‘Tis the season for letting loved ones know how special they are by giving them special gifts. But, with so many people to buy for, your shopping list — and the price tag — can get out of control really quickly. Whether you’re looking to up the ante at the office or stuff the kids’ stockings with something spectacular, let us help you make great holiday memories with these 35 gift ideas under $20! These affordable finds prove that you don’t have to break the bank to give great gifts.


We all know that one guy who elevates grilling to an art form. If he happens to be on your holiday shopping list, stuff his stocking with this 3-in-1 Burger Press. He’ll love being able to make uniform patties, which will solidify his rep for perfectly cooked burgers every time. The BPA-free BBQ tool also makes sliders and stuffed burgers, allowing your backyard chef to expand his repertoire.


Gifts of comfort are a natural fit for the holiday season when winter weather kicks into high gear, and nothing says cozy quite like a new pair of slippers. This streamlined men’s pair features a plush lining for maximum warmth.


This isn’t your grandma’s scarf! Your fashionable family members will delight in finding this dressy scarf under the tree on Christmas morning. The stripe woven scarf functions as a “third piece”, lending jeans and a tee instant style cred. Your dapper guy or gal will kick their crewneck up a notch when they loop this fringed topper around their neck.


Your fisherman or woman will think this gift is “off the hook,” I promise. Wrap up this fishing rod case to “reel in” the compliments on Christmas morning. With space for a two-piece rod with reel attached and a handy carry handle, it protects a seaman’s most prized possession. There’s nothing “fishy” about it. It’s just a great gift.


Self-care means something different to everyone. For me, it involves browsing the latest deals online every now and then or taking an extra few minutes at night to moisturize after washing my face. Gift your mom friends some feel-good time of their own this holiday with this four-piece set from Olay. Tip: the included Olay Daily Moisturizer With SPF 15 is a drugstore Hall of Famer!

For the person on your list with a sense of humour (and it helps if they also love cats), this beach towel in Fifi’s likeness is hilarious. Buy it for the Kris Kringle exchange at work and watch as the guy with cat pictures on his desk wins it in an epic last-minute steal. But all jokes aside, the towel is huge, making it perfect for the beach or the pool and, at only $15, it provides a lot of bang for your buck!


Give this cute cheetah print, super-absorbent hair towel to the friend who actually can’t go out because she has to wash her hair. The special fabric absorbs more water than a regular towel and helps reduce frizz, significantly cutting the time it takes to blow dry and style long hair. Giving this hair towel is really like giving the gift of time, and that is priceless!


When I was in my twenties, I was delighted to find a large gift addressed to me under the tree at my dad’s house. I was imagining the makeup palette to end all makeup palettes, or maybe a new laptop — basically everything BUT the tool set I ended up unwrapping. I was disappointed, but fast forward 20 years and that same kit is indispensable around our house! Give this compact version to your kid who has recently struck out on their own for an affordable and practical holiday gift (aka a “dad gift”).


Walmart Canada gets an assist for this gift that’ll be a slam dunk with the baller in your life. Your kid will appreciate this NBA regulation size ball for both its durable rubber exterior that provides an excellent grip (for a better chance at making those three-pointers) and for its cool good looks. The black ball with gold details is also shipped ready-to-play so they won’t have to waste valuable court time filling it with air.


Get the gadget-lover on your list a gift that’s up their alley — without breaking the bank! This wireless charging station is compatible with most Apple and Android devices and it’s portable for convenient, cord-free charging anywhere.


I like these ear buds for a few reasons: the style-conscious side of me appreciates that they’re available in a rainbow of colours (nab the red to make this gift extra festive), and they come with three different-sized ear pads to ensure a comfortable fit. Reviewers also site a long life span of up to 12 years (!), and, most importantly, the sound quality is said to be right up there with more expensive brands that cost up to 5x as much. These ear buds prove that expensive doesn’t always mean better!


A great gift for the bachelor in your life, these AXE products are guaranteed to unleash his animal magnetism (if the brand’s cheeky ads are any indication). As if that wasn’t enough, the products included in this set (a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, a body wash, an antiperspirant stick and the brand’s signature deodorizing body spray) come zipped into this streamlined black Dopp bag for two gifts in one!


