Metal Gear Solid fans have another excuse to revisit one of the best games of all time thanks to a fan remake in Dreams (PS4). A YouTuber named Bearly Regal has been working on a Metal Gear Solid remake in Dreams for several weeks and has uploaded a teaser trailer to showcase the progress he’s made.

The trailer is impressive for two reasons: first, it manages to beautifully recreate the top-down environments that made the original Metal Gear Solid so atmospheric. Second, and perhaps even more commendable, is that the Metal Gear Solid remake is clearly a labour of love, recreating the game’s world with the kind of attention to detail only a dedicated fan could manage. Here’s the entire trailer so you can see Metal Gear Solid remade in Dreams for yourself:

The Metal Gear Solid remake in Dreams is yet another reminder of the game engine’s potential for the game industry. It’s hard to ignore the impact Dreams has already had on the gaming scene, with a remake of the ill-fated P.T., a charming rendition of the Kokiri Village from Ocarina of Time, and even a 3D version of Cuphead all emerging from the powerful new tool.

To me, Dreams represents exactly what video games should: near-limitless possibility, and the chance for anyone to make their vision come to life. Allowing people to chase those ideas will improve gaming, and I’m excited to see what else emerges from Dreams in the future.

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