See the best Funko Pop! Canada vinyl in our Top 10 list for collectors

Pop culture is an incredible phenomenon; it connects us in unexpected, fun ways through a shared interest.  Whether it’s books, gaming, or movies, Funko Pop! has a collectible for just about every pop culture enthusiast.

The adorable vinyl figures cover the biggest names across entertainment franchises from Marvel superheroes to Hollywood icons to beloved gaming characters. Funko Pop! is an extremely popular collectible figure line, with hundreds to choose from!

Walmart Canada is here to breakdown the most popular vinyl heroes available now for collectors.

Best Funko Pop in Canada:

  1. Overwatch Funko Pop! – Lucio
  2. Fortnite Funko Pop! – Cuddle Team Leader
  3. Stranger Things Funko Pop! – Eleven (Hospital Gown)
  4. Marvel Funko Pop! – Spider-Man – Peter Parker
  5. Harry Potter Funko Pop! – Harry Potter
  6. Jurassic Park Funko Pop! – Velociraptor
  7. Black Panther Funko Pop! – T’challa
  8. IT Funko Pop! – Pennywise (with Spider Legs)
  9. Rick and Morty Funko Pop! – Prison Break Rick
  10. Deadpool Funko Pop! – Deadpool

OverwatchOverwatch-Funko-Pop!---Lucio, the hugely popular first-person shooter game, features larger than life heroes that have received the Funko treatment. One of my personal favourites is Lucio, the wall-running sensation who’s a real team player and staple in the Overwatch community. If you have a fan of the game in your life, Lucio, Reaper or Mercy will make excellent additions to their Funko line-up!



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Fortnite-Funko-Pop!-–-Cuddle-Team-LeaderBoard the battle bus with a Funko vinyl squad! Fortnite’s iconic characters and costumes have entered the world of Funko with their very own figures.

Cuddle Team Leader is a popular skin within the game and is immortalized in a 3-inch vinyl figure. Fortnite fans in your house are sure to love a battle royal Funko character! A wide selection of Fortnite Funko Pop! is available on, including Black Knight, Bright Bomber and Moonwalker.

Stranger-Things-Funko-Pop!-–-Eleven-(Hospital-Gown)The Netflix series that took the entertainment industry by storm is returning in 2019 with its third season. Funko Pop! has your vinyl needs covered with a line of Stranger Things characters and monsters ready to be added to your collection. One of my top Funko picks is the mysterious Eleven wielding her psychokinetic powers to keep the horrors of Upside Down world at bay.

Marvel-Funko-Pop!-–-Spider-Man---Peter-ParkerThe Marvel universe has been flourishing with recent films, video games, and toys that introduce classic superheroes to a whole new generation of fans. The world of Funko Pop! is no different, as many iconic characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have got the vinyl figure treatment.

A personal, all-time favourite superhero of mine is Spider-Man, and his Funko Pop! web-slinging pose doesn’t disappoint! Spidey is available along with Groot, Iron Man, and more at

Harry-Potter-Funko-Pop!-–-Harry-PotterThe Wizarding World of Harry Potter Funko Pop! line features a vast array of vinyl characters from all seven novels and eight films. A great way to start your collection is with the hero himself, Harry Potter, with his Prophecy Orb. The Pop! Potter collection features many variants of Harry and his friends in a variety of iconic costumes like full Quidditch gear and Herbology outfits.

Jurassic-Park-Funko-Pop!-–-VelociraptorA vinyl toy collection 100 million years in the making! The classic characters and dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park franchise have received the Funko Pop! treatment. This includes Dr. Alan Grant from the original film all the way up to velociraptor-taming Owen Grady from 2018’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The dinosaurs always take front and centre with the films, and the Velociraptor gets my top Funko Pop! pick. As we all know, the velociraptor is the most cunning and lethal of them all. Grab up these Funko before they go extinct!

Black-Panther-Funko-Pop!-–-T’challaTake a trip back to Wakanda with the Black Panther Funko Pop! collection.’s selection features T’Challa, the newly crowned king, who must face challenges to his throne and protect his people’s hidden civilization. The Black Panther line also includes Erik “Killmonger” Stevens, Shuri and Nakia.

It-Funko-Pop!-–-Pennywise-(with-Spider-Legs)Pennywise, the killer clown, has returned to terrify audiences once more in the film IT. The shape-shifting creature is no laughing matter as he preys upon his victim’s deepest fears. I never thought a Funko Pop! could look so terrifying, but this Pennywise vinyl sends chills down my spine! If you have someone who is a fan of the horror genre and Pop! toys this is a “wicked” gift.

Rick-and-Morty-Funko-Pop!-–-Prison-Break-RickWubba lubba dub dub!

The smash hit adult cartoon series follows the misadventures of mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty. The show has become a pop culture phenomenon picking up millions of fans along the way, hailed for its creativity and crude humour.

With so many creative characters, Rick and Morty are a must-have for any Pop collection. The Rick and Morty universe continues to expand with another 70 episodes in the works, so expect this zany duo to be around for a long time to come!

Deadpool-Funko-Pop!-–-DeadpoolThe “merc with a mouth” has arrived in glorious vinyl form with a variety of hilarious poses, and he’s even wearing his favourite bedtime attire! Deadpool’s “frienemies” Cable and ace assassin Domino are also available so you can get the entire motley crew together.

These adorable Deadpool vinyl figures will break the fourth wall and your heart!

We hope you enjoyed this Top 10 list of Funko Pop! vinyl available now in Canada. Be sure to check out our Funko Pop! full selection for even more options. Happy collecting!

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