I can’t get over this awesome buffalo check shower curtain. Perfect for the outdoorsy type or the person who just plain old loves plaid, the brushed fabric curtain will add a cozy festive touch to their home during the cold winter months. And no one would ever guess it cost less than $20!


The human head is full of nerve endings and sensory receptors at the base of our hair follicles, so it’s no wonder that scalp stimulation is so addictive for some people. If you know anyone who’s ever considered paying their kids to play with their hair (ahem), then this head massager from HoMedics is the gift for them. A battery-powered motor gently vibrates the prongs for a scalp massager that stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Personal gifts like jewellery are typically a big hit and these super cool matte black studs from Pure316 are guaranteed to be your girl’s favourite stocking stuffer. All jewellery from the brand is made from 316L stainless steel so it is hypoallergenic and a safe bet for most jewellery sensitivities. And at under $15 a pair, you can surprise her with something special without blowing your budget.


Help the budding artist in your family develop their talent with this set of sketching pencils. If they’ve only ever used standard HB pencils to draw, then this gift containing six pencils of varying degrees will blow their mind. An included Mars rubber and small metal sharpener ensure that your little Picasso has everything they need to start sketching more seriously.


Having a beverage served in a proper glass makes it that much more enjoyable, so specialized barware is a great gift idea for the person who has a go-to libation (in this case, the beer connoisseur). These giant beer glasses have a 23 oz capacity (3 more oz than a Canadian pint), leaving lots of room for the head while the curved lip helps trap the bouquet for maximum flavour.


Our eight-year-old is constantly trying to get a board game going and one of our family favourites is Spot It! because we can all get it on the fast-paced matching action — even our four-year-old. I also like that it’s fast to learn and each game is fairly quick, so you’re not stuck playing one game for hours (I’m looking at you, Monopoly). I’ll definitely be putting this new camping-themed deck under our tree this Christmas because $14.97 is a small price to pay for endless family fun.


This pack of resistance bands is a safe bet for the fitness buff on your list. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities, the bands can be used in an endless variety of workouts. What’s even better is that they are lightweight and compact, so tossing them in their carry-on or gym bag means they can take their workout with them anywhere, whether travelling or simply heading to the gym in their condo.

All your little one has to do is open the lid for an epic spa day! Unicorn-themed spa accessories, including bath salts, a bath bomb, liquid soap, a washcloth, a nail file and nail polish, provide everything she needs for a day of beauty, packaged in one convenient jar. Leave this under the tree for her to use while she’s off on Christmas break.


Give them the gift of a stealthy approach when you stuff their stocking with this cool little device! The Swiss-style key holder holds up to 100 keys, turning their bulky keychain into a sleek, no-jingle package with a profile smaller than a pack of gum. This gift will work for every adult on your list, from the guy who wants to be able to carry his keys in his pocket to the woman wanting to downsize her handbag!


The jury’s still out as to whether these are for the baby or for us because they’re that good looking. I love the colour combination and the minimalist design of these first drinking cups by Tommee Tippee, (that, when used by baby in public, give mama some major style cred). Oh, and they’re good for babies too: the spill-proof, mouth-activated valve readies them for drinking from a real cup and, without a spout or a straw, they are super easy to clean!


If you know someone who lives by the motto “always be prepared,” (aka my mom who once pulled a can opener out of her bag to win one of those “what’s in your purse” bridal shower games), then this is the gift for them. The small but mighty Mole flashlight is perfectly sized for a purse or backpack, but casts a blindingly bright beam. And at only $5.98, you can’t afford not to stuff one in every stocking!


If you’ve ever brushed through your kid’s tangled hair to their screams and cries while they simultaneously try to dodge the offending tool, then the Wet Brush Detangler is a necessity. Put it in their stocking and they’ll be oblivious to the fact that it’s actually a gift for you! The magic of this brush lies in the IntelliFlex bristles that brush through wet or dry hair with ease, reducing breakage, fallout and tantrums.


