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Before you stock up on new camping equipment and outdoor play toys, how about letting someone else love what you no longer use or need? Enjoy these tips on how to have a successful garage sale!

Have you been wondering just how much longer you’re going to be able to squeeze that family vehicle into the garage? Or how you’re going to be able to cram one more thing into your storage room? Maybe it’s time you cleared out some of the clutter. Sure, you could sell larger items on places like Craigslist and Kijiji but what about all the smaller things you want to sell? A garage sale may be your best option.

You’ve chosen a date (when the weather’s most moderate) and taken stock of all the treasures you no longer need. You’ve checked into whether or not you need a permit and you’ve placed ads up on local community sites. You’re all set, right?

Now that you’ve committed to having a garage sale, you need to get the word out in your neighbourhood. To do that, you’re going to need to create garage sale signs. Something bright and noticeable should work the best, so why not use coloured cardstock paper? These brilliant shades are sure to catch some attention!

Astrobrights Primary 5 Coloured CardstockAstrobrights “Primary” 5-Coloured Cardstock

Each pack of Coloured Cardstock by Astrobrights includes 50 sheets. Each 8.5- by 11-inch sheet comes in one of five bright, eye-catching colours. This cardstock is manufactured to work with inkjet and laser printers.

You could make your garage sale signs using a printer, but why not put your—and your children’s—artistic talents to good use with some nice big markers? These Chisel Permanent Markers should do the trick. Bonus? Your writing will be water-resistant in case you’re worried about rain or sprinklers messing with your signage. If you have little artists helping, be sure to cover your kitchen table with a table protector to help keep it from getting marked up with ink.

Sharpie Chisel Permanent Markers 4 PackSharpie Chisel Permanent Markers, 4-Pack

Quick-drying Chisel Permanent Markers by Sharpie make their mark and tell your story in both broad- and fine-line widths. You can use these markers to mark your price tags, too.

Next time you’re in your local Walmart buying paint, pick up a few extra stir sticks; they can make for great sign stakes.

Now, let’s get organizing your sale!

You’ll need a table to lay out your goods so that people can easily see what’s for sale. Luckily, if you buy a long utility or folding table for that day, you’ll be glad you did because it’ll be used for years to come. Simply throw a nice tablecloth on it for upcoming children’s parties or big family gatherings. It can also double as a craft table, and it’s designed to support a sewing machine—its uses are only limited by your needs.

Here’s one you might like: the GSC six-foot folding table. It’s also available in a four-foot model. (I have one that’s similar but it’s in a dull beige. This one’s much nicer.) Trust me on this: as your family expands and holidays get bigger and more boisterous, you just can’t have too much table space. However, beware … you may have to tell customers that the lovely white table is NOT for sale!

GSC 6 foot white centre folding tableThe GSC 6-Foot Centre-folding Table (White)

GSC’s centre-folding table can be used indoors or outdoors. The tabletop is engineered to be resistant to cracks, peels, chips and stains. It features a powder-coated steel frame and a nylon carry handle for easier portability.

If you’re going to sell clothes, you should hang them from a clothes rack for better visibility and accessibility. Don’t have one? With our ever-changing weather, it’s a handy permanent addition for storing out-of-season clothing.

Walmart has clothes racks that come in a multitude of styles and price points. I like this one from MAINSTAYS: wheels allow you to move the rack wherever you find storage space for those items you don’t need right now but don’t want to sell, either.

MAINSTAYS 2 tier adjustable garment rackMAINSTAYS 2-Tier Adjustable Garment Rack

The top bar of this garment rack by MAINSTAYS holds 40 pounds, while the middle bar holds 22 pounds. It features a steel frame with adjustable width and wheel casters for easier portability.

Uh-oh. Out of clothes hangers? Or perhaps you want to send out those mismatched or wire hangers for the sale and get some newer ones for you and your family. I do love a closet full of matching hangers; somehow, it just looks tidier. For a minimal investment, everybody’s closet can get an easy upgrade!

neatfreak 30 pack plastic clothes hangersneatfreak! 30-Pack Plastic Clothes Hangers

The neatfreak! clothes hanger, an exclusive to Walmart, is proudly made in Canada. Each hanger is designed to be lightweight. It features two lingerie hooks and an accessory bar, and is designed with all of the top features you may be looking for in a clothes hanger. (Except for hanging stuff up for you. You’re still on the hook for that.)

Now, let’s be optimistic and assume you’re going to make some money here. Have you got small bills and coins for making change? Great. Here’s a locking cash box to help keep your money safe and out of any breezes that might come up.

Vaultz black locking cash boxVaultz Black Locking Cash Box

This locking cash box by Vaultz features rubber feet and a removable top tray with room below to store bills and cheques. This sleek box can be locked via combination. This Vaultz box can come in handy for safekeeping long after your sale is over.

Display some of your miscellaneous items in bins that will come in handy in the future, especially if you’re looking to create more space in your storage area in the weeks and months ahead. Walmart has a great selection of plastic storage boxes you can stack and store.

Sterilite 66L Easy Carry Storage Box Spicy LimeSterilite 66L Easy Carry Storage Box – Spicy Lime

The see-through base of this storage box by Sterilite allows you to view contents without having to open the lid. It holds 66 litres and features carry-through handles for easier grip.

You should be all set. Keep your prices low and your hopes high, and may you have a sunny day for your sale. For more information on how to have a successful garage sale, check out this article by Money Crashers. Good luck!

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