Fun card games are the perfect choice for your next family fun night! Here are our top picks for groups of 2, 3, 4, and parties.

Card games are a great way to bring the family together or entertain when you’ve got guests in the house. A traditional 52 card deck never goes out of style, but why not open your gathering up to a huge variety of popular card games? Whether you’re drawing from classic card games or picking up modern twists, there are fun card games for groups of all sizes. Here are our favourite card games of 2018!

Best cards games by number of players:

  1. 2-player card games
  2. 3-player card games
  3. 4-player card games
  4. Popular party card games (5-10 Players)

12-player card games


Uno is an action-packed colourful card game that will have your guests racing to get rid of their cards. With dramatic cards like Pick Up 4 and Reversal, this 2-10 player card game is a consistent crowd pleaser. The rules are easy for younger players to pick up, ensuring memorable family nights as everyone races to shout “Uno!”

Stranger Things Eggo Card GameStranger-Things-Eggo-Card-Game

The cast of Stranger Things reprises their roles in this fun twist on Uno! This game comes with waffle-shaped cards and a Stranger Things-inspired twist on the popular party card game. On top of the usual Uno rules, you start off in the Upside Down and can’t win the game until you escape it and get rid of your cards!

The Stranger Things Eggo card game can be played with 2-6 players, making it a great choice during parties or after Netflix binges. Its toaster-and-waffle packaging makes this themed card game a perfect choice for Stranger Things fans.

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23-player card games


Munchkin is a competitive 3-6 player game perfect for teenagers and adults. You and your friends undergo a dungeon crawl, competing against each other to kill monsters and collect treasure. Munchkin is a fun choice for role-players, but doesn’t take itself too seriously: it draws on many comedic cards to keep the atmosphere light. Sessions of Munchkin tend to last a good length, making this a great choice for hours of fun!

The Pit GameThe-Pit-Game

The Pit Game is a great choice if you like a fast-paced bartering card game. In The Pit Game, you’re given nine random cards and must attempt to ‘corner’ the market by getting nine of the same card. You do this by trading cards face down with other players, a task that gets pretty hectic! If you corner the market, you win big points!

As if the mayhem of fast, real-time trading wasn’t enough, there are two special cards: the bear and the bull. Having the bear card can cost you points if you hold it when a corner is made, so it’s best to throw it into a trade. The bull card is a mixed bag of perks and dangers, adding a layer of complexity to a fun card bartering game!

34-player card games

Apples To ApplesApples-To-Apples

This iconic group party card game is sure to get laughs as players mix and match funny descriptions to objects! Each player takes a turn being a judge, grabbing one object card. The rest of the players have description cards, and they try to match the funniest description down for the given object. The judge picks what they think is the funniest card. It’s that simple! Apples to Apples has almost no setup time, so it’s a great choice for groups of 4 players, or even larger!

Family Feud Card GameFamily-Feud-Card-Game

Steve Harvey is a busy man, but you can fill in for him with the Family Feud Card Game! This game show experience is now in its fifth edition, throwing in tons of brand-new topics that will leave friends laughing. You and your guests might be surprised by many survey questions, and that’s part of what makes Family Feud a great party card game choice.

4Popular party card games (5-10 players)

POOP: Party Pooper EditionPOOP-Party-Pooper-Edition

POOP takes a joke and runs with it, pitting you and your friends against each other in a mad card dump. Cards are put down one at a time in an effort to get rid of them without ‘overflowing’ a numbered toilet card. The unlucky player who goes a number too far has to pick up all the cards. Wild cards get you to perform funny actions or face a penalty, making this fun card game a sure-fire way to blow your guest away.

Outset Media 21st Century Trivia21st-Century-Trivia

Trivia card games are a great group activity that gets everyone involved! Whether you have a small group or a huge gathering, trivia games cover just about every topic, such as the 80s and 90s, pop culture and the 21st century. Pick subjects that interest your guests!

It’s time to pick up

There are fun card games aplenty to pick from, ranging from family-friendly hits to more adult humour. Card games are an accessible way to entertain groups of all sizes for any occasion. Good luck and have fun picking some popular card games for your next party!

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