Get prepared for your family’s March Break trip with this travel survival guide!

March Break is one of the most exciting times of the year for students from JK all the way up to grade 12. One week without classes—that’s a lot of free time! It’s no wonder then that many parents plan family vacations around this time.

If you’ve got March Break travel plans in your future, this survival guide is here to help. You’re sure to be thinking about how to plan a memorable vacation while keeping the process as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re wondering what to pack, how to pack more effectively, or how to prepare for long travel times, I’ve got tips for your upcoming March Break family vacation.

You’ll find many essential vacation items—from beachwear to luggage to personal care—at Walmart Canada. Now, let’s take a look at four important considerations when planning a March Break trip!

March Break travel planning:

  1. Picking appropriate storage solutions
  2. Packing items you’ll need
  3. Travel entertainment and accessories
  4. Plan ahead for meals and sleep

Picking appropriate storage solutions

Picking appropriate storage solutionsThe arrival of March Break brings with it the chance to escape the Canadian cold or embrace it. Some Canadian families might plan a week getaway up north at a nice ski lodge, while others spend the week flying south to sunny Caribbean destinations. Your destination, length of time you’re spending there, and mode of transportation all impact what and how much to pack.

If your family travels a lot by plane, then a luggage set like the Canada Luggage 2-Piece Hardshell Spinner Luggage Set is a good choice. It gives you the flexibility of a large 26” spinner for week-long getaways, and a small 18” carry-on spinner to bring in the cabin. This luggage is referred to as a “spinner” because of the rotating wheels that facilitate more natural movement. Also, with their hardshell exterior, these suitcases will help protect your items from the often harsh travel conditions during flights. If you plan on doing any hiking or trekking on vacation, you may also want to consider getting backpacks for your family.

If your travel plans revolve around driving to see relatives in or out of the province, then that’s going to change how you pack. You’ll need to pack your luggage and items into your car’s trunk; a task made easier with a family pack luggage set like this JetStream 4-Piece Luggage Set. You may also want to consider the Neatauto XL Adjustable/Removeable 3-Compartment Trunk Organizer to help keeps things organized. It features multiple compartments to hold items of varying sizes. This should help turn your trunk’s storage woes into storage wins.


Packing items you’ll need

Packing items you’ll needNow that you have storage solutions for your March Break family vacation, it’s time to identify what you’ll need to pack. If your family is visiting a sunny destination, then they’ll need appropriate products for fun in the sun. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30 Oil Free Sunscreen Lotion is a wonderful choice if you want protection when out in the heat. Its oil-free base helps to protect and soften your skin. For those with heat-sensitive skin or those that want greater protection, Hawaiian Tropic has an SPF 50 option.

Once you’ve applied sun protection, you may want to hang out at the beach, and rightfully so. Instead of going with a traditional beach towel, why not consider laying down on this comfy Henryka Beach Mat to soak up some rays? This roll-up, easy-to-pack mat can add a little more luxury to your lounging. How many mats can claim they have a headrest?

A rainy day doesn’t have to stop your March Break getaway fun—provided you’re prepared. Bringing along a Coleman Adult Eva Poncho for each family member can help you brave the weather and continue the adventure! The lightweight, 100% waterproof, ultrathin EVA poncho fits most adults, yet folds up small enough to slip inside a glovebox or small backpack pocket. Coleman also has a Youth Eva Poncho great for your little ones!

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Travel entertainment and accessories

Travel entertainment & accessoriesThe famous American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “it’s the not the destination, it’s the journey.” While travelling sure can be fun, arriving at your destination can take hours—and sometimes days. During long trips, there are many great products to help keep your family entertained.

A very popular pick these days is Nintendo’s portable hybrid console the Nintendo Switch. It lets you play home console-quality games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the go. Many games, like Snipperclips, even let you play two-players in the car, on a bus, or in a plane. Another fantastic choice is the Nintendo 3DS, which has longer battery life and a huge game library.

If you’re the one behind the wheel, then naturally your focus is on the road. Before taking off though, considering making a playlist of your favourite songs on your smartphone. Using the Kenu Airbase Magnetic Premium Suction Mount is a convenient way to keep your phone at eye level while it streams your music. You could also switch to Google Maps for GPS tracking to your next destination!


Plan ahead for meals and sleep

Plan ahead for meals and sleepTo keep energized for activities during your March Break trip it’s best to plan for rests and snacks ahead of time. If you’re driving for the whole day, locate some rest areas along the way. As for your snacks, you’re going to need something practical to pack them into. Rubbermaid Lunchblox Leak-Proof Snack Pack Lunch Containers are a practical solution for snacks the family crave during long trips.

If your family is flying to your destination, then planning to sleep while en route is a great way to arrive at your destination refreshed. The Air Canada Plush Travel Pillow is a portable solution to catching z’s while helping prevent stiffness and pressure build up. It’s an ideal way of avoiding neck pain during longer naps, and it pairs well with the light-blocking practicality of the Equate Sleep Mask.

Bonus Tip: Have Fun!

Hey, you’re going on vacation with the people that matter most to you! You’ve planned and prepared, so now it’s time to relax and enjoy. Enjoy your March Break family vacation!

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