Instant Pot Recipes

If you’re new to the Instant Pot, get ready to fall in love with this safe and modern pressure cooker. But it’s not just a pressure cooker. This all-in-one workhorse appliance has multiple settings, and can replace your rice cooker, slow cooker and Dutch oven, saving you time and counter space. (For more time-saving kitchen appliances, check out our favourites.)

Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up some recipes sure to please the whole family. From tender meat dishes to a flavourful plant-based curry, these easy Instant Pot recipes promise to elevate everyday ingredients with minimal effort—promise.

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nstant Pot turkey rice soup

Ready in: 45 minutes

Why we love it: Healthy, nourishing and delicious, this homemade turkey and rice soup has all the ingredients for a complete meal, and an Instant Pot helps you get it on the table with minimal fuss. Ready in under an hour—and with minimal prep—this quick and easy recipe is a great way to use up leftover turkey.

Meal prep tip: Chop the veggies on the weekend for a super-simple assembly on Monday or Tuesday.

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Boasting essential nutrients like zinc and vitamin B12, turkey is a healthy lean protein that tastes great beyond the holidays.[1]

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Slow Cooker Short Ribs Recipe

Ready in: 8 hours and 20 minutes

Why we love it: The only secret to these fall-off-the-bone ribs is all the precious time they spend in the slow cooker.

How kids can help: Kids can chop the carrots into 2-inch pieces and stir up the gravy mix (just add water!).

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Hearty veggies like onions and carrots stay fresh longer than many other produce items—buy them in bulk for extra savings.

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Instant Pot chicken veggies rice

Ready in: 40 minutes

Why we love it: This flavourful one-pot meal is a complete dinner that mostly relies on pantry and freezer staples. Just grab some fresh chicken thighs and you’re good to go!

Meal prep tips: Browning the chicken on the sauté setting before you pressure cook it is an essential step. This is how you activate the Maillard reaction that gives chicken and other types of meat their rich, meaty flavour.[2]

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Frozen vegetables are picked at their peak and flash-frozen to lock in flavour and nutrients. Look to frozen to keep your home stocked with veggies whenever you need them.

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Slow cooker pulled pork

Ready in: 6 hours and 10 minutes

Why we love it: The whole house smells delicious when this dish cooks all day, but we also love that when a craving strikes, it can be made in as little as three hours.

How kids can help: Little hands can help dress the coleslaw and build the buns for the whole family.

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Instant Pot beef chili

Ready in: 45 minutes

Why we love it: Hearty chili is a comfort on cold wintery days, and this quick and easy version is stick-to-your-ribs good. Seasoned with chipotle chili powder, cumin and oregano, this beefy dish is everything you want in a chili. Serve it over sweet potato fries for a treat!

Meal prep tips: Batch cooking is your friend. You can easily double this recipe and even make it on the weekend—chili magically improves with time, allowing the seasoning to develop and deepen.

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Coming in at under $4 per serving, this recipe makes good use of inexpensive pantry staples such as red kidney beans and crushed tomatoes.

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Instant pot mac and cheese recipe

Ready in: 19 minutes

Why we love it: The secret star of this quick, creamy and delicious homemade mac and cheese is a sneaky and healthy dose of butternut squash.

How kids can help: Put them to work grating the cheddar cheese. (No one has to know about the undercover veggies!)

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Instant Pot mashed potatoes

Ready in: 20 minutes

Why we love it: Looking for creamy, cheesy richness in a hot 20 minutes? This comforting dish cooks up fast, and in one pot, so cleanup is easy too.

Meal prep tips: Batch cooking is the best way to reduce cooking throughout the week. Leftovers of this dish can be stirred into chicken broth and topped with green onions, bacon bits and sour cream for a loaded potato soup, or spread atop canned lentils and topped with cheese for an instant vegetarian shepherd’s pie.

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Unsalted butter keeps up to four weeks in the fridge, while salted butter lasts 12, so if you see a sale, go ahead and stock up with those timelines in mind.[5]

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Instant pot butter chicken recipe

Ready in: 30 minutes

Why we love it: This fragrant, saucy and creamy butter chicken takes only 5 minutes to prepare and it’s always a family favourite with a side of rice or naan.

How kids can help: Ask them to measure out the ingredients you’ll use to sauté, including garlic, ginger, garam masala, cumin, Kashmiri chili or paprika and coriander.

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