Looking for fun Christmas party ideas? Look no further! Your guests will be roaring with laughter and waiting in suspense playing Uno Emoji and Scrabble Deluxe Edition from our list of 25 Christmas party activities. You’ll have guests eager to find out what activity you’ll introduce next. Your gathering is going to be big and fun, and it’s going be the Christmas party of the year.


Time to put those design skills to work. Pictionary is the perfect Christmas game choice that both children and adults can enjoy. Games that keep you guessing add loads of fun. Since you want your party to be Christmas themed, narrow your focus to holiday choices. Choose from Christmas songs, Christmas decorations, Christmas characters, Christmas treats, and have your guest jolly their way to a win!


Think working with little hands is easy? Kick Handimonium up a notch by creating the ultimate challenge for both players before declaring a winner. Create 5-10 Christmas-related challenges that involve hanging tree ornaments, leaving cookies for Santa and hanging stockings. Set aside special prizes for your guests who are able to complete your challenges. If they can hang the tree ornament, send them home with a fun ornament they can hang on their own tree!


Got lovers of Stranger Things at your party? Break out this game and get ready for the loud shouts in your house. Keep your guests on the edge of their chairs, ready to blurt out answers to these fun questions. Take your guests on a trip back to the ’80s and you take on each player while munchin’ on Christmas snacks.


The best Christmas party games and activities are ones that bring a smile to your face – or a belly laugh or two. Create these memories by playing Mario Kart. Listen to Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer while your guests race against each other for first place. And let’s not pretend it’s only the kids that’ll benefit from a little Mario Kart!


Scrabble is the perfect game to stimulate the mind after eating a yummy Christmas meal. Whip out the Scrabble game after a few of your guests have eaten and you’re waiting for the rest to finish up. It’s relaxing and a great way to give the littles a chance to practice spelling. Challenge yourself by only using Christmas-related words. Gingerbread for 16 points and the win!


Kids need to have a game or two for themselves at a Christmas Party filled with adults. They just want to have fun! The Nintendo Switch creates an irresistible thrill that can’t compete with board games (c’mon, let’s be real here!). Being a portable console means players can take turns for the duration of your party and have a blast! Even non-gamers might get sucked into playing the Switch.


Party time! Get your groove on this Christmas when you dance to more than 400 of the greatest chart-topping hits with Just Dance. Even untalented dancers will enjoy following along to the choreography and learning how to bust a move. It brings back childhood memories of me trying to master the Cabbage Patch dance or the Moonwalk. I could have danced for hours!


Christmas parties are often loud and noisy with talkative guests. But hey, not everyone will feel comfortable getting to know one another. At your party, we don’t want any “wallflowers.” Uno Emoji takes care of that. It’s the perfect way to get your guests talking and rolling on the floor with laughter. For fun, you can give your winner a Christmas-themed prize. May you always remember who held their tears of joy face the longest!


Uh oh! Buzz Lightyear has a Christmas party to attend, but he has a fever and is feeling ill. It’s inevitable — he needs surgery. Hand over the tweezers so the kids can give Buzz Lightyear the operation tune-up he needs. Play your favourite Christmas music softly in the background and step aside while the little ones assist Buzz in removing his parts.


Your sports lovers will absolutely love this foosball table. The shouts and yells will make you feel like you just walked into a live soccer game. You can be sure this arcade game will bring out the child in every adult at your Christmas party, sooner or later! Don’t forget to have your winners compete against each other in a head-to-head match.


As a child, I loved games that challenged me to think and quickly come up with solutions. Blokus has the perfect mix of fun and strategy your guests will enjoy. Since we only use about 10% of our brains, this game challenges your ability to solve problems quickly and become a better critical thinker. And you’ll have fun in the process!


Hockey lovers will have a blast competing at the table rather than on the ice. Your guest doesn’t have to worry about losing a tooth playing an exciting game of air hockey (I hope)! Have your party guests pair up for their own Stanley Cup playoff and root them on to the game winning goal.


