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You don’t need to overhaul your kitchen to make it more effective: little tweaks here and there over the course of a week or two can make a huge difference.

Not only is an organized kitchen easier on the eyes (pretty key when you’re always home) but having your tools and ingredients at the ready will save you time on meal prep and cooking, too. You may even save money by avoiding food waste—after all, you’re much likelier to use the supplies you can see.

Make your kitchen space work for you with these easy and affordable kitchen organization tips:

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1Find pot lids easily by mounting them with adhesive hooks.

pot lid on hooks inside cabinet

All you need to pull this off is self-adhesive hooks (two per pot or pan lid). Place the hooks strategically on the inside of the cabinet door where you keep pots and pans. Picture each pot lid as a clock: you want the hooks at about 8:00 and 4:00. Then all you have to do is slide each lid into place and voila—you’ll never waste precious time searching for a matching lid again. Another time-saving idea: buy a pot lid rack that can be mounted on the cabinet door or near the stove for easy access.

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2Mount a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door.

spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door

Having your spices organized and accessible doesn’t just save counter space—it also saves your precious time and energy. By mounting a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door, you’ll free up drawer space without sacrificing a lot of cupboard room. If you’re worried about cost (or creating holes in a cabinet door), try adhesive, adjustable storage clips instead.

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3Organize your kitchen cupboards with expandable or pullout shelves.

pullout drawer with container storage

Organized kitchen cabinets help you find dishes, appliances and pantry staples in a snap. Place expandable organizers inside cupboards to store cans and containers—look for ones with steps or risers so you can see multiple items at a glance. If you have the budget, installing a pullout shelf inside a cabinet is a sleek way to store small appliances, like blenders and toasters, and to organize dishes.

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4Corral cutlery and utensils with a drawer organizer.

organized kitchen cutlery drawer

If your cutlery is always sliding around inside a drawer—whether everything is loose or just tossed into an organizer with insufficient slots—inserts can help you sort it out. Place a non-slip liner underneath a cutlery organizer to help it stay put inside the drawer. Or, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves for some DIY, check out this tutorial from Heather’s Handmade Life that uses pieces of scrap wood to separate flatware.

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Organizing Hack
Use a pool noodle to bridge the gap between a cutlery organizer and its host drawer. Cut it down to size so that it sits between the back of the drawer and the organizer. No more slipping and sliding!

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5Turn a small, unused space into extra pantry storage.

rollout pantry between cabinet and wall

If your home doesn’t have a built-in pantry, cans and boxes can start to take up an overwhelming amount of cabinet and counter space. A rollout pantry is a great solution if you can find unused space in or near the kitchen (think: between the wall and your refrigerator, a small closet or hallway). Invest in a vertical cabinet to install in your chosen area. Or use a small kitchen cart to store pantry staples—all it needs is a small nook in an empty corner or under a countertop.

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6Use mason jars and cute canisters to store countertop cooking staples.

mason jars on open shelving

Avid bakers know the struggle of having to round up ingredients from packages and containers stored all over the kitchen when all you want is to just bake a cake already! Make life easier by keeping ingredients like flour, sugar and salt inside countertop containers—think mason jars or vintage containers (a great budget-friendly option). To save even more counter space, display them on open shelving where they can double as homey, rustic décor. Use extra mason jars to store your most-used cooking utensils within arm’s reach.

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Don’t forget to label everything! Place a paper label on the front of each container (or get crafty and use some chalkboard paint) so you always know what’s what.

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7Hang cleaning supplies under the sink.

dish towels and cloths hanging under sink

It doesn’t take long for the cleaning supplies under the sink to get out of control—spray bottles can fall over and spill, making it harder to find what you need, and dish towels and rubber gloves are easily lost. The solution? String up a clothesline or place a tension rod or curtain rod between the walls of the cabinet. Use this contraption to hang spray bottles by their handles, and to keep dish towels and rubber gloves at the ready. If you have space left over, hang paper towels on the rod for easy access.

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8Use your sink space for a cutting board.

pineapple being cut on an over-the-counter cutting board

One quick and clever prep solution for home cooks is finding a cutting board that fits over your sink, which makes it easier to wash, slice and dice in one spot, and maximizes your counter space. If you’re really handy, you could even turn an unused drawer into a pullout cutting board. Measure a drawer and modify a wooden cutting board to fit it. Then cut a hole near the end of it that you can use to get rid of peels and trimmings—just remove the bottom of the drawer and place a compost or trash bin underneath the drawer.

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Safety Tip
Health Canada recommends using a separate cutting board for raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Always be sure to wash and sanitize cutting boards, then let them dry completely before using again.[1]

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9Hang tiered fruit baskets from the ceiling to save counter space.

hanging basket of fruit

We love a bountiful bowl of fruit in the middle of the kitchen table or on a countertop, but it can be hard to find one large enough to store a family’s supply of fruit, especially after a big shop. A stylish, modern solution is to hang a tiered wire basket from the ceiling. All you have to do is find a corner of the kitchen with enough space for a hanging basket, then use a drill to install a hook. You can store garlic in the top basket, fruit like apples and bananas in the middle and use the bottom basket for bread or other larger items. Don’t want to pull out the power drill? A stand-up basket with two or more tiers is also a good bet.

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If you have a colander that you’re no longer using (or you can find an inexpensive one), use this tutorial from Homedit to repurpose it into a cute hanging fruit basket.

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