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60 Cool Gift Ideas Boys Will Love

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Whether you’re looking for popular picks (like the latest Lego set) or the most innovative STEM toys, this guide is filled with awesome gift ideas for the boys in your life. From builders and tech lovers to creative types and lifelong learners, we’ve got every personality covered with these super cool gifts for boys ages two and up.

In this guide
1. For the boy who loves to learn
$ 31.97

LeapFrog 2-in-1 Leaptop Touch

Ages 2 to 5

Let him tap into learning with this touchscreen laptop. It features a keyboard with letters A to Z and numbers one to ten, plus games, music and an email mode so kiddos can “work from home” like mom and dad.

$ 83.97

VTech Get Ready for School Learning Desk

Ages 2 to 5

Little scholars will be motivated to learn with this flexible learning centre. It comes with a variety of cool accessories including an interactive desktop, a projection system and an LED writing pad.

$ 18.68

Littlecodr Kids Coding Game

Ages 4 to 8

This fun card game will introduce him to key concepts relating to logic and coding, planning and linear thinking, prototyping and more. Kids use action cards to create paths for their siblings, friends and parents to follow in real life and interact with the space around them.

$ 14.98

National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit

Ages 8 and up

Complete with excavation tools and a magnifying glass, budding geologists can discover genuine specimens of quartz, amethyst and tiger’s eye at home with this fun dig kit by National Geographic. Using the detailed learning guide, kids will also uncover the science behind gemstones.

$ 24.98

VEX Gear Racer by HEXBUG

Ages 8 and up

Future engineers will get a thrill out of building their own robot-inspired racer car. It comes with over 100 easy connect snap pieces that keep the car together, rubber wheels and a resistance lever.

$ 24.97

Discovery Extreme Chemistry Lab

Ages 12 and up

Mini mad chemists will love running their own science lab with this kit of over 20 exciting experiments. Easy-to-follow instructions will help guide them through each interactive experience and create fun for the whole family!

2. For the tiny techie
$ 20

Kid Connection Light Up Vacuum

Ages 2 and up

Junior house cleaners will love being “put to work” with this play vacuum. It lights up, makes sounds and contains glitter flakes that swirl around when the vacuum is pushed. Bonus, he’ll feel like he’s helping around the house!

$ 14.79

Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Ages 3 to 12

One of the best gifts for boys on our list—especially if he loves playing with mom or dad’s smartwatch. It’s ultra-stylish and loaded with kid-friendly technology including two cameras (for photos, selfies and videos), free games and a choice of over 55 digital and analogue watch faces.

$ 44.99

Contixo R1 Kids Robot

Ages 4 and up

This adorable and wireless little robot sings, dances, plays music, records sound, moves around and speaks. So, it’s really a gift for the whole family!

$ 259.96

Nintendo Switch Lite

Ages 4 and up

Great for on-the-go gaming, he won’t want to put the Nintendo Switch Lite down. It has an expansive library of games, even for kids, so he’ll never get bored. Plus, with the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app, mom and dad can set gaming restrictions.

$ 79.96

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

Ages 6 and up

Now with a revised battle mode and 48 courses, he’ll have a blast racing his friends for the cup in this Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game.

$ 109.97

Artie 3000

Ages 7 to 12

He can test out his code knowledge, then sit back and watch Artie draw out what he programmed on a sheet of paper. With time, he’ll be able to create his own custom codes.

3. For the boy who loves to experiment
$ 54.99

Learning Resources Primary Science Sensory Tubes

Ages 2 and up

These sensory tubes are loads of fun! Not to mention, they’re a great way to encourage science exploration. The easy twist lids are solid and hold liquid in easily, so he can experiment with different substances.

$ 47.99

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Ages 3 and up

Kids will get a kick out of performing chemistry experiments at the kitchen table with this hands-on lab set. It comes with 22 science tools including a beaker, magnifying glass, and a funnel, all perfectly sized for little hands.

$ 19.97

Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set

Ages 3 and up

With over ten different tools and molds and two pounds of Kinetic Sand, his imagination will run wild with unique sand creations. As far as sensory play goes, this kit is at the top of the list!

$ 29.96

Nickelodeon Super Slime Studio Kit

Ages 6 and up

Ooey gooey slime…need we say more? He’ll love mixing fun combinations—from glittery slime to crunchy slime—and showing them off to friends and family.

$ 14.98

National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano

Ages 8 and up

With National Geographic’s reusable volcano kit, this classic science fair project can be recreated at home. The detailed learning guide provides tips on how to make big, messy eruptions that are sure to keep him entertained.

$ 29.98

National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit

Ages 12 and up

A must-have STEM kit for lovers of science and magic, he can conduct fascinating kid-friendly experiments (like making a test tube disappear!) and learn a little chemistry and physics in the process.

4. For the creative boy
$ 79.97

Little Tikes 25-Piece First Prep Kitchen

Ages 2 and up

Get him started in the kitchen early—the play kitchen that is. This modern set comes complete with pretend food, built-in storage space and a chalkboard menu for imaginative roleplay.