We all like to win prizes (or at least have the chance to), right? Give your party guests the chance to compete for fun Christmas gifts. Place all the winners into a raffle for the opportunity to win one of your exciting Christmas prizes. The element of surprise will spice things up at any party and the arcade sports table has two completely different games in one set, which makes for double the fun.


The Monopoly game everyone grew up with is a classic. Now Marvel made it a whole lot more interesting, making it the perfect Christmas party idea. Marvel Avengers Superhero fans can take on their favourite characters from the movie to battle it out together and see who wins. Watch Ironman attack Captain America when he lands on the Child of Thanos space. Grab your Christmas snacks, your hot chocolate and let the older kids join in, too.


Provide games your guests can compete for and win prizes with this billiard pool table and dartboard set. To create an atmosphere that feels more Christmas-y, hang Christmas lights around the table and the dartboard. You can even provide cute reindeer hats for each player to wear! Use fake snow, stockings, a decorated tree and other Christmas props to bring your party to life.


Remember when you were little and mom or dad said something serious, but you found it to be hilarious? It’s happened to all of us. We wouldn’t dare laugh at that moment. Speak Out Kids Vs. Parents is a fun game that provides parents and children just the right setting to laugh out loud at one another. Try not to laugh when your child tries to say, “What a bummer, brother!”


Have your guests bring a Nintendo game or product for a thrilling Nintendo Secret Santa exchange. The hot prize for the night will be Super Smash Bros., so make sure to wrap it up. In Smash Bros., players have the option to choose from one of many all-time favourite characters, and the game offers more features and special effects than ever before. Place a bow on the top and let the gift exchange and Nintendo games begin.


Every Christmas party needs at least one messy game. The Pie Face Game builds up anticipation and excitement while everyone waits to see who gets “whipped” in the face! Don’t look away, or it might be you who gets a pie to the face! Turn this into a Christmas inspired game and have your guests wear festive Christmas hats while they take turns.


Warm up your guests with a hot chocolate bar containing a variety of yummy toppings such as marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. You can even decorate the bar to reflect a white Christmas. Decorate the table with fake snow and a sign that says, “Hot Chocolate Bar.” If the atmosphere appears cold, your guests will want to reach for a cup.


A Christmas party isn’t a party unless you have a guessing game lined up. Use a stocking and fill it up with Christmas trinkets for your guests to figure out. Pass the stocking around and let each guest feel the stocking with the items inside. Then have them take a wild guess of what’s inside. With candy canes, Rudolph’s nose, a snowman or a small present inside the stocking, there’s no doubt you’ll stump your guessers.


On your mark, get set, wrap! In this festive Christmas themed game, have your guests form teams and in relay fashion, see which group can wrap the most presents in a specific time frame. Make sure each station has scissors, tape, boxes to wrap, ribbon and this golden snowflake wrapping paper for extra sparkleness. Hand out extra points to the team with the best presentation.


The smell and delicious taste of gingerbread cookies has Christmas written all over them. Is Christmas the same without gingerbread cookies? For your Christmas party, have a gingerbread cookie decorating challenge for the kids. Children get much more excited about food when they have a hand in making it. Even if it’s just adding on the frosting and those yummy candies. The winner gets their own gingerbread decorating kit for home.


Think one of your guests is the next Taylor Swift? Have your guests prove it by belting it out with karaoke singing. Set up a spot in the house for a mini concert complete with a stool, rug and Christmas lights for effect. Choose a couple of your best guest singers to perform a Christmas carol live for an electrifying head-to-head sing off. The winner can win a scented Holiday candle set. Get your singing on!


I’m one of those mothers who will keep every piece of my children’s artwork. Not only is their artwork the best in the world (okay, okay, I’m a little partial), but they also hold wonderful memories. Provide five different Christmas projects for the little ones that their parents can cherish as keepsakes. Snapping a picture of them doing the craft or using finger paints will surely be adorable.


Your party guests will create long-lasting and great tasting Christmas memories as they bite into classic delicious sugar cookies. Bake the cookies in fun Christmas shapes and let them cool before your party. Create a table in the corner where the kids can choose their cookie shape, frost it, and add red, green or multicoloured sprinkles. Pass this yummy treat around the table for everyone to have one (or two…or three!).

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