Fun Activities for Kids on Family Day

Family Day is a welcome break for most of Canada during the coldest stretch of winter. Whether you want to embrace winter’s icy grip or huddle together inside and ignore it, we have some ideas for family fun.

Family Day is observed on the third Monday in February in five provinces: Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. For these provinces, Family Day sits at February 18th for 2019. A little-known fact, 2019 marks the first year that British Columbia’s Family Day falls in line with these provinces. (It used to be held on the second Monday of February). Prince Edward Island and Manitoba also have a provincial holiday on this date; Islanders Day and Louis Riel Day, respectively.

Family Day Activities:

  • Outdoor ideas on Family Day
  • Family nature walk
  • Ice skating
  • Tobogganing
  • Indoor ideas on Family Day
  • Local activities
  • Family board game
  • Dinner made easy

Outdoor ideas on Family Day

Family nature walk

Our busy lives mean we don’t always get to spend as much quality time together as we’d like. So, how about bundling up and taking a family nature walk? Going for a stroll in the crisp air is much more enjoyable when you’re properly dressed for the elements.

Canadiana Women's Ragwool Beanie

Canadiana Women’s Ragwool Beanie

My friend and her family show their togetherness on winter hikes by wearing matching toques and mitts. Canadiana products are designed with true north living in mind.This ragwool beanie features a large pom, fleece lining and a canvas tab printed with the maple leaf. It’s fun when the grown-ups and the little ones get matchy-matchy once in a while.

My indoor cat can’t go out with us – nor would she want to – but if you have a dog, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to join you during your outdoor family fun day. To help keep your dog protected from the elements, you may want to outfit your furry family member in dog clothing and snow boots – yes, snow boots! Doggie’s paws collect snow and slush that can freeze and cause pain during walks.

 Canadiana Dog Easy Fit Buffalo Plaid Jacket by PMP

Canadiana Dog Easy Fit Buffalo Plaid Jacket by PMP

Help keep your four-legged friend protected from the cold (and coordinate their outfit with the rest of the family!) with this Buffalo Plaid Jacket by PMP. It’s made of polyester brushed fleece with a Sherpa lining and faux-leather trim to make it extra fashionable. Two pockets hold whatever you wish, but the dog is likely hoping for treats. There’s an adorable doggie turtleneck sweater that matches if your canine cares about coordinating his wardrobe!



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Ice skating

Head to a rink, outdoor or indoor, for the most Canadian of all activities – skating! Tuck a Thermos of hot chocolate in a backpack, lace up and have some family fun “cracking the whip” with your brood.

Barbie Ice Skate Y12-2

Barbie Ice Skate

Outfit the whole family in affordable skates and helmets from These Barbie skates by Mattel are perfect in pink with shiny gold stars. They have power buckle-closures to help provide a snug fit and tool-free adjustability through four sizes. Inside, a padded liner will help keep your little Tessa Virtue warm and comfortable.

Marvel Avengers Toddler Winter Protective HelmetMarvel Avengers Toddler Winter Protective Helmet

Your proud little guy will want to keep wearing this Marvel helmet long after he’s done skating. This protective helmet can help keep your toddler warm and protected during outdoor fun time. It features a shock absorbing foam liner, thermoplastic hard shell, goggle strap holder and is engineered for ages 3 and up.


Got snow? Go tobogganing! You don’t need special skills to find a hill, slide down that hill, walk back up and repeat. It’s big fun, and something family members of every age can enjoy.

Pipeline Sno 3D-Mega Duo Electron Blue Snow TubePipeline Sno 3D-Mega Duo Electron Blue Snow Tube

Walmart has a great selection of toboggans and snow tubes that carry one, two or more people at a time. This inflatable Pipeline Sno tube can hold up to two people (220-pounds max). It’s designed to be resistant to cold and cracks so it should fare well as it slides over bumps, lumps and tumbles. It features four oversized handles to hang onto while you’re whizzing down the slope.

Indoor ideas on Family Day

Local activities

Perhaps your family is best described as “indoorsy.” There are lots of things to do inside for family fun. Visit the local museum you’ve always said you wanted to see. Many museums are planning special family activities. Go to a movie or a play together. Check with your local public (indoor!) pools and other civic recreation centres to see if they’re doing anything fun and free. And in keeping with the family theme, you could take a trip to see the grandparents or have them come to you.

Family board game

If a lazy day in your PJs sounds appealing, challenge your family to a friendly competition of a classic family board game.

Hasbro Gaming Game of Life Game

Hasbro Gaming Game of Life Game

Our family has played lots of board games over the years, but the Game of Life by Hasbro Gaming is still my personal favourite. Two to four players, ages eight and up, make decisions on career, family and even adopt pets as they twist and turn their way from Start to Retirement. The player who ends up with the most money wins!

Dinner made easy

When it comes to the family meal, I give my clan a choice on Family Day. Either we all make an event out of cooking together, or we throw something simple in a slow cooker, and no one gets stuck in the kitchen. The slow cooker always takes my vote!

Crock-Pot 4 Qt. Oval Programmable Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot 4 Qt. Oval Programmable Slow Cooker

This large, oval slow cooker by Crock-Pot can make a major meal. It’s programmable and helps keep food warm after it’s done cooking, so your family meal should be ready whenever you are. This slow cooker features a non-stick coating to help make cleaning easier.

Be sure to plan some fun activities for kids to help keep the family connected on Family Day. Inside, outside, playing in the snow or catching up around the dinner table, Family Day is all about carving out quality time as you build family memories.

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