It’s getting colder outside, and Walmart Canada has men’s apparel to help gentlemen out there keep warm and stylish during the winter season.

With so many types of men’s outerwear and ever-changing fashion trends, it can be challenging to discover your perfect style. This is especially true when commuting to work as you want clothes that not only look great but feel great too.

Finding the right look is easier than you might think if you know what’s out there. Indeed, it’s a fun challenge, one that we want to help you with before taking your manly self outside into the frigid wilds of Canada’s great white north.

Best Men’s outerwear:

  1. Men’s coats and parkas
  2. Men’s jackets
  3. Men’s raincoats and trench coats
  4. Men’s vests
  5. Boots for men
  6. Men’s sweaters
  7. Men’s pullovers
  8. Men’s hoodies and sweatshirts
  9. Men’s gloves
  10. Men’s hats

Canadiana Men’s Parka JacketCanadianaMens-Parka-Jacket

With a focus on keeping you warm, this Parka Jacket from Canadiana is sure to be a clear favourite for anyone spending time outside this winter season. Plus, there are several colours to choose from, ensuring that it will keep you fashionable (and cozy!) no matter what your colour of choice is.


Urban Planet Men’s Dickies Quilted Wool Drawstring Hood Coat

As a jacket with more casual flair, its focus on style in no way impacts its ability to do its job—keeping you warm, of course! Whether you’re unzipping it for a laid-back coffee shop work session or zipping it up before braving the outdoors, this Dickies Quilted Wool Coat provides the versatility you need.

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    2     Best Men’s jackets

George Men’s Value Puffer JacketGeorge Men's Value Puffer Jacket

There are few things I enjoy more than a nice puffer jacket, but a camo puffer jacket is definitely one of them. You’ll be the talk of the town as you strut your stuff in what very well could be the stealthiest jacket of this season. While your friends may not be able to see you, you’ll know you’re wearing the jacket by how toasty and warm you are.

Athletic Works Men’s Colour Block JacketAthletic-Works-Men's-Colour-Block-Jacket1

This jacket is sharp, though thankfully not in the literal sense—whew! Not only does it look great, but it’s also highly practical too. There are so many spacious pockets for storing winter items like gloves, hats, or your newly acquired Poké Ball Plus.


Unique Bargains Men’s Double Breasted Trench Coat w Belt Off-White (Size M / 40)

This stylish trench coat is designed to help you stand out amongst the more traditional wardrobe colours of the winter season. “Off-white” really is “on point,” after all.


Unique Bargains Men’s Outdoor Coat Waterproof Zipper Windbreaker Rain Lightweight Jacket Black

Wet clothes put a damper on any winter activity, but this waterproof raincoat from Unique Bargains helps prevent that. Plus, it doubles as a windbreaker, which ensures that both water and wind won’t be raining on your outdoor parades.

    4     Best Men’s vests


Urban Planet Men’s French Terry Drawstring Hood Puffer Vest

This vest from Urban Planet is an excellent ‘investment’ this winter; as it just so happens it’s built tough to withstand winter’s worst. Whether going for a jog or a night on the town, it’s hard to deny the simultaneous appeal and durability of this fashion statement.

    5     Best Boots for men

Ozark Trail Weather Spirits Men’s Utility BootsOzarkTrail-Weather-Spirits-Mens-Utility-Boots

Boots are an essential part of any winter outing, and that holds true during morning commutes or weekend getaways. While these Ozark Trail boots are designed to keep you protected from the elements, they’re so comfy you couldn’t be faulted for having them double as slippers.

Weather Spirits Men’s Pharaoh BootsWeather-Spirits-Men's-Pharaoh-Boots

For a more traditional look while commuting, these Weather Spirits boots are an ideal choice. Featuring deep treads, these durable boots easily handle treks through deeper snow. Of course, that means they also work great for sledding after a heavy snowfall.

    6      Best Men’s sweaters

Canadiana Men’s Shawl Collar SweaterCanadiana-Mens-Shawl-Collar-Sweater

Warm and patriotic is a very particular type of look, but Canadiana has the perfect meshing of these two worlds to help achieve your goal. Staying warm has never looked so Canadian.

George Men’s Sweater Fleece CardiganGeorge-Mens-Sweater-Fleece-Cardigan

You can only go right when looking at this classic fleece cardigan from George. With a medley of colours to choose from, this wintertime trademark has never been more customizable.

    7     Best Men’s pullovers

Arrow Men’s Long Sleeve FleeceArrow-Men's-Long-Sleeve-Fleece

Looking fierce in fleece is always a great call for any social gathering. There are several different colours to choose from, making this jacket adaptable to your personal style. So, fleece it up. Everyone will love it.

George Men’s Waffle HenleyGeorge-Men's-Waffle-Henley

Waffle Henley earned its name because of the waffle-like fabric texture that’s featured so prominently in its design. With that fun fact out of the way, this incredibly comfortable offering from George ensures warmth and style wherever you may roam.

George Men’s Regular FLATBACK Mockneck SweatshirtGeorge-Mens-Regular-FLATBACK-Mockneck-Sweatshirt

Who says sweatshirts can’t be presentable? George’s Flatback Mockneck Sweatshirt is an amazing opportunity to showcase some serious style. Whether at your workplace or a friend’s birthday party, this shirt will protect you from the cold and keep you looking good, too.

Nitrogen Men’s Plated Knit Hooded Henley SweaterNitrogen-Men's-Plated-Knit-Hooded-Henley-Sweater

A blend of colours can add a lot of personality to an outfit, and this Men’s Hooded Henley Sweater is no exception. The practicality of this hoodie also means that it can be worn in almost any social setting, or within the comfort of your own home. Whatever suits your mood!

    9     Best Men’s gloves

Hot Paws Men’s Leather GloveHot-Paws-Men's-Leather-Glove

Leather gloves are one of the more stylish types of hand covers you can wear while on your daily commute. There’s also the added bonus of people possibly thinking you rolled into work on a motorcycle rather than an SUV.

Hot Paws Men’s Urban GloveHot-Paws-Men's-Urban-Glove

For anyone that finds themselves doing a number of activities in the snow, these gloves are great. Whether changing a tire, hitting the slopes, or building a snowman, these are the perfect gloves for the job(s).

    10     Best Men’s hats

Hot Paws Men’s Knit HatHot-Paws-Men's-Knit-Hat

Heads are really important, and yours is no exception. That’s why this 100% acrylic hat from Hot Paws is a no-brainer for keeping your head well-covered and toasty warm.

Hot Paws Men’s Trapper HatHot-Paws-Men's-Trapper-Hat

Did you know that you lose the most amount of heat from your head? It’s true. So it’s important to make sure that your entire noggin is shielded from the elements, and this trapper hat from Hot Paws does just that—and it does it well.

Whether commuting to work, venturing into the backyard, or loading up the car for a road trip this winter, you’ll be covered with Walmart Canada’s stellar selection of men’s outerwear. Go for a browse, and you’ll be feeling modern and chic in no time!

Legal: This article is intended as general information. To be sure a product is right for you, always be sure to read and follow the label(s)/instruction(s) that accompany your product(s). Walmart will not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by this activity.