Family Day 2019 Guide

Family Day 2019 is right around the corner. Make the long weekend a memorable one by planning fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

Family Day may be Canada’s newest holiday, but it’s already become one of the country’s most popular long weekends. Celebrated on the third Monday of February, Family Day acts as a nice break between New Years Day in January and Good Friday in April.

Learn more about Family Day, and start planning your long weekend with Walmart Canada’s Family Day guide!

Family Day 2019 guide:

  1. How did Family Day start?
  2. What provinces recognize Family Day?
  3. When is Family Day 2019?
  4. What should I do on Family Day?

Outdoor activities

  • Sledding and skating
  • Museums and zoos
  • Relaxing outings

Indoor activities

  • Card games and board games
  • Family meal night
  • Movies and video games

How did Family Day start?

While most Canadian holidays have been around for generations, Family Day is still relatively new. Back in 1990, Helen Hunley, Former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, believed Canadians deserved more time with their family, and a day of rest between the long stretch of New Years and Easter. So, the province passed the Alberta Family Day Act in 1990. That means the holiday is only 29 years young!

Eventually, more provinces jumped on the bandwagon and adopted legislation to recognized Family Day. Ontario and Saskatchewan adopted the holiday during the late-2000s. British Columbia celebrated their first Family Day in 2013, and New Brunswick held its first last year!


What provinces recognize Family Day?

As mentioned, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick all recognize the holiday and encourage families to spend quality time together.

Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island also have a holiday in February, each with different names. Manitoba has Louis Riel Day, Nova Scotia has Heritage Day, and Prince Edward Island has Islander Day. All three holidays land on the third Monday of February, the same day as Family Day.


When is Family Day 2019?

This year, Family Day falls on February 18th, 2019. Not long now!


What should I do on Family Day?

Being a three-day weekend, Family Day is a great opportunity to visit relatives, go on a family trip, or create memories at home everyone will remember for years to come. There are many options available!

While the weather may be chilly, Family Day is a great time to stretch your legs and enjoy the outdoors or local events. If staying cozy inside is more your thing, why not turn on your favourite music and break out games the whole family enjoys? To explore these ideas further, here are my recommendations for Family Day activities—outdoor and indoor!

Outdoor Activities

Family Going SkatingSledding and skating

There’s a wide variety of outdoor activities to consider when planning your Family Day schedule. Get the kids together and find a nice snowy hill; it’s a fantastic opportunity to break out the toboggans and sleds. Or, strap on a pair of skates and hit a nearby skating rink. Make sure to bundle up the whole family with warm coats, mitts, and hats suitable for winter fun!

Mom and Child at MuseumMuseums and zoos

Check your local news to find all sorts of events held throughout the Family Day weekend. A personal favourite of mine during the long weekend is to attend workshops and limited-run exhibits held at the museum or the zoo. Some local attractions may hold events dedicated to kids and interactive learning!

You might also stumble upon workshops the entire family can partake in. Check online to find art classes nearby, or buy arts and crafts supplies and make something fun at home. Take advantage of the free time; who knows, you may even find a new hobby along the way!

Family Going ShoppingRelaxing outings

Another option to consider for a more relaxing day out is shopping at the local mall—make sure to check that it’s open though! You could also visit a farmers market near you, just load the kids into the car (don’t forget the car seat and your baby stroller or carrier) and have some family fun!

Another fun choice for Family Day is taking the family out for lunch or dinner. Some restaurants create special menus just for Family Day! There’s no better feeling than spending time with loved ones while eating a hearty meal.

Indoor Activities

Family Playing Board GamesCard games and board games

Planning activities indoor with the family is a great way to avoid the cold! Card games and board games are a family favourite around my home, and perhaps yours too. Card games like Uno or Pit get everyone involved and having a great time.

Board games are a favourite around my home. I fondly remember Family Day evenings spent playing board games like Monopoly and Risk with my family. There’s nothing like a family-friendly board game to strike up healthy competition among the family!


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Family Preparing DinnerFamily meal night

Another popular indoor option is preparing a healthy meal for the whole family. We’ve got a few easy, healthy meal recipes to get you started. Fettuccine with ham and asparagus is my personal favourite, though you can’t go wrong with the broccoli and cheddar enchiladas, either!

Thinking of cooking your family something new and don’t have the necessary cookware? You’ll find a wide selection of cookware sets, pans, pots, roasters, and grills at Walmart Canada!

Family Playing Video GamesMovies and video games

Last but certainly not least, gathering the family around your living room TV is a great way to unwind after a fun-filled day. Grab a bowl of popcorn, order some pizza, and throw on the family’s favourite movie. Netflix is a great choice too—find a movie the family has been waiting to see. There’s no shortage of great flicks!

If you’re looking for some interactive fun, grab your game controllers and the latest video game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch or NHL 19 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are all accessible options and can be enjoyed by everyone.

On February 18th, gather your family and make this Family Day one to remember. Whether you hit the outdoors or decide to stay in, we at Walmart Canada hope you have a fantastic holiday.

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