Hideo Kojima’s new teaser raises more questions than answers about Death Stranding. That’s just the way we like it.

Hideo Kojima released a new teaser trailer for Death Stranding that has the entire video game industry buzzing. The trailer features a handprint super-imposed over scraps of video footage from the game, and a tagline that asks fans to “create the rope.”

Being cryptic is a Kojima specialty, and it has carried over to his studio, too. Shortly after the teaser trailer, Kojima Productions tweeted out that the “countdown has started” before identifying May 29th as an important date for the game. This has led many to speculate that we will be getting a release date for one of the most bizarre, hotly-anticipated titles in recent memory.

Death Stranding can’t help but make you excited, and the game is no longer hiding underneath a cardboard box while slowly sneaking toward its release date. Information is beginning to come out faster, and those involved with the project can’t seem to help but get involved in the buzz, with Troy Baker—who plays the Man in the Golden Mask in Death Stranding—joining in the fun. Whatever “create the rope” means, we’re guessing it’s not to announce Death Stranding is a rope-building sim.

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Cody’s Take:

Death Stranding is without a doubt the most cryptic PlayStation 4 exclusive in recent memory, but it works because of Kojima’s track record. The man has shipped a lot of Metal Gear Solid video games in his time, which has helped build trust in his vision, even if it takes a little longer than fans would like.

While a 2019 release seems possible, should Death Stranding roll into next year it looks to be worth the wait. The cast is supremely talented, Kojima is a master storyteller and the graphics are exceedingly beautiful. I’d expect we get a release date on May 29, as Sony continues to steal the thunder away from E3 2019 before a single company takes the floor.

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