Our home office ideas will help you set up a productive and organized home workspace.

Working from home is becoming more common, but getting down to business is difficult if you don’t have the right setup. To maximize your home office productivity, you need an environment conducive to doing your best work.

Here are my recommendations on what you need to create a high-performance workspace in your home.

Table of contents

  1. Dorel Grayson Desk
  2. MAINSTAYS Midback Chair
  3. MAINSTAYS 16-inch LED Charging Station Desk Lamp
  4. Fellowes Office Suites Laptop Riser
  5. Club Rochelier Velour Lined, Italian Leather Pen/Pencil Cup Holder
  6. BIC Soft Feel Ball Pen Stick Black Medium Point Dozen Box
  7. Papermate Paper Mate Canadiana Woodcase Pencils, 24-Pack
  8. Canon PIXMA TS3120 Wireless Colour Photo Printer
  9. Hammermill Premium Multi-Purpose Paper
  10. Canon PG-245XL Ink Twin Pack

Dorel-Grayson-DeskThe Dorel Grayson Desk is an asset to your home office for three big reasons. One, it’s a sleek desk that can enhance the look of any décor. Secondly, it provides a spacious surface for you to work on and a raised platform for your printer. Finally, it’s very reasonably priced, so it’ll handily fit within your budget.

MAINSTAYS-MidbAs someone that works from home, I can speak firsthand about the importance of a comfortable office chair. The Midback Chair from MAINSTAYS is an exceptional piece of furniture that will make long work sessions more enjoyable. This chair is the perfect trifecta of affordable, comfortable, and stylish.

Just don’t blame me when you want to sit on its luxurious bonded leather surface for hours!

MAINSTAYS-16-inch-LED-Charging-Station-Desk-LampThere are so many desk lamps to choose from when putting together your home office, but this 16-inch LED option from MAINSTAYS is hard to beat. Equipped with two USB ports and two holders for smartphones or tablets, this lamp is ready to charge or display your devices. It’s a great option if you want to keep your electronics juiced up while working, and the price is hard to beat.

Fellowes-Office-Suites-Laptop-RiserIf you use a laptop, then you may experience cramps or neck pain after long work sessions. That’s where this Laptop Riser from Fellowes comes to save the day. This device elevates your laptop closer to eye level for easier viewing. Viewing your laptop at eye level also promotes good posture, so it may relieve a sore back as well.

This laptop riser is a must-have if you often find yourself working away for hours in your home office.



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Club-Rochelier-Velour-Lined,-Italian-Leather-Pen-Pencil-Cup-HolderCrafted from the finest Glazed Italian Leather, this pen/pencil cup holder from NICCI is a classy way to organize your desk. As part of the company’s Zenith Collection, this elegant holder will elevate the appearance of your workplace.

Just make sure that your collection of pens looks as fancy as the container that will hold them!

BIC-Soft-Feel-Ball-Pen-Stick-Black-Medium-Point-Dozen-BoxIf you need pens for the above pen holder, then BIC has a fantastic line of ballpoint pens to choose from. The barrel of each of these pens is soft to the touch, while also providing a firm grip during your note-taking sessions. If you’re in the market for pens, this offering from BIC combines value and quality.

Papermate-Paper-Mate-Canadiana-Woodcase-Pencils,-24-PackAs far as pencils go, it doesn’t get more iconic than Papermate’s Canadiana Woodcase Pencils. Shipped in a 24-pack, these pencils are perfect for anything from a meeting note-taking session to jotting down simple reminders. If you make a mistake don’t worry, the smudge-resistant eraser will rub away unwanted writing with ease.

Canon-Canada-Inc-Canon-PIXMA-TS3120-Wireless-Colour-Photo-Printer--WhitePrinters are an essential component of any office. For decades, Canon has been a trusted brand for all home office printing needs. The Canon PIXMA TS3120 Wireless Colour Photo Printer is an excellent choice for today’s WiFi connected homes. Not only can it print documents and photos wirelessly from your computer, but also from your iPad or iPhone using Apple’s AirPrint technology.

Whether you’re printing for work or personal, this Canon wireless printer is here to help.

Hammermill-Premium-Multi-Purpose-PaperPaper is a staple of any home office, and Hammermill is a brand to take note of. Their Premium Multi-Purpose Paper is high quality, and it’s quite affordable. This package comes with 500 sheets of 8.5 x 11 multi-purpose paper that will make your digital files tangible.

Note: Goldfish not included.

Black ink is by far used the most for everyday printing needs. That’s why keeping a healthy stock for your office printer is so important. Make sure you’re ready for all your printing needs by having a PG-245XL Ink Twin Pack on standby.

By having this ink pack on hand, you can print your business documents worry-free. That’s the convenience of being prepared.



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