Easy Easter desserts

The joy of the Easter season is throwing off winter’s grip and inviting bright colours, fresh flavours and a little extra sweetness to your table. These easy desserts will help you bring all that springtime goodness to your Easter celebration, from pretty pastel meringues ready in under an hour to all-star cheesecake recipes everybody loves. Plus, there’s even a fun job for kids waiting in each of these desserts.

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lemon coconut cheesecake bars

Ready in: 1 hour 30 minutes

Why we love it: With their sunny colour and bright lemon flavour, these fluffy cheesecake bars sing of spring. We also love that they’re completely make-ahead and keep up to five days in the fridge, so you can check “Easter dessert” off your to-do list well in advance.

How kids can help: Toddlers and up can help press the graham crust into the bottom of the pan, while bigger kids can swirl the lemon curd spread into the topping.

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Strawberries and cream tarts

Ready in: 2 hours 5 minutes

Why we love it: The white cake, cream and strawberry layers look extra fancy but don’t let that fool you: These festive bars only take 20 minutes to prep.

How kids can help: Big kids can beat the cake mixture for the bottom crumb layer and little ones can press it into the bottom of the pan. Ditto for the cream cheese layer: older kids can whip up the filling and younger ones can help spread it over the crust.

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carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Ready in: 55 minutes

Why we love it: Mayonnaise. No, really—it’s the honest secret to melt-in-your-mouth cake that doesn’t feel greasy or oily. And then there’s the cream cheese frosting, which for some is the best part of carrot cake.

How kids can help: Cakes and kids are a great combo. Let them measure and combine the dry ingredients. After you’ve incorporated the wet ingredients with the electric beater, they can use their big muscles to stir the carrots, pineapple and walnuts into the thick batter.

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Use a food processor with the shred disk attachment to get the carrots shredded in seconds—no orange hands!

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Lemon blueberry scones

Ready in: 35 minutes

Why we love it: Bright, fresh blueberries and lemon zest make this an Easter-worthy recipe for a special holiday breakfast. 

How kids can help: Children love the feel of dough, which they can help knead at any age. After the dough is cut into wedges, they can also help brush the tops with the cream mixture and sprinkle with sugar.

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Did You Know
Looking to treat some-bunny special in your life? A Walmart Easter gift card makes it easy to share the sweetness from a distance. With a little advanced planning, this could be the key ingredient in an online baking session with family or friends.
JELL-O Meringue Poppers

Ready in: 45 minutes

Why we love it: Beyond how cute these crisp-and-chewy meringues are, Easter treats do not get any easier (or faster!). Just mix four ingredients, pipe with a resealable plastic bag, and bake. Grab a bunch of jelly powders in a rainbow of colours for a bright and beautiful dessert table.

How kids can help: Separating eggs from whites is a culinary rite of passage. Whether you use the hand method, the shell method, or have an egg separator, preschoolers and up can hone this essential skill.

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If you think buying a pure egg white product is a splurge, think again: A 500g carton equals roughly 16 egg whites and ends up about the same price per egg—or less!—as most egg cartons. And with pure egg whites, there’s no wasted yolk.

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Ready in: 55 minutes

Why we love it: Calling all chocolate lovers: These brownies have all the fudgy, chewy goodness we crave—gluten-free or not.

How kids can help: This recipe is all about the whisking, which you can hand off to bigger kids or supervise with little ones.

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Ready in: 1 hour 40 minutes

Why we love it: No need to make your own cheesecake shell out of cracker crumbs. The genius of these super-quick mini cheesecakes is using whole wafer cookies for the individual crusts.

How kids can help: Older kids can help beat the cream cheese mixture while kids big and small can place a wafer cookie at the bottom of each liner.

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candy sprinkled cupcakes

Ready in: 45 minutes

Why we love it: There’s something comforting about vanilla cupcakes, and with this straightforward recipe even inexperienced bakers can confidently bake up a dozen for their Easter table. Rainbow sprinkles inside and out make them fun and festive, too.

How kids can help: This recipe calls for mixing the batter in three stages, so school-age kids can help measure and pour the flour and milk while you incorporate the batter. Then the best part: stirring in the sprinkles. Younger kids can decorate finished iced cupcakes with extra sprinkles.

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Baking Tip
Overfilling cupcake liners will cause batter to spill over the sides of the pan. Only fill liners three-quarters full—no more! Using an ice-cream scoop is an easy way to ensure every cupcake is the same size.

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Ready in: 10 minutes

Why we love it: As part of a colourful holiday brunch or a deceptively simple Easter dessert, this elegant parfait with layers of pound cake and lemony cream is a no-brainer.

How kids can help: Little ones can easily whisk the lemon cream ingredients until smooth and then (carefully) help you cut the prepared pound cake into cubes.

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