She’s the hostess with the mostest and you want to show her how much you appreciate her efforts but don’t want to show up with a predictable bottle of wine. When you’re searching for that perfect something, look no further than our list of the best hostess gifts to fit every taste and budget. We’re confident that any party planner worth her weight in pâté will love the 30 hostess gift ideas we’ve come up with!


Give her a gift she’ll love “a latte.” Help your friend who lives to entertain kick her post-dinner coffee service up a notch with this Keurig milk frother. The machine produces a froth so thick and creamy she’ll be inspired to perfect her latte art. And, with such an easy way to make her favourite handcrafted coffee and tea beverages at home, you’ll help her save money, too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


If you can always count on a perfectly executed cheese plate when you visit your friend’s house, then help her serve it in style with this hammered copper cheese knife and wedge set. We love this gift idea because the set is under $20 but the on-trend copper finish makes it look like you spent a lot more “cheddar.”


This glass kettle is as good looking as it is functional, with its rose gold accents and blue LED lights that illuminate the glass bowl to indicate when it is heating. What’s even better, the included tea infuser allows you to brew loose tea right in the kettle making this two gifts in one!


Perfect for that friend who’s hosted everything from a Cinco de Mayo taco fest to a Murder Mystery dinner, you’re practically writing your own invitation to a “Swiss Alps Eats” night when you gift her this raclette set. The set brings guests together while they grill meat, fish and veggies and melt cheese for a fun twist on the traditional dinner party.


This cool little bread maker will not disappoint the gadget lover on your holiday rounds. Its innovative BPA-free silicon bowl fastens at the top and allows you to mix the ingredients, knead the dough, let it rise, and bake it, all in the same vessel! Once your crispy, golden-crusted loaf is done, simply toss the bread maker in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.


While she probably already has a blender, she’ll appreciate this compact machine designed specifically to blend any combination of superfoods into a nutrient-packed smoothie. We love it because it’s small but mighty, blending up creamy smoothies with the same speed and efficiency as full-size blenders. Plus, the blending cup becomes your glass, cutting down on dishes to wash!


A must-have accessory for any at-home bartender, these soapstone rocks chill liquor without watering it down. Make sure your favourite hostess is armed with some that she can throw in the freezer for when the discerning scotch drinker arrives. Although they work best in smaller volume drinks like whisky neat, they can cool down a glass of not-quite-cold-enough vino in a pinch too. Personally, I like them because they come in a cute little package that’s perfect for gifting.


Help her “soup up” her kitchen arsenal with this immersion blender by KitchenAid. I’m always happy to have a stick blender on hand when it’s time to purée a pot of hot soup or simmering sauce. I can simply use this right in the pot without having to pour hot liquid into and out of a traditional blender. The fact that it comes in a rainbow of cheerful colours makes it particularly giftable!


Serving a drink in a special glass always makes that drink look—and sometimes taste—extra delicious. Personally, I hate not having the right glass on hand for whichever drink a guest requests. If your hostess is Type A like me, gift her these stemless cocktail glasses so she can serve up Caesars, daiquiris, and even desserts, in style.


No doubt she switches up her table linens and centrepiece from party to party, but her flatware likely stays the same. Help her completely revamp her tablescape next time she rolls out the red carpet when you give her this ultra-cool matte black flatware set. At under $50 for four place settings, you may even want to buy her two.


Just like their larger counterparts, these adorable Moscow Mule shot mugs will impart an extra icy sensation to your lips, care of the copper construction. Impress your hostess by telling her that copper is a thermal conductor, meaning it keeps cold drinks very cold and hot ones, hot! The hostess in your life will love these miniature mugs because their novelty makes them perfect for holiday entertaining.


We all know that person who moves their furniture around on a weekly basis and styles their bookshelves and coffee tables to look like they jumped right off the page of a home decor magazine. These nesting trays in trendy pink terrazzo print make the perfect hostess for them.


Is there a more classic hostess gift than festive kitchen towels? Perfect for the family member who always hosts Christmas dinner, I love these buffalo check tea towels because they pack a visual punch and who doesn’t need kitchen towels? Give them with a batch of homemade Christmas cookies or wrap one around a bottle of wine for a sweet and simple token of appreciation.


Some people are more natural hosts than others. My sister for instance, is always hanging out with her family or having a glass of wine when we arrive. At my house, we run around in a panic until the first guest arrives. So trust me when I say that things like this Jasmine Soy candle should be right up there when it comes to the best hostess gift ideas. Helping hostesses like me unwind once guests have gone home, this soy candle burns cleaner and longer than paraffin candles, but most importantly, jasmine essential oil is known to aid in relaxation.

With the winter weather raging outside, it’s no wonder we turn to gifts of comfort like slippers, candles, and warm throw blankets to give loved ones during the holidays. Give your favourite hostess the promise of a cozy night in when you put a bow on this comfy and stylish sherpa throw.


An essential oil diffuser is a thoughtful gift for someone who entertains often because they clean and purify the air—ridding it of cooking smells, germs, and bacteria—without the use of chemical sprays. We love this diffuser for its combination of wood and stoneware that makes it look more like a decor item than a diffuser. Wrap it up with a bottle of basil or tea tree essential oil (both known for their air purifying properties) to give your host a breath of fresh air.


