates for some egg-shaped sugar cookies!


Hide a “big ticket” item

Hide a “big ticket” itemFew things are as egg-traordinary for a kid than completing an egg hunt only to discover it was all leading to a grand treasure at the end. You don’t have to go overboard but think about hiding one last surprise.

Your special gift doesn’t need to be a treat either. You can hide a toy or a loveable stuffed animal! Imagine the excitement on your little one’s face when they find a plush bunny waiting at the finish line!


Include the whole family

Include the whole familyEaster egg hunts aren’t just for young children, get the entire family involved! Give your older kids a bigger challenge by hiding their eggs in sneakier spots. You can even substitute chocolate eggs for gift cards and other prizes if that’s more age appropriate.

For even more fun have your entire family dress up for the occasion—no one gets left behind on Easter!


Make it fair and fun

Make it fair and funWhen preparing your family Easter egg hunt keep in mind the challenge level. If you hide eggs in hard spots, it may discourage your children. If your child finds the eggs easily, your afternoon may come up a bit short. Strike a balance and find those fun hiding places your children will love!

Be cautious of their limitations as well—don’t hide eggs too high, or in places that will prove too challenging to reach. If you have multiple children, think about giving each child their own coloured eggs to find. No child wants to feel left out! You can even join in and help solve clues along with them. Build a dynamic where the child is leading you to the eggs!

Make your Easter egg hunt an egg-ceptional one this year! With our guide, we hope you and your family have a fun and safe hunt this spring.

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