Six children dressed in Halloween costumes, including Superman, Wednesday Addams, Ypda and a scarecrow
Six children dressed in Halloween costumes, including Superman, Wednesday Addams, Ypda and a scarecrow
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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween has a tendency to sneak up on even the most organized families, popping up on the calendar in the midst of extracurricular activities, school projects, work commitments, meal planning and more. Add an indecisive trick-or-treater who changes their costume choice every other day and you’re looking at perfect conditions for a Halloween meltdown. But not this year! If you’re down to the wire, go with store-bought. These 20 easy Halloween costumes for kids will save the day.

Black, Red and Spotted All Over

Nickelodeon’s Miraculous Ladybug

Fans of Nickelodeon’s Miraculous show will have a blast dressing up as their favourite Parisian superhero. Pick up a blue Halloween wig (or some blue hair chalk) and a pair of red kicks to complete the look. You can even line up a friend to go as Cat Noir, the other half of this crime-fighting duo.

Kid of Steel

Superman from Justice League

Your Justice League fan will look like the real deal with this muscle-chest jumpsuit, cape and boots. This costume’s also available in larger sizes for adults that need a party outfit (or if you want to twin with your kid).

Cute-asaurus Rex

Cozy Green Dinosaur

Keep your littlest one warm and cozy on Halloween night in this hooded green dinosaur baby Halloween costume, whether they’re toddling the streets or having a dino-themed baby party at home. Have a slightly older dinosaur-loving kid at home? Try this sized-up option so they can join in the fun.

Candy Glam

Multicoloured Candy Character

Just watch the happiness this costume brings to the kiddo that gets to wield the oversized lollipop! This vibrant, multicoloured outfit comes with the whole look: skirt, top, gloves, wand and headband. Now that’s an easy last-minute Halloween costume solution.

Mean, Green Fighting Machine

Avengers’ Hulk

Not every kid loves an elaborate store-bought costume, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun. This character costume comes with a mask for Halloween, but the long-sleeved shirt can be worn all year long. (And if you do feel like some DIY costume making, we have a bunch of ideas for easy superhero costumes for the whole family.)

Hear Me Roar

Soft Cheerful Lion

Your little one will be the most adorable king (or queen!) of the jungle in this plush, cozy lion onesie. Zip the baby costume over jammies if they’ll be staying home to charm the neighbourhood while handing out Halloween candy (or just the grandparents on Zoom). It can also be layered over a heavier sweater or even a snowsuit if you’re planning to hit the streets on the big night.

It’s Been a Slice

3D Piece of Cake

If you’ve got a kid with a serious sweet tooth, this toddler costume might be the perfect pick. It comes with a 3D triangular piece of cake to wear that’s embellished by a ruffle of icing along each side, plus fuzzy frosting on the top. The matching birthday candle hat finishes the look.

Under the Sea

Magical Mermaid

This pretty costume calls on all the lovely things we imagine about the sea floor—shimmer, shells, starfish, bubbles, flowers and more. Your little mermaid-lover will flip over this dress. Add a red wig if the ask is to look like Sebastian and Scuttle’s bestie.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow

Whether your scarecrow hangs with the rest of his gang (Dorothy, the Friendly Lion and the Tinman), this The Wizard of Oz costume is iconic enough to be recognized by every generation. The outfit comes with six pieces: a shirt, collar and hood, pants, belt, diploma and hat. Tuck a little straw here and there for authenticity.

This One Is Just Right

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This easy Halloween costume for kids is basically four-in-one: Goldilocks, Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear! It comes with a floral dress with apron that has just enough room for the bear family to sit snuggly with their cute trespasser. The bloomers and bows are also included.

Intergalactic Glory

Captain Marvel

Obviously Halloween needs a hero—especially one who can handle themselves in a battle between the Skrulls and Kree alien races. This detailed jumpsuit and mask will help your little one channel all the strength of the most powerful Marvel character.

Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo

Baby Shark

You know the Baby Shark tune is a hit, so the costume is bound to have the same effect. This romper zips over your toddler’s clothing to transform them into the star of the shark family—plus it comes complete with a song sound chip and on/off switch.

Lone Wolf

The Mandalorian

A full suit with padded armour, holographic detailing, a cape and a mask? Yes, please! Whether your child goes out or stays in, they’ll go wild for this pint-sized costume depicting The Mandalorian’s titular character—the solo protector of Baby Yoda.

Under the Big Top

Circus Ringmaster

We might not be able to go to the circus this year, but we can bring the circus to Halloween. This all-attached jacket, pants and boots combo is a super-easy way to bring a ringmaster to life. The finishing touch? A top hat! Add a stuffed lion if you want to go more lion-tamer, less ringmaster.

Succulent Sweetie

Soft Cactus with Flowers

Who knew a cactus could be so darn cute?! This soft cactus costume is sure to get more awwws than you’ll know what to do with on Halloween night—and there’s not a prickle to be seen.

Let It Go

Elsa from Frozen 2

Fans of a certain movie will love this pale blue Elsa costume—including the sheer cape and snowflake-printed belt! Put a long-sleeved tee and leggings underneath and the cold won’t bother them anyway (wink, wink!).

Wise One


The force is strong with this one… and it’s on your side, too, because this store-bought costume ticks off all the Yoda boxes with its included mask, classic robe and matching waist sash. If the whole fam wants to channel the Jedi power, there are infant and adult Jedi costumes that are easy to assemble at the last minute!

The Grateful Undead

Zombie Punk Rocker

There’s no face paint needed for this one, mom and dad! This scary costume comes with a half-mask that achieves the creepiness that your kid might be after. It also includes a spooky zombie biker jacket with a moulded chest piece and studded, fingerless gloves (naturally). Add a guitar to hammer home the rock ’n’ roll vibe.

Mysterious and Spooky

The Addams Family’s Wednesday Addams

Morticia and Gomez’s daughter has been the epitome of macabre for decades! So if your tricker-or-treater craves dark drama, Wednesday Addams fits the bill. Once you snag this dress and belt, you just need a braided black wig—or your kiddo’s own pigtails—to complete the look.

Beep, Bloop, Beep

R2D2 from Star Wars

Your little robot can tackle the playground, nap like a boss and overthrow the Empire—all in the same day. This toddler costume comes with a printed robe and a detailed headpiece. (And just imagine the cute photo ops with your baby R2D2!).

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