At home office setup, complete with a desk, office chair, lamp, plant and shelf.
At home office setup, complete with a desk, office chair, lamp, plant and shelf.

Let’s be real: If you’re working from home, you’ve likely spent most of the year at your kitchen table, on a wooden chair, hunched over your laptop. (We certainly have, with the posture to prove it!)

Space might be tight, but you’d be surprised to see how a few affordable updates can convert a desk in your bedroom or even your coffee table into a comfortable modern home office space. Looking for inspiration? We’ve gathered some of our favourite modern home office ideas that will help you create a stylish and comfortable workspace, on a budget.

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1. Define your home office space with an attractive, modern desk.

When working from home, the lines between work time and down time can easily blur. A dedicated workspace means you won’t be working in bed till you fall asleep, or have your laptop out during movie night. It might be a tight corner in your bedroom, but that physical space is important to mentally separate your work and create a sense of boundaries in your brain. These desks offer style without taking up a lot of space, so your work has a distinct place in your home and your life.

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2. Save your back with a comfortable and stylish chair.

Think you can get away with using any old dining chair in your home office? Think again. Once you have your perfect chair, you might need some additional accessories too, like a footrest or arm pads for your desk. Otherwise you’ll risk back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and a whole host of other discomforts.

With so many designs, styles and price points, what do you look for in an office chair? The features that will save your back are lumbar support, which helps reduce slouching, and height adjustment, which will help give you optimal alignment, with your feet flat on the floor and your arms level with the table.[1]

Even once you have your perfect chair, you might need some additional accessories too, like a footrest or arm pads for your desk.

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3. Light up your life and improve your mood with the right lamp.

As you spend more time working from home, your lighting needs will quickly come to light (pun intended!). A table lamp is ideal if you do a lot of reading. As winter approaches, SAD lamps have been proven to help boost your mood and combat the onset of seasonal affective disorder.[2] Monitor your office through the day to see how the natural light changes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A floor lamp or wall sconces might be needed to keep you from nodding off when the sun starts setting before 5 p.m.

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4. Set up a sleek charging station.

If you’ve set up a temporary workspace, chances are it isn’t equipped with all the bells and whistles necessary to stay fully charged for the day. Assess your available outlets and determine if you’ll need a power bar or USB charging hub. Look for wireless chargers that allow you to cut down on cords and desktop clutter, giving you more desk space.

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5. Organize your tools so they’re at your fingertips.

Efficiency comes down to knowing where your stapler is when you need it! Creating an organized workspace from home has been proven to boost productivity[3] (plus the satisfaction of seeing colour-coordinated desk accessories never gets old). To keep your desk accessories at hand, opt for containers and organizers in modern colours and finishes like rose gold or light wood.

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6. Use decorative storage boxes for optimum organization.

What’s the secret to tackling desk clutter quickly? It’s simple: Hide it! Having a few decorative boxes, baskets and magazine holders will help you keep paper in its place, but within reach when you need it. Shop for options that add a bit of colour or pattern to your modern home office. It’ll go a long way to add character and cohesion to your DIY work space.

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7. Use your walls for extra storage and inspiration.

Pegboards and bulletin boards keep paperwork handy and calendars visible at a glance. They’re also a nice way to display personal mementos to motivate you through stressful Zoom calls or late-night projects. We love this creative DIY using inexpensive clipboards to keep notes and inspiration organized (as opposed to cluttered chaos).

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8. Show off your style with a statement wall.

Adding personality to a modern home office doesn’t require a lot of money, or even paint, just a little imagination. A statement wall is a genius design idea that can add depth, colour and speak volumes about who you are. Plus, it’ll give your colleagues something to admire during video meetings. Consider this when choosing colour, pattern and scale. You’ll want your decor to fit nicely in your Zoom screen, and bounce light to ensure you look your best.

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9. Make space for a hydration station.

It’s easy to get caught up in projects and meetings, only to realize you’ve gone five hours without a sip of water (yikes!). Keeping a chic water bottle or stylish carafe in sight will give your brain a little alert to rehydrate. Getting your daily intake of H2O is also your best defense against screen-induced headaches, afternoon sugar cravings and general brain fog.[4]

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10. Spark your creativity with inspiring artwork and home décor.

Once you’ve got the practical items to create your modern home office, invest in one or two home decor pieces that’ll bring a smile to your face. Whether it’s a framed family photo, an inspiring quote or a beautiful print, adding personal touches to your workspace will make it feel welcoming. Tie your artwork together with frames in the same colour or material for a modern, cohesive look. This space should feel comfortable, boost your mood and motivate you to achieve your best work.

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