$ 68.97

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

Ages 4 and up

Aspiring digital creators can develop their skills early with this high-definition video camera. The built-in microphone, special effects and easy on-camera editing make it the perfect all-in-one content creation tool.

$ 25.97

Toy Chef Kids Electronic Keyboard

Ages 3 to 10

Mini keyboards are a great way to introduce little ones to the world of music. This one comes with prerecorded instrument sounds and tempo control, plus a record and playback function so he can share his tunes with the whole family.

$ 24.97

Mega Construx Large Piece Tub

Ages 5 to 9

He can level up on creativity with this impressive set of 1625 building blocks. This assortment of brightly coloured bricks can be mixed and matched with other Mega Construx sets for even bigger creations.

$ 89.96

Osmo Creative Starter Kit for iPad

Ages 5 to 10

This interactive kit (which requires an iPad to play) comes with three different games and an interactive drawing tool to help them develop design skills, while also expanding their vocabulary and building their problem-solving abilities.

$ 20.49

Crayola Silly Scents Mini Inspiration Art Case

Ages 4 and up

A collection full of fun scented markers, crayons and coloured pencils is exactly what he’ll need to inspire new works of art. They also make for exciting school supplies. (For a full list of back-to-school items, check out our curated checklist of essentials.)

5. For the boy who likes to build
$ 21.97

Mima Toys Farm Bristle Blocks

Ages 2 and up

This mix of plastic bristle and wooden blocks is colourful and feature fun prints and animals, so boys can learn while they play.

$ 33.58

Magformers My First Tiny Friends Magnetic Construction Set

Ages 2 and up

He’ll love discovering how to build 12 different creatures including a butterfly and puppy with these geometric Magformers. Bonus: Stacking and storing everything is easy with the magnetic power of each piece in the kit.

$ 20.78

Little Tikes STEM Jr. Quake Challenge Set

Ages 3 to 6

With this kit of 15 building pieces, he’ll have a blast engineering a sturdy tower and trying not to let the egg drop! The ultimate strength test? The motorized earthquake base that rumbles will either leave the structure in shambles or standing tall.

$ 27.98

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Ages 4 to 12

Who doesn’t love Lego? With this classic set of 484 multicoloured blocks, the creations are endless. Special pieces like windows, eyes and wheels will inspire his imagination.

$ 39.86

Lego DC Batman: Batman vs. The Joker Building Kit

Ages 4 to 12

Lego and Batman—he’s in for a treat with this building kit! It features the legendary Batman, Batgirl and Joker characters, as well as a starter brick chassis to help kiddos recreate the beloved batmobile.

$ 69.86

Lego Super Mario Adventures with Luigi

Ages 6 to 12

Young fans of Luigi from the Super Mario universe will love putting together fun courses with this Lego kit. It comes with easy-to-follow building instructions and a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the Super Mario video game.

6. For the mini superhero
$ 34.97

PAW Patrol Chase and Skye 2-in-1 Transforming Police Cruiser Vehicle

Ages 3 and up

PAW Patrol to the rescue! With just a push of a button, the two-in-one police cruiser turns into a three-wheeled vehicle with a hook for rescues. Put Chase and Skye behind the wheel so they can team up on the scene.

$ 89.99

DC Batman My First Trampoline

Ages 3 to 8

This Batman trampoline will have him soaring to new heights—and likely get him ready for a nap! It’ll help him burn off extra energy without even knowing it, and the handle makes it safe to use.

$ 141.21

Iron Man vs. Venomized Hulk Action Figure

Ages 4 and up

If he’s an Avengers fan, he’ll love these twelve-inch Iron Man and Venomized Hulk action figures—companions to other heroes like Black Panther and Captain America. Connect a Blast Gear launcher to Iron Man’ and the Hulk’s back port to fire projectiles across the room!

$ 26.11

Batman Voice Changing Mask

Ages 4 and up

He’ll look and sound just like Batman with this super cool voice-changing mask. A button on the side of the mask lights up Batman’s eyes and activates different phrases and sounds that prepare him for battle.

$ 99.99

Star Wars Bladebuilders Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber

Ages 6 and up

Help him unleash his inner Jedi with this lightsaber toy that lights up and makes noise, so he can act out epic battles to protect the universe from the dark side.

7. For the boy who loves to race
$ 20.08

PAW Patrol Marshall’s Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle

Ages 3 and up

Marshall can race to the scene with this fire engine red truck! It has large wheels, a rev-up motor and a working bucket for rescues.

$ 10.97

Hot Wheels 10-Pack of Cars

Ages 3 and up

If he’s car-obsessed, nothing is better than gifting him Hot Wheels. He’ll be amazed by this ten-pack of assorted vehicles with authentic details.

$ 14.97

Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Motorized Gordon Engine

Ages 3 to 5

With enhanced speed and performance, this train engine goes faster and climbs steeper inclines than ever before. Just flip the switch and watch Gordon go!

$ 33.99

​Hot Wheels Robo Shark Frenzy Play Set

Ages 5 to 8

Will his toy cars survive this epic race track without being swallowed by the shark? He’ll have fun putting them to the test and watching as each car performs cool stunts.

