Organized laundry room with basket of laundry in foreground.

If you feel like you’re forever doing laundry, you’re not alone. Parents everywhere know the struggle of clothing piles that need to be separated, washed, dried, folded and put away. (And…repeat!) Luckily there are several organization hacks that can make laundry day a lot easier, saving you space and that most precious resource of all—time.

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1Use the space beside and on top of the washer and dryer for extra storage.

Organized space beside washer and dryer.

It turns out that it’s actually pretty easy to stay organized in small laundry rooms and dual mud room spaces—you just have to get clever. If your laundry area is tiny, use the washer and dryer for extra organization: attach hooks or racks to the sides of the washer, or tuck a slim shelf in between the washer and dryer for extra storage potential. Just be mindful of fire hazards, being careful not to store clothes or other items that can burn close to the dryer.[1]

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2Use the backs of doors to maximize small spaces.

Laundry bags hanging from hooks on back of door.

Put the back of the door to good use by installing hooks, a plastic shoe rack or narrow bars. That way you can tuck away extra supplies (like dryer sheets, stain-removing spray or laundry bags)  without taking up any extra space.

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3Use baskets and drawers to organize all of your essentials.

Laundry room with organizing baskets.

There’s nothing worse than getting a load of laundry ready only to have to pause and search for stain removers, fabric softener or clothespins. Using designated baskets and drawers doesn’t just keep you organized and on task—they also declutter the room, which can make your laundry space feel cleaner and more inviting.

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4Help the family pre-sort their laundry with handy bins.

Laundry sorting basket.

You might be tempted to throw everything into the washer at the same time, but sorting items by colour is a really good way to ensure red shirts don’t accidentally turn all of your whites pink. Make it an easier task by investing in handy bins or hampers with compartments and get your family into the practice of doing the sorting for you each time they change.

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If you have a communal space where you can drop off dirty laundry, having a bin with compartments for colours, whites and darks makes it easy to see when you have enough for a full load. If a family member sees that full load, ask them to transfer it to the washer so that all you need to do is add detergent and hit start.

5Use wall-mounted dryer racks to save floor space.

Wall-mounted clothes drying rack.

Hanging delicate items to dry rather than using the dryer is important to properly preserve your favourite clothes. Rather than fighting with hangers (and potentially stretching wet fabric) or just draping things wherever you find space, mount a dryer rack to the wall. It folds in when not in use, and can save coveted laundry room floor space when you’re doing several loads at once.

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6Make use of hooks to keep laundry items handy and organized.

Whether you have a dual-purpose laundry area (inside a washroom or a broom closet) or a wide-open space, installing hooks is a great way to stay organized. They make an easy and inexpensive storage solution: use them to hang everything from cleaning supplies to small garment bags or even hand towels for easy access.

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7Stack hampers on top of each other to make separating laundry quicker and easier.

Hampers stacked vertically in laundry room.

When you’re folding for the whole family, separating everyone’s items can be a chore. Rather than throw everything into the same laundry basket as it comes out of the dryer, use stacking hampers to separate everyone’s clothes right away. Then you can either fold each family member’s items or pass off the whole bin so they can do it themselves (a good way to teach older kids some responsibility!).

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Make it Fun
Look for a stacked hamper unit on wheels. On laundry day, you can steer it over to the TV and fold while watching your favourite show or jamming out to some tunes. You’ll be done before you know it!

8Install a countertop or use a table to make folding faster and easier.

Laundry room folding table.

Make life easier and spend less time schlepping piles of clothes around the house by placing a surface you can use to fold clothes inside the laundry room. A table (even a board over your front-load washer and dryer) or a separate countertop island will prompt you to fold everything right when it comes out of the dryer.

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Space-Saving Tip
If installing a table overtop of your washer and dryer, opt for a material that can stand up to high heat. That way you can also use the surface to quickly iron out simple wrinkles on shirts or hems, foregoing the ironing table.

9Hang or tuck away ironing boards and steamers.

Ironing board hanging on laundry room wall.

Having a handy, easy-access spot for ironing boards and steamers is key when it comes to keeping up with de-wrinkling your favourite work shirts and dresses. Either mount the tools on the wall so that you can grab them on an as-needed basis or tuck them away into a handy cupboard or drawer—and keep your floor space clean.

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10Organize smaller laundry supplies with jars and cannisters.

Items stored on board above washing machine.

Stay neat and organized by transferring bulk items into smaller jars or cannisters, and keeping the rest tucked away in the garage or pantry. That way items like detergent dryer sheets and pods are still easy to access and organized, and it will also be easier to see when you’re running low on something and need to re-stock.

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