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Healthy lunch ideas are at your fingertips and ready to enjoy. Walmart is excited to announce a new partnership with Freshii—creators of fresh, delicious, healthy meals-on-the-go. Now you can order Freshii online or drop by your nearest Walmart and pick up freshly-made Freshii salads, wraps, juices and more.

Get to know Freshii’s unique and healthy prepared foods that can help take the stress out of what to make for lunch. You can order Freshii products online at or pick them up in your local Walmart—you’ll find Freshii product in the refrigerated section. It’s that easy and that fresh!

Freshii’s Healthy Lunch Ideas

Freshii’s Healthy Lunch Ideas

Delicious wraps

  • Freshii Buffalo Chicken Wrap
  • Freshii Southwest BBQ Chicken Wrap
  • Freshii Kale Caesar Wrap

Yummy snacks and lunch kits

  • Freshii Avocado Smash Box
  • Freshii Kale Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Freshii Energii Bites

Energizing chilled juices

  • Freshii Recharge Juice
  • Freshii Reset Juice
  • Freshii Green Genius Juice

Delicious wraps

Wraps are a great option when you want something sensible and satisfying to eat—without having to fuss with plates or cutlery. Freshii’s wraps are made with delicious and nutritious results in mind. Toss a couple in the kids’ backpacks before heading to the park and spend more time on the swings!

Freshii Buffalo Chicken WrapFreshii Buffalo Chicken Wrap

This wrap puts a healthy spin on a spicy classic. Chicken, veggies and kale are folded up in a whole-wheat tortilla. The zip of buffalo meets the calm of creamy blue cheese ranch dressing for a taste that’s pure Freshii.

Freshii Southwest BBQ Chicken WrapFreshii Southwest BBQ Chicken Wrap

The fiery BBQ flavour in this wrap brings a taste of the southwest to your kitchen or patio table. Quinoa, black beans, crunchy corn and tender chicken combine for a pleasing medley of flavours and textures. You don’t have to tell the kiddies it’s good for them!

Freshii Kale Caesar Chicken WrapFreshii Kale Caesar Chicken Wrap

Hail Caesar! Better yet, Kale Caesar! Grilled chicken and savoury parmesan cheese get together with fresh kale in Freshii’s unique take on traditional Caesar. Kale packs a big nutritional punch and delivers the crunch to this tasty wrap.

Yummy snacks and lunch kits

When you’re in a hurry and want something delicious and nutritious, reach for Freshii’s snacks and lunch kits at Walmart—shop in store and order online. With Freshii, the emphasis is on foods that are better for you, in combinations that taste great and are ready to go. It’s fast food done fresh.

Freshii Avocado Smash BoxFreshii Avocado Smash Box

This Freshii box is right on trend with delicious avocado and egg. It builds on that winning combination by adding cheddar cheese, grapes, muesli pita and chili flakes. It’s savoury, sweet and wholesome. Healthy food never goes out of style!

Freshii Kale Chicken Caesar Salad

Freshii gives the traditional Caesar salad an upgrade with crunchy kale, crispy pita chips and the power of protein from quinoa. With shaved Parmesan cheese and Freshii’s own Caesar dressing, it’s a healthy choice for lunch on the run.

Freshii Energii Bites

Each bite of yummy goodness is made with just five awesome ingredients: Oats, honey, chocolate chips, peanut butter and shredded coconut. Freshii Energii Bites are a better way to satisfy a craving for something sweet, and you’ll get protein and fibre, too.

Energizing chilled juices

Freshii’s selection of cold-pressed juices features a tasty source of vitamins and nutrients thanks to its original combinations of fruits and vegetables. Just the good stuff, ready when you are.

Freshii Recharge JuiceFreshii Recharge Juice

Apple, carrot, beet, lemon and ginger combine to do just what the name implies—help recharge you! It’s a healthy pick-me-up to help slay that mid-afternoon slump and assist you with the get-up-and-go energy you need to keep up with your children—who never seem to need recharging!

Freshii Reset Juice

After work or play, press the reset button with sweet Freshii Reset Juice. Apple, pineapple, cucumber and mint join forces in a refreshing juice blend to help put some bounce back in your step.

Freshii Green Genius JuiceFreshii Green Genius Juice

It’s not easy being green—unless you’re a genius! Freshii’s Green Genius Juice is packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes from some of the earth’s smartest greens, like kale, spinach and celery.

Walmart and Freshii are proud to be helping make mealtimes easier and healthier for growing families. Our editors have showcased a sample of Freshii’s ready-to-go healthy lunch ideas, now available in Walmart stores and at Be sure to check out all the Freshii snack and meal options available online or the next time you are shopping in store.

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