Speaking from personal experience, of all the things that make throwing a party easier, these markers are it. The ink is specially formulated to write on glass and lasts the entire evening without rubbing off. The ingenious little mark-makers not only prevent you from having to get elbow-deep in dishwater to wash more stemware for guests who’ve lost track of their glasses, but they also guarantee that less wine is wasted. If you’ve ever been on clean up duty after a party you know it’s a sea of abandoned glasses still half-full!


This handy little device will save the wine-enthusiast party host when she realizes she has forgotten to decant the red before dinner—or if she didn’t have it in her to drag the decanter out in the first place! The aerator fits into the bottle opening and slows the flow of wine into the glass as it’s poured, allowing her favourite Cabernet Sauvignon to take up more oxygen. This lets the wine “breathe,” which softens the tannins and improves the flavour.


We’ve all been there — guests are arriving and we have forgotten to chill the white wine! Enter this sleek wine cooler that is as good-looking as it is effective, chilling your Riesling to perfection in just five minutes! And, after your favourite bottle has reached an ideal temp, you’ll want to keep the sleek chiller on the table for its elegant profile and because it will keep your bottle cool into the wee hours.


This adorable salt and pepper with creamer and sugar set is definitely a “one for them…and one for me” type of gift. The charmingly mismatched-but-matching set is sure to please the lover of eclectic decor (the clashing prints on the salt and pepper shakers had me at hello!). We like it as a hostess gift because not only is it cute, but someone who hosts often always needs an extra creamer and sugar bowl at the ready! .


Move over, Cake Boss, and make way for the Cake Queen! We all know someone who makes it their business to know how to make the perfect icing rosette or what ganache actually is. If she’s always got a freshly baked cake on the counter when you go over, buy her this fun stand to display her latest creation. We love it for the whimsical raised icing design around the base and edges.


Drink beer in fashion! I love this streamlined bottle opener and your friend will love you for giving her an excuse to toss her old cringe-worthy magnetic opener hidden on the side of her fridge. Simply place the stainless steel cylinder over the bottle cap and press down swiftly to remove it. It’s the best makeover we’ve seen in a while.


A marble pastry board is an ideal gift for the baker in your life for its inherent smoothness and non-stick properties. This sizeable board is big enough that she can roll out dough for pie crusts and cookies, and it also make the perfect backdrop on which she can photograph her creations for the ‘gram. #greathostessgiftideas


A wonderful gift idea for someone who likes to cook in general, this 14” pizza stone will give them the opportunity to perfect their pies! Stone draws moisture out of the dough resulting in a perfectly crispy crust every time. We love this one because it can also be used on the bbq as it has handles! If you’ve ever tried pulling a bubbling hot pizza out of the oven with no place to actually grip the pan, you’ll know what we mean.


I like to arrive bearing gifts of food because I know they’ll get used (if not by the hostess herself, then by guests at her next get together.) A panettone is an Italian sweet bread hailing from Milan and traditionally consumed in Italy during the festive season. The tall, cake-like loaves make great gifts because not only are they delicious, they also come packaged in a sturdy box with ribbon handle.


This little indoor herb garden will be an exciting gift for any at-home chef because it means they can continue to grow fresh herbs all year round. From Canada-based design giant, Umbra, the scaled-down garden is sized to fit on standard window sills and an integrated watering and drainage system means that even a black thumb can keep their plants alive.


Get that special person who always puts out the welcome mat, a welcome mat! This cute doormat lets guests know exactly how the dwelling’s inhabitants feel about living north of the 49th parallel. Perfect for the proud patriot or even the Canadian sports fan, your friend will get a kick out of receiving such a unique hostess gift.


The standard box of chocolates is great and all but bring your cheese-loving hostess this gourmet gift box full of savoury treats to really get her attention. Once all the guests have gone home, she’ll appreciate digging into the luxurious assortment of cheese and crackers alongside a bottle of wine for some well-deserved down-time.

Gifts for the home are a natural fit when it comes to hostess gifts, but sometimes it’s nice to give something a little more personal—especially if she’s a good friend. We recommend this Aveeno sleep mask that promises to brighten and hydrate her skin while she sleeps, providing a much-needed boost to combat any trace of hostess fatigue. What’s unique about this product is that the attached paddle applicator makes it possible for her to apply once she’s already relaxing in bed—no need to get up and wash her hands.

I, for one, love the holidays and all the bells and whistles that come along with it, especially when it comes to the ultimate piece of Christmas decor — the tree. If she’s a Christmas freak like me, why not gift her these vintage-inspired glass tree ornaments to really get her in the festive spirit? I love these because they look like the balls that used to hang on my grandparents’ tree.

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Whether you err more on the traditional side or opt for something a little more unconventional, purchasing any of the hostess gifts from our roundup at Walmart Canada will not only show your host just how much you appreciate their entertaining prowess, it’ll also score you and your family a repeat invite for life!

How we chose products: Simply put, we’re not recommending any gifts we wouldn’t buy ourselves! Our gifting experts leveraged a variety of sources as a starting point, including researching reputable third party reviews, user reviews, and input from Walmart Canada’s category specialists. theHUB editorial staff had final say for all products included in this gift guide.

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