20 Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults

A couple in Halloween costumes. From left to write: A young women in a red and black dress and black eyewear smiles up to a man in a pirate suit with a pirate hat, bandana, beard, and white pirates' shirt under a dark brown vest with belt.

With all the time and effort that goes into your kids’ Halloween costumes, ideas for your own might be running dry. Don’t worry: Putting together a last-minute Halloween costume doesn’t have to be complicated—or too pricey.

Here are 20 easy, trendy and affordable options that are ready to wear and enjoy, just in time for spooky season. Plus, we’ve included DIY costume accessories to complete (or complement!) the look.

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1. Halloween costumes for women
$ 22.98

Striped Witch Costume

Embrace the colours of Halloween in this spooktacular black and orange dress-and-hat combo that’s perfect for a party (or handing out candy at home!). Just add some black eyeliner, dark lipstick and a broom to make the witchy look complete.

$ 22.98

Dark Enchantress Costume

Go for drama with this Victorian-looking costume (also available in large). Cast your spell on trick-or-treaters in a long black dress with a sheer hood, puff sleeves and a glittery skirt with jagged edges. Apply some glitter to your cheeks for an extra magic touch.


$ 22.98

Policewoman Costume

Keep things in order at the kids’ Halloween party in this policewoman costume (also available in large) that comes with an official-looking hat (with a badge on it!) and a belt. If it’s chilly out, throw on some leggings underneath the short-sleeved dress.

$ 16.98

Deer Poncho Costume

It’s easy to make a complete costume with this cute poncho, which includes a hood (featuring adorable ears and horns) and a tail. Just add some neutral leggings or jeggings and use black eyeliner to exaggerate your eyes and draw on a nose.

$ 17.98

Doctor Zombie Costume

This four-piece set (also available in large) will have your neighbours fearing the walking dead! With a “bloody” outfit, including scrub mask, surgical cap, torn surgical top (with rib cage graphics) and ripped trousers with more bone graphics, this frightful look almost guarantees gross-outs.

DIY costume accessories
2. Halloween costumes for men
$ 17.98

Salvador Dali Robber

If your guy is going for an incognito look this Halloween, this costume is ideal. He’ll be ready for a heist in the hooded, zippered jumpsuit and mask. Size up (it’s available in large, too) if you want room underneath for warm layers.

$ 17.98

Vampire Costume

You can’t go wrong with a classic vampire getup. This costume features a vest, collar, necklace, cummerbund and bowtie. All he needs to do is add a pair of black pants and some fake fangs, and he’ll be ready to rule the night.

$ 69.97

Hot Coffee Costume

Any caffeine lover will appreciate this easy last-minute costume. All he has to do is pop it on over his outfit (whether he’s going to a work party or taking the kids trick-or-treating). Bonus: It’s machine washable and can easily be shared between family members.

$ 34.98

The Riddler Costume

Your DC Comics fan will appreciate this cool (and easy) outfit. Wearing the comfortable hooded shirt, faux leather mask and eyewear, he’ll feel like the real Edward Nigma. This one is easy to complete with dark jeans and boots.

$ 17.98

Devil Man Costume

Your hubby can stay warm in this evil-looking costume by wearing layers underneath the hooded cape and red belted top. The horns are included, too. All he has to do is throw it on and get ready to be devilishly charming.

DIY costume accessories
3. Halloween costumes for couples
$ 60.45

Cheese and Cracker Costumes

If you’re meant to be, some might say you go together like cheese and crackers—which makes this couples’ costume the perfect option. Each piece is easy to pull on (and comfortable to wear over an outfit), so you can party all night.

$ 34.98

Rainbow Skinsuits

Grab the spotlight with two of these vibrant rainbow skinsuits (they come in small and large, too) for your next Halloween party. The spandex suits are breathable (you can even drink through them), so you can keep guests guessing your identities.

$ 89.97

Ketchup and Mustard Costumes

The couple that BBQs together stays together! These complementary costumes make the perfect couples’ look. Plus, they’re easy to wear and wash. You just have to decide who gets to be the “ketchup” and who gets to be the “mustard!”

$ 34.98

Nintendo Mario and Luigi Costumes

Dressing up as this famous video game duo is a fun idea for a party, trick-or-treating or handing out candy together. Whether you’re Mario or Luigi, each costume comes with a jumpsuit, foam hat and felt mustache, so you’ll be ready to collect gold coins together.

$ 22.98

Zombie Pirate Couple Costumes

Love watching The Walking Dead together, or fans of Our Flag Means Death? Dress up as zombie pirates together! This women’s costume just needs some creepy makeup (which he can use, too, to look undead) and his costume will be complete with a sword. Aye, captain!

DIY costume accessories
4. Halloween costumes for families
$ 17.98

Skeleton Crew Costumes

Get ready for a spooky night of trick-or-treating together in these bone-chilling costumes. Dad can wear a comfy jumpsuit and mom can rock this poncho, while the kids can go for a glow-in-the-dark suit or a cool skeleton queen look.

$ 69.97

Food Fight Family Costumes

Nothing gets a Halloween party started like a good spread of food. Show up together dressed as a banana, a pickle, a hot dog and a slice of pizza, and you’ll make a funny and memorable first impression with neighbours and trick-or-treaters.

$ 39.98

Dinosaur Family Costumes

Is there anything sillier than a giant inflatable T-Rex costume? How about four? Grab two of the adult version for parents to wear, and two (or however many you need!) for the kiddos. Turn on the fans inside the suits and get ready to roar.

$ 39.98

Abducted-by-aliens-together Costumes

These hilarious costumes that give the illusion of an alien abduction taking place will make for endless laughs all Halloween—especially if parents trick-or-treat together with their kids in them. They’re easy to wear (and you can reuse them for pranks!).

$ 16.98

Unicorn Family Costumes

Go for a fairy-tale ending to October. This soft poncho is great for mom, while dad can wear this funny mask and your child can wear this adorable pastel costume. Even toddlers can join in the fun with this cute costume.

DIY costume accessories
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