Make your home warm and welcoming with our best holiday home fragrance suggestions. After all, ’tis the season to entertain!

As you deck the halls, don’t forget those little touches that make a big difference to your holiday home. By using any of Walmart’s wide selection of home fragrances, you can instantly create an inviting atmosphere in every room. Use this guide to help set the scene for festive gatherings with friends and cozy evenings with the family. You’ll find many simple and effective ways to introduce beautiful fragrance into your surroundings right here: Choose from scented candles, aromatic essential oils, wax warmers, and other home fragrance products and accessories.

DIY home fragrance ideas:

  1. How do I give my home a scent?
  2. How do I make my house smell good?
  3. What are the best home air fresheners?
  4. How can I make my house smell good naturally?
  5. Heaven-scent gift ideas

1How do I give my home a scent?

It’s funny how emotions and memories are instantly triggered by certain smells. Certain smells can make us think of Grandma’s cookies baking; the air after the first snowfall; or the freshness of pine boughs. Pick from our best home fragrance products to find the perfect scents to welcome your holiday guests, create a sense of nostalgia, and make memorable moments of your own.

ScentSationals Wax Cube, Coffee Cake Swirl


My husband’s Cape Breton Christmases always included coffee cake before the kids opened their gifts. I’ll be melting these ScentSationals wax cubes to get me in the mood to do my holiday baking! Now if only I can get my mother-in-law to divulge her recipe.

ScentSationals Swoop Wax Warmer

Scentsations_Swoop_Wax_WarmerIf you’re creating a festive woodland theme in your living room, here’s a snowy owl that adds whimsy to your seasonal décor while serving a purpose. Place this wax warmer on your fireplace mantle or end table and add a fragrant wax cube by ScentSationals (packs sold separately). Get inspired by the invigorating scent of Christmas trees. Or, perhaps you’re in the mood for the comforting scent of warm apple pie. The fresh fragrance is released as the enclosed light bulb gently heats and safely melts each wax cube.

2How do I make my house smell good?

Be confident that your place always smells wonderful whenever guests drop in during the holidays with our bargain-priced home fragrance products and fabric refreshers. They offer delightful scents and save cents—makes total sense, right?

Glade Holiday 2018 Candle 4pk

Glade_Holiday_Candle_4_PackReminiscent of beloved holiday traditions, the Glade holiday pack with four mini jar candles provides an array of alluring and delicious home fragrances including Enchanted Evergreens, Nutcracker Delight, Sugarplum Fantasies, and Dancing Flowers. This variety set lets you effortlessly add the pleasant aroma and the comforting glow of candlelight to your entryway, kitchen, living space, and powder room. Your beautifully decorated home will smell as fantastic as it looks throughout the festivities. Keep them all for yourself or break up the package to give each scented candle as an individual tuck-in gift.

Mainstays Vanilla Candle

Mainstays_Vanilla_CandleIf most of your gatherings have a way of ending up in the kitchen, make the heart of your home even more cozy and inviting by lighting our vanilla home fragrance candle. The large jar provides hours of your favourite scent. It’s a handy way to rid your space of lingering cooking smells after dinner as it glows cozily on your dining table, countertop or centre island. Or maybe you’d prefer the scent of warm apple pie that smells freshly baked like it’s right out of the oven.

Whichever you choose, these Mainstays scented candles make your house smell like you’ve been baking for hours. Handy holiday tip: If you’ve spent the whole day at the office or shopping mall, pick up some cookies or pies at the bakery on the way home, light a yummy-smelling home fragrance candle, and you’re ready for an impromptu kitchen party! Your guests will feel welcomed and will never be the wiser. And even if they do figure out your little secret, they’ll just be pleased to spend the time with you in your cozy haven during the busy holidays.

Please remember to candle with care! Do not leave candles burning unattended.

3What are the best home air fresheners?

A home full of love and laughter has that lived-in feel and, let’s be honest, the mysterious smells that go with having kids and pets. If only you could hang your living room sofa on the clothesline! Well, the next best thing is to keep couches, carpets, and curtains smelling fresh during the festive season and all year long with:

Febreze Fabric Refresher Holiday Value Pack

Febreeze_Fabric_RefresherThanks to Febreze FABRIC’s OdorClear Technology, the fine mist cleans away odours on the soft surfaces and upholstery that you wish you could wash. This package of two spray bottles makes it easy to have a house that always smells freshly cleaned, even when last-minute guests drop in unexpectedly.

Febreze AIR Freshener with Gain Original Scent

Febreeze_Air_FreshenerWhen you’re going to have a house full of family and friends, be sure to keep a reliable air freshener within reach. Our value pack of two spray bottles makes it a breeze to keep guest baths and powder rooms stocked and ready for visitors who will constantly be coming and going.

4How can I make my house smell good naturally?

Aside from our popular scented candles and wax cubes, we have many other safe and simple air freshener solutions at walmart.ca to keep every room smelling good.

Odours that linger from last night’s roasted Brussel sprouts, a wet dog, gym sneakers, hockey bags, and awkward powder room moments are no concern when you’re prepared with any of these flameless products.

Air Wick Holiday Scented Oil Mega Value Pack (2+5), Sugar Cookies

Air_Wick_Value_PackAmong our best home fragrance plug-ins for the holidays, this Air Wick scented oil is infused with natural essential oils to spread the comforting aroma of homemade sugar cookies throughout your kitchen and dining area or family room. The mega value pack of plug-ins and refills keeps your home smelling sweet all through the holidays and well beyond, without the need to watch over a flickering flame.

Essential oils are popular because many people believe they possess aromatic qualities that boost energy or calm nerves. You’ll find the best essential oils for home fragrance at walmart.ca available in individual bottles or convenient gift sets.

Nature’s Bounty Lavender Essential Oil

Natures_Bounty Lavender Essential OilPerfect for use with a diffuser, this 100-percent pure lavender oil is derived from carefully selected and harvested plants. Its stress-reducing scent is ideal when you want to achieve a relaxing bedroom, bath, or meditation area.

Air Wick Essential Mist Holiday Merry Cherry/Apple Cinnamon

Air_Wick_Essential_MistAnother natural alternative to traditional air fresheners is the aromatherapy-inspired Air Wick mist. It releases a fine spritz of essential oils, spreading the joy with its inviting holiday scents.

5Heaven-scent gift ideas

These are just a few of our best home fragrance products. They simplify holiday preparations and shopping for presents.

ScentSationals Monroe Mosaic Wax Warmer

Scentsations_Monroe_MosaicWouldn’t this elegant mosaic wax warmer be perfect for the host with the most? This wax warmer combines light, fragrance and artistic design to create a unique, personalized ambiance in any room.

ScentSationals Tidbits Wax Warmer

Scentsationals_TidbitsA charming tidbits warmer makes a wonderful gift for a teacher or caregiver. The soft 25-watt light provides a relaxing, decorative atmosphere while acting as a safe heat source to melt the wax cubes which fill the room with a wonderful aroma.

ScentSationals Maebly Accent Warmer

ScentSationals-Maebly-Accent-WarmerThis adorable accent warmer plugs directly into a wall outlet for off-the-counter convenience. Add a pack or two scented wax melts, and you’ve got a thoughtful stocking stuffer

Whichever of our home fragrance products you choose for yourself or someone else, may your holidays be merry, bright, and great smelling!

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Legal: This article is intended as general information. To be sure a product is right for you, always be sure to read and follow the label(s)/instruction(s) that accompany your product(s). Walmart will not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by this activity.

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