While this insulated wine glass will really shine once the weather heats up again—the vacuum sealed, double wall insulation keeps wine cold and prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the glass—it will also keep hot beverages hot while you’re out carolling or at the rink this winter! The rugged construction and non-slip rubber base make it the perfect companion for the pool or camping. Cheers to that!

In our house, Christmas Eve tradition dictates that everyone chooses one present (selected by yours truly), to open early and it ALWAYS ends up being pyjamas. Surprise! I love these flannel two-piece sets by George because they are 100% cotton, they come in a variety of super cute all-over prints, and you can’t beat the $10 price tag!

This gift doesn’t cost much but seeing Dumbo and the other Disney Classics as a kid is priceless. Recently, my own kids’ inability to sing along to “Hakuna-matata,” made me realize I had taken it for granted they had seen the movies along the way when they had not. If your kids are like mine, snap up a copy of Dumbo before you miss your chance. Movies like that are part of the “Disney vault” (basically, all the classics) – they’re only released once every seven years!


Encourage the curious crafter to take up knitting when you leave this Start to Knit Kit under the tree. Everything they need to start knitting, including two colourful needle sets in popular gauges, a crochet hook, a stitch marker and more, comes together in a plastic zipped storage pouch.


No college dorm is complete without the token lava lamp, but because your kid’s unique, wrap up this mini vortex lamp instead. A glittery storm swirls against a backdrop of coloured light for a fun and funky piece of decor. The small size of this 10” lamp is also perfect for a dorm room that’s cramped but in need of some personality.


These coloured felt-tip pens had us at their claim that they “won’t bleed through”, which is music to a crafter’s ears. Buy these for the friend in your group who has painstakingly crafted everything from wedding scrapbooks to birthday cards to show her you appreciate her efforts. Plus, it must be a hangover from childhood, but the appeal of a brand-new package of multi-coloured pens/pencils/markers never gets old. Am I right?


Whatever their game of choice, be it a classic ‘01 game or Cricket, your little dart player will go from novice to “archer” in no time with this pack of three steel darts by Unicorn. Stuff these in their stocking and put a board under the tree for a unique holiday gift. The included case will make sure their darts don’t get banged up between games.

I like big bows and I cannot lie. I would totally add this outrageously big bow to my daughter’s stocking because nothing caps off a little girls’ outfit quite like a big bow and this grosgrain version in luxe burgundy is a steal when compared to other boutique-style bows! This one is 8” in diameter and attached to a pinch clip for the perfect pony tail topper.


Revolutionize the life of someone who hasn’t had the time or opportunity to develop their cooking skills by giving them their first slow cooker! We love this Crock-Pot version for its small size (the 2.5 qt. size makes the perfect portion for two or three people) and the retro-inspired daisy pattern. The recipient will love the fool-proof set-and-forget benefit of a slow cooker that results in a healthy, home-cooked meal every time!

This scaled-down plaid jacket with a Sherpa lining will look precious on the kid of an outdoorsy dad who wears one just like it! We love that it’s 100% cotton for long-lasting wear, and it’s great for when they need a lighter jacket in the fall or even on colder days in the car and in the mall when a winter jacket is just too bulky.


For the person on your list who carries her whole life around with her, this canvas tote has a cute neutral black and white print and is big enough to accommodate a laptop or her Saturday market haul. It would also be a great gift for the knitter to conveniently store her yarn, needles and patterns all in one place.

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No matter your budget, we have you covered with a selection of thoughtful gifts under $20 to satisfy the unique personalities on your shopping list. Whether looking for ideas for your office Secret Santa, gift sets with a little bit of everything, or something to make Fluffy or Fido even cuter, nab the affordable surprises and stuffers before they sell out!

How we chose products: Simply put, we’re not recommending any gifts we wouldn’t buy ourselves! Our gifting experts leveraged a variety of sources as a starting point, including researching reputable third party reviews, Walmart.ca user reviews, and input from Walmart Canada’s category specialists. theHUB editorial staff had final say for all products included in this gift guide.

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