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We’ve rounded up a list of companies who make it a priority to manufacture some of the best booster seats on the market today.

Safety First

Rules about when to move to a booster seat vary slightly from province to province, but in general, your child is ready if they’ve outgrown their current seat and they:

  • weigh between 40-80 pounds;
  • are no taller than 4 feet 9 inches and;
  • are under the age of 8.

Confirm your province or territory’s regulations in this up-to-date list from The Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. CPSAC, CAA, St. John Ambulance and other organizations host child seat clinics at various locations across the country. It’s worth attending one because an improperly installed seat is a lot like having no seat at all.

Car booster seats can be backless or have a high back. If your car doesn’t have a headrest in the back seat, choose a high-back booster. Otherwise, you can go with a backless booster seat if your child’s ears aren’t higher than the head restraint, to protect their neck and head. Use a shoulder belt with the booster seat and fit it snugly across your child’s hips and chest. The car booster seat manual and your vehicle’s manual offer instructions, too.

Keeping your precious cargo safe is your number one concern, and it’s also the primary focus of Walmart’s partners in booster seat manufacturing. Get to know some of the companies who make these important travel seats, accessories and other child-focused products. You’ll see that they’re serious about keeping your child secure and making life on the go easier for you and your family.

Booster Seat Brands and Car Seat Accessories at Walmart:

Booster car seat manufacturers

  • Graco
  • Chicco
  • Diono
  • Safety 1st
  • Evenflo

Car seat accessories

  • Prince Lionheart 2 Stage SeatSAVER Protector
  • Jolly Jumper Whiz Kid Car Caddy Organizer
  • Jolly Jumper Back Seat Organizer
  • Brica Deluxe Kick Mats

Booster car seat manufacturers

GracoGraco® TurboBooster™ LX Highback Booster Seaton™

Inspiration struck Graco’s founder while he watched his wife rock their newborn on the front porch of their home. He decided to dedicate the business to making parenting easier with long-lasting and safe solutions for the car and home. Now, some 60 years later Graco products, including the Simple-Switch 2-in-1 Highchair, are found in millions of homes around the world. Graco is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

ChiccoChicco GoFit® Belt Positioning Backless Booster Knight

Chicco of Italy is the largest baby brand in Europe. It’s even named after a baby: the founder’s son, Enrico. Chicco is dedicated to making young lives better. Top scientists at Chicco’s Happiness Lab study the development of children and put their findings into the products they develop, including booster seats and their popular Caddy Hook-On Chair.

DionoDiono Monterey Xt High Back Booster Seat

Founded in Seattle in 1999, Diono now has divisions based in five countries including Canada. They focus mainly on baby and child car seats, strollers and carriers as well as accessories which are available in more than 50 countries. Their popular Traverze line of strollers came out in 2017.

Safety 1st

The ubiquitous Baby on Board sign was the first product brought to market by Safety 1st. The idea originated in the early 1980s after the company’s founder endured a harrowing trip driving with his 18-month-old nephew. Then came baby-proofing innovations for the home, followed by many other child safety products including their Adjustable Multi-Purpose Appliance Strap and—of course—car booster seats.

EvenfloEvenflo Big Kid Amp High Back Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat

The Evenflo company as we know it was born in 1995, but its roots date back 100 years with innovative baby-feeding products. Today, Evenflo is still headquartered in Ohio, and its many items for children are available around the world. They have expanded to include more feeding systems, car booster seats, gates, the Versatile Play Space, play structures and much more.

Car seat accessories

Keeping things tidy isn’t easy when you travel with children. Drinks spill, snacks gets dropped and boots track mud into the car. You can lessen those messes with a few wisely chosen car seat accessories to organize and protect your vehicle’s interior.

Prince Lionheart 2 STage SeatSAVER ProtectorPrince Lionheart 2 Stage SeatSAVER Protector

“Your car protects your kid,” says Prince Lionheart. “This protects your car.” The #1 selling car seat protector worldwide can be used with rear and front-facing car and booster seats. The patented spill barrier helps contain spills and keeps them from damaging the upholstery. The kick guard is designed to protect against dirty footwear, and high-density foam helps guard against depression damage from cinched-down car seats.

Jolly Jumper Whiz Kid Car Caddy OrganizerJolly Jumper Whiz Kid Car Caddy Organizer

This travel organizer by Jolly Jumper is perfect for the tech-savvy toddler. It attaches quickly to any car seat back. The organizer holds and protects their tablet and includes a zippered pouch to keep the gizmo out of sight when it’s not in use. The protective pocket allows for touch-screen use and clear viewing.

Jolly Jumper Back Seat OrganizerJolly Jumper Back Seat Organizer

Jolly Jumper organizes the important stuff for younger children too! Books, bottles, bears—whatever they need when you’re on the road goes into this pocket organizer, attached to the back of a driver’s or passenger’s seat.

Brica Deluxe Kick MatsBrica Deluxe Kick Mats

Secured to the back of the seat with adjustable buckle attachments, these mats by Brica help protect your upholstery from scuffs, moisture and dirt. They come in a pack of two—universal fit and machine washable.

It’s another milestone in your child’s growth when they graduate from a forward-facing seat to a car booster seat. Now you know some of the biggest names in booster seats and why they care so deeply about your family’s well-being. We at Walmart wish you safe travels!

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