March Break Activities That Won't Break the Bank

We’ve got ideas for March Break activities that your family can do from the comfort of home. You’ll find fun at-home activities to keep everyone busy during March Break.

March Break is almost here! Are you prepared for family fun while the kids are out of school for the week? I, for one, like to have a plan going into March Break. As much as I love family outings, it’s also a treat (and easier on the wallet) to stay home. When it comes to chilling at home, having some March Break kid-friendly activities and family board games on hand can help keep the kids from getting on each other’s—and your—nerves. Stock up on these family must-haves to help keep the family busy and the at-home chaos under control. You got this!

March Break Activities at Home:

  1. Baking with kids
  2. Board game fun
  3. DIY with crafts
  4. Let them build
  5. Break out the video games

Baking with kids

Number one priority to help keep the chaos under control? Keep little tummies full! Usually, meal time is a race against the clock to get meal prep, cooking and kitchen clean up done in time to feed my hungry brood. During March Break, time is on my hands. I like to use the opportunity to teach the kids how to help me make family favourites. Bonus? The kids often enjoy the food even more for having helped create it. Cookie and muffin mixes win points for being kid-approved and easy to make!

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Chocolate chip lovers will enjoy this treat by Betty Crocker. Simple to prepare, these chocolate chip cookies are ready to serve in 20 minutes.

Quaker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix

Quaker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix

These scrumptious muffins are made with delicious chocolate chips and the goodness of whole grain oats by Quaker. This easy-bake delight can make for a fun, tasty snack parents can feel good about serving.


Board game fun

Board games might be considered retro by kid standards. That being said, today’s editions feature some of the hottest movies and TV shows and video games to help keep young ones engaged.

Super Mario Chess Board Game

Super Mario Chess Board Game

Suitable for ages 7 and up, Super Mario Chess helps bring fresh fun to this board game classic. Kids can learn to play this game of strategy with their favourite Super Mario Bros. characters in classic poses as the chess pieces.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite Video Game

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite Video Game

For this edition, it’s not about what players own; it’s about how long they can survive. The Monopoly: Fortnite Edition board game by Hasbro Gaming features well-known locations as properties, and players aim to earn Health Point chips instead of Monopoly money to stay in the game. Includes 27 Fortnite outfits with pawn stands.



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DIY with crafts

Get creative with activities that bring out the artist in your kids. Play-Doh can make for imaginative play time, while arts and crafts can allow kids to express themselves in cool and interesting ways!

Softee Dough Cra-Z-Art Peppa Pig Mold N Play 3D Figure Maker

Softee Dough Cra-Z-Art Peppa Pig Mold N Play 3D Figure Maker

Peppa Pig Mold n’ Play 3D Figure by Cra-Z-Art lets wee ones mould their favourite Peppa Pig characters out of Softee Dough. Includes two Peppa Pig character book molds, two dough cutters, five Softee Dough jars, punch out accessories sheet and sculpting tool.

Cool Maker - Tidy Dye Station, Fashion Activity KitCool Maker – Tidy Dye Station, Fashion Activity Kit

Create colourful designs with this Cool Maker fashion craft kit—since the colour is already in the string, your hands can stay clean as you create pattern combinations. After your fashionistas have designed a stylish tote and headband, they can use this fashion craft kit to Tidy Dye other material.


Let them build

I like to save toy building blocks and building sets for PA days and extended off-days like March Break. With so much time on my crew’s hands, March Break is a perfect opportunity to take on creative building projects.

LEGO City - Arctic Ice Glider (60190)

LEGO City – Arctic Ice Glider (60190)

Witness your children’s creativity in action as they build LEGO’s Arctic Ice Glider and explore their world with an arctic explorer minifigure as their guide. This building set features an opening cockpit and spinning rotor, plus two tracker beacons, computer pad, radio, saw, snowshoes and a minifigure.

LEGO Harry Potter - Hogwarts Great Hall

LEGO Harry Potter – Hogwarts Great Hall

Your kids can spend hours building and recreating a magical Harry Potter fantasy world with this detailed 4-level LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall building kit. The imaginative role-playing castle toy includes 10 minifigures, as well as buildable Basilisk and Fawkes creatures, and Hedwig and Scabbers figures.


Break out the video games

Make yourself a cup of coffee and let the kids power up with a fave video game. Warning: You may be tempted to join in the action!

Just Dance 2019 (Wii)

Just Dance 2019 (Wii)

Just Dance 2019 (Wii) by Ubisoft is a dance game the whole family can enjoy. It features 40 hot tracks, from chart-topping hits to family favourites. Includes eight exclusive choreographies created with the help of kids’ development experts to encourage healthy movement.

Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle Nintendo Switch Video Game

Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle Nintendo Switch Video Game

If your kids are tweens or teens, this Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle for Nintendo Switch by Warner Bros. will help keep them busy as they battle in a virtual chill world. Set includes frostbite outfit, freezing point back bling, chill-axe pickaxe and cold front glider. Also includes install of free Fortnite Battle Royale Game.

Stock up on some of these March Break activities and get ready for some indoor family fun! From the hottest board games to fun crafts and building projects, there are so many ways to enjoy March Break with the family at home—without breaking the bank.

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