The future of the Ghost Recon series has emerged from the shadows with a full reveal of a brand-new game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Today, Ubisoft unveiled the future of their tactical squad shooter with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The event was livestreamed and revealed the new title, its story and a sizzling first look at the gameplay. Get ready, Ghosts: you are going from the hunter to the hunted, facing off against your most difficult foes yet.

The story: from recon to survival

Ubisoft says the story will focus on Jace Skell, a tech genius and the owner of Skell Tech, who doubles down on A.I. and autonomous robots to help make the world a better place. Unfortunately, some evildoers have other plans and repurpose the tech for their killer army.

The game takes place on the Pacific island of Auroa where you’ll need to take back Skell Tech and its research and development facilities. Those responsible are an advanced military group known as “The Wolves.” From the trailer, it looks like they mean business, as the group is composed of former Ghosts that know your tactics and tech, and are hunting you down. They even have the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal, leading the charge against you!

Outnumbered and outgunned, it’s no longer about recon, but survival, and your squad is at its breakpoint.

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Gameplay emerges from the shadows

The high tempo reveals continued to kick things up with a look at Breakpoint’s gameplay. Many environments were shown off, from lush jungles to urban settings allowing for close quarters combat. We even got a brief peek at snowy scenery in the official announce trailer. One of the coolest mechanics that grabbed my attention right away was the new terrain camo when lying in the prone position, which lets you blend into your environment like a real spec-op warrior. Just like in the movie Predator, you can hunker down like Arnold Schwarzenegger and smear yourself with mud to camouflage from enemies (no aliens have been revealed yet, just killer robots at times). In addition to environmental camo, you can cut through fences, hide enemy bodies and carry your allies to safety. The game looks like it’s going to allow you to live out your action hero fantasies!

You might be close to invisible as an elite soldier, but you aren’t invincible as the damage takes a greater and sustained toll. If you take hits from enemies, you become hobbled and can’t move as fast or hold your weapon correctly. Luckily, you can rest and heal with your squad and live to fight another day.

Breakpoint will be playable either solo, up to four players or player vs. player from day one when the game launches. You’ll also be able to take your character with you across all gameplay modes, upgrading their attributes and gear as you play, much like The Division 2.

Our Take:

This has me wondering what’s next in Ubisoft’s bag of tricks when it comes to E3! An in-depth look into a major franchise this close to the big show bodes well for things to come. It’s exciting to see this new direction for the franchise taking the Ghosts, who are usually in control of the situation, and putting them on the ropes against a skilled, powerful enemy that knows their playbook. Ubisoft also looks to be ready to support the title long term, as they have been known to do, offering content for months after launch.

The future of the Ghost Recon franchise arrives on October 4, 2019 with Breakpoint. The game will be available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms.

While there are still a few months until Breakpoint releases, you can check out Ghost Recon Wildlands on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the meantime.

Stay tuned for more with our in-depth coverage on Ghost Recon Breakpoint as E3 approaches!

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