Tripanel shot of spiders in a jar, witchy skeleton and jack o lantern

Check out these spooky and fun Halloween decoration ideas for Halloween night, trick-or-treaters and party throwers. You’ll have the most spooktacular home in the whole neighbourhood!

Our favourite time of year is here, when it’s okay to get our freak on and let our inner monster out to play. And one of the best parts about the holiday has to be decorating our homes and dressing the part—something we can change up year to year, depending on our favourite shows, themes and movies of the moment.

From kid-friendly to adults-only, Walmart’s got the scary day covered with these fun Halloween decoration ideas. Whether you’re setting up for trick-or-treaters or spooking up the place for your own friends, these Halloween decorations, tips and tricks make it easy to spook up your house—inside and out—without breaking the bank this holiday. From outdoor Halloween decorations to Halloween party ideas, get ready to celebrate in scary spice style!

What you need for an awesome Halloween

  1. Prepare for a spooktastic Halloween.
  2. Get the haunted house you’ve always wanted.
  3. Create Halloween crafts.
  4. Decorate for a kids’ Halloween party.
  5. Decorate for an adults’ Halloween party.

Prepare for a spooktastic Halloween

Anyone can pull off a good Halloween costume and great treats, but amazing decor will really set your celebrations apart. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to dress up a house for the occasion.

To create a truly spooktacular, Beetlejuice-worthy Halloween atmosphere, stock up on scary holiday tropes (think jack o’ lanterns, bats, witches, tombstones, spiderwebs and, of course, ghosts). And pick a couple of marquee items that will truly set your home apart. (Eerie lights, sound effects and a giant inflatable will do the trick.)

The key is arranging your Halloween decoration ideas all around the house, using windows, doors, trees and even front lawns to spooky effect!


Get the haunted house you’ve always wanted

Halloween and haunted houses go hand-in-hand. Dating back to 19th century London, haunted houses were first introduced to the public as a form of entertainment. One haunted house we love is the freaky mansion belonging to the Addams Family.

Decorating your house for Halloween doesn’t have to cost a fortune, though; just take a cue or two from their creepy place to scare anyone who approaches your own haunted house.

Start with classic Halloween-themed accessories you can build on year after year, such as spooky ghosts and ghouls that linger around your house. Hang some ghostly drapes in the windows and add some fake creepy crawlies and Halloween lights around the front porch. Then throw in a surprise, iconic Halloween prop (such as a bloodied knife or life-size dummy) somewhere in the mix, and you’ll be the talk of all the trick-or-treaters in town!

And, well, if Uncle Fester or Morticia Addams answer the door, all the better.


Create Halloween crafts

Here’s a budget-friendly decorating idea: get the kids involved in a few simple crafts that double as great Halloween decor! You can use egg cartons and black paint to make totally adorbs hanging bats, or paint black cat pumpkins

Popsicle stick spider webs complete with tiny plastic spiders are another fun craft idea for little hands. You can stock up on craft supplies and let your little ones’ imaginations run wild! Not only does crafting together some Halloween decor make for great memories, but you’ll also end up with memorable decorations that you can use year after year.

Of course, no Halloween is complete without your very own jack o’ lantern. Let the kids choose their favourite pumpkin carving designs, print out the stencils and help them carve the designs into pumpkins of all colours and sizes, then line your creations outside your front door and watch the ooohs and aaahs roll in.

Jack o' lantern with with carved into it

Jack o' lantern with skeleton carved into it

Jack o' lantern with wolf carved into it


Decorate for a kids’ Halloween party

Throw a kids’ party that will go down in the history books with these Halloween party ideas. Add a little Halloween “spirit” with green, orange and purple streamers, and finish by hanging fake bats, spiders and webs from the walls. Place spooky Halloween lights around the room, and decorate the snack table with Halloween-themed paper plates, cups and napkins. Then let the games begin!

To turn up the fun factor, ready some Halloween-themed games the kids can play, such as slime jars and a skeleton puzzle. A candy station is sure to impress your young guests! Stock it with everything from oversize lollipops and Halloween-themed cupcakes to popcorn and Halloween candy served up in decorative bowls and candy holders.

The kids will go berserk!


Decorate for an adults’ Halloween party

Halloween isn’t just for the PG set—adults can join in the fun, too! Get dressed up in a show-stopping DIY Halloween costume for adults, and throw a fun party for you and your friends.

To set the mood for your very own fear fest, give your home a spooky makeover by dimming the lights and lighting some candles inside for an eerie feel. Outside, welcome guests to the dark side with Transpac’s Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath at your door. Up the creep factor with “dug up” Ground Breakers Skeletons & Bones from Crazy Bones in the front yard, and cue up your favourite Halloween movies and Halloween-themed songs. (Here’s your chance to dance to “Thriller” and “Monster Mash”!).

Be sure to have lots of themed snacks on hand during your party, like scallop and eyeball canapes, Mummy Brie from Delish and Broken Finger Cookies from The Food Network. Then serve up drinks (Bloody Mary, anyone?) in Halloween-style glasses, like the Skeleton Hand Ossuary Wine Glass from Skeleton Bone Wine Glass, for a chilling touch. They go excellent as a compliment to these Halloween decoration ideas.

No matter if you’re throwing a Halloween party for your kids or friends, decorating for the big day or helping out someone else, finding the right Halloween decorations will take things to a different level. Get all your Halloween essentials at