Minecraft Earth invites fans to build their own reality.

Microsoft announced Minecraft Earth earlier today, inviting iPhone and Android users to experience a free-to-play, augmented reality game (ARG) version of one of the most popular games ever created.

Minecraft Earth will be similar to Pokémon GO in the sense that it will rely on mobile devices to be a player’s window into the game world, but the similarities stop there. Minecraft Earth isn’t just about transplanting iconic characters into an ARG—it’s asking its users to build a new world around them, working on elaborate Minecraft creations for everyone else to see while playing.

Minecraft Earth will rely on Microsoft’s Azure datacenters to process the taxing amount of data that goes into preserving AR gaming player creations. The game will also feature life-sized versions of creations that players can enter and explore, alongside skeletons and other enemies for players to fight. Minecraft Earth will begin a closed beta this summer, and although it will be a global title eventually, it will begin with a gradual rollout in unnamed select locations.

Cody’s Take:

Wow. Minecraft Earth sounds like it will completely change the way we understand ARG titles. While the game’s predecessors added small bits and pieces to our reality through technology, Minecraft Earth is looking to build an entirely new layer on top of it. Imagine opening up your phone and seeing a recreation of Disneyland in your backyard?

The truly impressive thing, though, will be when we finally get a consumer-friendly set of AR glasses. Minecraft Earth could literally change the way we see the world. I know I personally can’t wait to build a statue of myself on the front lawn.

And hey, don’t forget you can get the “TV” version of Minecraft available now on PS4, Xbox One, New Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch!

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