$ 19.97

RC Metal Racer

Ages 6 and up

If he’s a big racecar fan, he’ll love this remote-controlled RC vehicle. With its amazing traction and working suspension, this little car promises hours of fun.

8. For the boy who's great at games
$ 200

Clue Junior Board Game for Kids

Ages 5 and up

All the classic Clue characters make an appearance in this kid version of the classic whodunit board game. Boys will get a kick out of trying to discover which toy was broken, who did it and when it was broken.

$ 34.21

Trouble Board Game

Ages 5 and up

He’ll stay engaged as tensions run high to get his game pieces around the board without being bumped by an opponent. The iconic Pop-O-Matic die roller bubble is also fun to press (and keeps the die from getting lost!).

$ 49.97

Bakugan Battle League Coliseum

Ages 6 and up

He can battle like a true champion with this game board—inspired by the anime adventure show—and add the exclusive fused Howlkor x Serpenteze Bakugan to his collection of characters.

$ 19.93

Crossed Signals Electronic Game

Ages 8 and up

Using lights and voice commands, this electronic game will get him on his feet and challenge his speed and accuracy. The player who reads the most signs right wins!

$ 29.93

Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition

Ages 8 and up

A classic board game with a twist, this Super Mario edition of Monopoly is filled with excitement and nostaligia that youngsters will enjoy. It features six Super Mario-inspired tokens and beloved characters, locations and themes from the video game.

9. For the dinosaur collector
$ 29.97

Smashers Mega Light Up Surprise Egg

Ages 3 and up

This smashable dinosaur egg comes with 25 surprises, plus a map to uncover all the hidden pieces inside. Once he collects them all, he can start building his own dinosaur.

$ 14.97

Adventure Force 40-Piece Dino Bucket

Ages 3 and up

With this jumbo jar of Jurassic characters, trees, rocks and ferns, he can create his own make-believe prehistoric world for hours of playtime fun.

$ 15

Kid Connection My Walking Pet - Dinosaur

Ages 3 and up

Not all dinosaurs are scary! This cute interactive plushy walks and wags its tail with the press of a button and will keep boys entertained for hours.

$ 29.97

Jurassic World Extreme Damage Tyrannosaurus Rex

Ages 4 and up

From the movies to real life, this tyrannosaurus rex is ready for a battle. It features slash damage on both sides, a button-activated chomp, movable joints and is textured for realistic conflict play.

$ 18.35

National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Ages 8 and up

Mini paleontologists can excavate their own replica dinosaur fossils with this hands-on STEM toy. It includes a T. rex tooth replica inside a large dig brick, along with digging tools, a magnifying glass and a learning guide.

10. For the boy who's into sports
$ 49.98

Easy Score Hockey, Soccer & Lacrosse Set

Ages 3 and up

He’ll never be bored with this sports set thanks to the adjustable net and interchangeable stick heads that allow him to switch between games of soccer, hockey and lacrosse.

$ 19

Madd Gear Carve 100 Folding Kick Scooter

Ages 3 and up

He’ll get a kick out of this compact scooter with an easy lock folding mechanism and a quick-stop brake for effortless control. Plus, the three-height adjustable handle means it will grow with him.

$ 34.93

My Life As All Star Boy Doll

Ages 5 to 12

This fully poseable doll can dribble, shoot, rebound and score. It comes fully dressed in a basketball uniform and accessories, ready for the court.

$ 49.96

NHL 22 for PS4

Ages 10 and up

Any hockey fan will love this authentic game experience, which brings professional arena games to life with its unrivaled visual detail. It’s available to pre-order for PlayStation 5Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

$ 26.97

Rawlings Canada Rawlings 11-Inch Left Hand Baseball Glove

Ages 8 and up

Catching will be easier for him with this baseball glove, which consists of a soft, flexible shell and finger pads for added protection. Bonus: The lime green detail will make him stand out on the field!

11. For the stylish little dude
$ 10.97

Toronto Blue Jays Short Sleeve Tee

Ages 1 to 4

Baseball star in the making? Help him represent Canada’s championship team in style with this Toronto Blue Jays jersey. It can be layered over long-sleeved T-shirts and worn year-round.

$ 7.97

George Kids Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Ages 4 to 10

Reflective shades are the ultimate fashion statement for stylish dudes. Bonus: They offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, so he can block out the sun in style.

$ 10

George Boys' Full Zip Fleece Hoodie

Ages 4 to 14

A classic zip-up hoodie is a must-have for any wardrobe—including his. The super-soft fleece lining will make this hoodie his go-to on chilly days.

$ 19.97

Discovery Kids Multi Function Digital Watch

Ages 6 and up

He’ll feel like the cool kid he is when people ask for the time and he looks down at the stylish watch on his wrist. It has a nylon strap that makes it easy to slip on and off.

$ 32.95

Unisex Minecraft Creeper Hat

Ages 8 to 14

With this stylish Minecraft hat, tweens can take any outfit to the next level in seconds. The snap-back close makes it easy to adjust as they grow.

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