18 Gadgets to Help You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Gadgets to help you wake up

A better night’s rest sets us up for better mornings, but we’re not all getting the quality sleep—or good start to the day—that we deserve says Alannah McGinn, a Toronto-based sleep coach and founder of Good Night Sleep Site.

“For easier morning wakeups, the very first step is practicing consistent sleep patterns,” she says. That means going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning—yes, even on the weekends. Once you’ve figured out your ideal bedtime and wake-up time, there are lots of ways to perfect your sleep routine to get the best possible snooze. “And there are a number of tools and products that can assist with that, too,” says McGinn.

These 18 unique gadgets will help you drift off to dreamland more easily, stay asleep longer and wake up ready to face the day.

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1. Lights and light therapy
$ 149.24

Philips Wake-Up Light

“Exposing yourself to bright light is really important,” says McGinn. “It helps us feel energetic and awake because it shuts down melatonin production and basically turns the sleep switch off.” In the summer, that can be as simple as throwing open your bedroom curtains, but during darker months of the year a wake-up light can help. This one uses a gradual sunrise simulation and comes with 10 settings and two different sound options.

$ 13.98

Motion Sensor Slim Profile LED Night Light, 3000K (Soft White)

Keeping the lights low in the hour or two before bed and throughout the night is key to better sleep (and better mornings). This motion sensor night light emits a soft glow and will only come on when you need it. Place it in the hallway or bathroom—perfect for late night trips to the loo.

$ 43.98

Enhance Kid’s Night Light Ambient Globe LED Color Changing Lamp

“The colours we want to promote in the morning are bright white to mimic a sunrise and help our bodies wake up,” says McGinn. This bedside lamp comes with a wireless remote and can cycle through 256 different shades to help kids and adults rise and shine, making it one of the best gadgets for mornings.

2. Alarm clocks
$ 60.78

Bluetooth Alarm Clock with Dual USB Charging and Nightlight

“Getting up at the same time most mornings—even on weekends—helps you wake up easier,” says McGinn. A reliable alarm clock can be key to keeping a consistent schedule. This sophisticated option comes with Bluetooth audio, USB charging ports, gentle lights and much more.

$ 40.95

Running Away Running Rolling Alarm Clock on Wheels Digital Clock

If a standard alarm clock isn’t getting you going, why not opt for something a bit, well, unconventional? This little guy will literally make you chase him out of bed in the mornings. At go time, it blinks its lights, beeps like R2-D2 and then zips away. Good luck hitting snooze!

$ 119.97

SoundSpa Slumber Scents

Some research has shown that aromatherapy can promote better sleep and help you wake up in the morning. At bedtime, add your favourite sleepy scent (think lavender and chamomile) to this alarm clock-meets-diffuser to help you drift off. In the morning, switch to an energetic blend (containing citrus or mint, for example) to get you up and at ‘em.

3. Bedroom accessories
$ 16.47

Serta Perfect Cooling Pillow Protector

“Just because you share a bed doesn’t mean you have to have the same bedding,” says McGinn. “Maybe you’re a hot sleeper or a woman going through a hormonal shift and need lighter sheets, wicking fabrics and thinner blankets to help you sleep better. Customize your side of the bed to [suit your needs].” This pillow protector moves away moisture to keep you cool and comfy.

$ 73.97

Safdie & Co. Weighted Blanket Grey

Snuggling up with a weighted blanket is a form of deep touch pressure (DTP) therapy that has been shown to slow breathing, lower blood pressure and promote the release of “feel-good” hormones that help us relax. Studies demonstrate that people with anxiety, depression and insomnia can rest better with a weighted blanket, making this blanket an essential bedroom accessory.

$ 19.99

A. Vogel Natural Sleep Aid Deep Sleep

This natural remedy is designed to help you drift off more quickly and stay snoozing for longer. It’s fast-acting, non-addictive and easy to take. Just add a few drops of the tincture to a small glass of water at bedtime.

4. Audio
$ 33

Bluetooth Sleep Headband

This ultra-comfy bluetooth sleep headband is ideal for tuning out your partner’s bedtime audio book or tuning into your morning guided meditation. It’s lightweight, washable and provides more than nine hours of playing time. Bonus: It doubles as an eye mask, perfect for sleepers who need total darkness in order to crash.

$ 49.98

Beurer White Noise Machine

Drift off to dreamland accompanied by the sound of chirping birds, crashing ocean waves or one of four other options. The relaxing background noise is also the perfect vibe for a morning yoga or stretch session. (For a list of at-home yoga essentials, check out our handy checklist and tips!)

$ 18.98

Art+Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Bath & Shower Speaker

Catch up on a podcast, tune into a talk radio station or load up your favourite upbeat playlist to get you going in the morning with this Bluetooth shower speaker. Shampooing while singing in the shower is multitasking at its best.

5. Tech gadgets and appliances
$ 104.98

Ninja CE200C 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

“There are so many tech gadgets that can help to get us up and out the door in the morning,” says McGinn. “Automated coffee makers are great—talk about making mornings easier!” Set the programmable delay timer the night before and the aroma of a fresh pot will work its magic.

$ 175

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

“I like the fact that wearable devices can help someone focus on their sleep health,” says McGinn. This Smartwatch will track your sleep quality based on your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness. Plus, it has all the other smartwatch features people know and love including a step counter, activity tracker and so much more. (For more smartwatches, check out our roundup of favourites.)

$ 119.98

Black+Decker Hard Key Wi-Fi Thermostat for Smart Home

Sleep experts say the ideal temperature for snoozing is between about 16 and 19 degrees. Turning the heat down (or air con up!) at night will help with your body’s natural sleep regulation. A smart thermostat allows you to pre-set your preferred temperatures for bedtime and during the day, eliminating the guesswork. (For more thermostat perks, check out our buying guide.)

6. Bathroom
$ 12.32

Jason Invigorating Rosewater Pure Natural Body Wash

Take your morning shower to the next level with this invigorating body wash. Rise and shine as you suds up with this beautifully fragranced bubbling potion containing rosewater, chamomile, vitamin E, apricot and sunflower oil.

$ 14.26

Revlon Facial Roller

For the ultimate morning self-care routine, add in an energizing facial massage. Use this jade roller with any facial oil or serum to de-puff and improve blood flow. Tip: for added cooling and revitalizing, store your roller in the fridge.

$ 195.13

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer

This luxe gadget is sure to lure you out of bed and into a morning shower. Warm up bath towels, robes or even a favourite throw blanket in just minutes for a cuddly wake-up.

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