The best LEGO City sets can be found at Walmart Canada. We’ve picked our favourites from this series, come take a look!

From Hollywood movies to your favourite superheroes, LEGO has so many different sets to enjoy. Did you know that LEGO produces their own properties too? LEGO City is one such line and it features many awesome sets based on urban city life. With so many cool LEGO City play sets, I’ve put together a guide covering the best sets you’ll find in Walmart Canada’s Toy Academy.

Ready to see what you can fill your LEGO City with? Let’s take a look at what we can build!

Best LEGO City sets:

  1. LEGO City Police – Mobile Command Center
  2. LEGO City Coast Guard – Coast Guard Head Quarters
  3. LEGO City Great Vehicles – Pizza Van
  4. LEGO City Great Vehicles – Pickup & Caravan
  5. City Town – LEGO City Hospital
  6. LEGO City Police – Tow Truck Trouble

LEGO-City-Police-Mobile-Command-CenterEvery good city needs a top-notch mobile police center to maintain order. This elaborate 374-piece LEGO City sets features a mobile command center, police motorbike, and crook’s ATV. That’s not all, you also get two police officers, two crooks, and a police dog minifig. Talk about a complete package!

This set will take you hours to complete, but once done, the only thing you’ll be guilty of is having a great time!

LEGO-City-Coast-Guard---Coast-Guard-Head-QuartersThis ocean-themed LEGO set is great for children that love water! When catastrophe strikes, the coast guard headquarters can spring into action. The included helicopter will rescue your minifigs and transport them to safety. The set comes with six coast guard members, a sailor, a shark, and an octopus. You’ll have everything needed to prevent a disaster—or cause one!




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LEGO-City-Great-Vehicles-Pizza-VanEven LEGO City inhabitants agree: pizza is pretty amazing. Bring your LEGO pizza business to life with this 249-piece set featuring a pizza van, scooter, and table with parasol. You also get a pizza van chef and your very first minifig customer. Give them a pizza slice, a whole pizza, and top it all off with some fries. The pizza van can open its sides to reveal a full inside kitchen. This is easily one of the coolest vehicles found in the LEGO City collection!

LEGO-City-Great-Vehicles---Pickup-&-CaravanIt’s fun to get out of the city and into the great outdoors. This unique LEGO City set gives you a family-size caravan with a detachable pickup truck. Three minifigs are also included, dad, mom, and son, plus you also get a crab figure. You’ll have all kinds of neat outdoor adventures with the many accessories, like the catching net, gas fire, pan, fish, two chairs, two mugs, and a small table.

When the real-world weather gets cold, stay inside and let this LEGO City set give you exciting outdoor fun!

City-Town---LEGO-City-HospitalThe LEGO City Hospital is a massive 861-piece set that comes with 11 minifigures and all the facilities you’d expect from an elite medical facility. You can build a reception area, kiosk and ambulance drop-off, vision testing room with an eye chart, x-ray room with light brick function, an operating/delivery room, and even a helipad for daring rescues.

At three stories high, this LEGO City Hospital is so awesome!

LEGO-City-Police-Tow-Truck-TroubleWhat’s a LEGO City without having an emergency services tow truck? This vehicle is full of neat features, such as the ability to move the tow arm with a hook to latch onto LEGO vehicles of captured crooks. This set also features a police off-road bike and police pursuit bike to nab LEGO crooks on the run. Rounding out this set is a safe with a large opening perfect for stashing LEGO money and jewels in. If a crook tries to steal the safe don’t worry—you’ve also a police radio to signal for back up!

The folks at LEGO live for the little details, don’t they? A lot of attention went into these LEGO City sets, which is why they are among the best available. Happy building!

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