An Ode to Mom - A Mother's Day Poem

Our Mother’s Day poem is dedicated to all the hardworking moms for their unconditional love. A tribute to the one who raises us, nurtures us, and loves us every day. Happy Mother’s Day!

On May 12th, we celebrate that special person in our life, mom. Mother’s Day is a wondrous time devoted to all the moms that have worked tirelessly and love us wholeheartedly.

Moms everywhere commit time to teach us meaningful lessons as we grow up. They plan activities and find ways to bring the family together. Moms bring warmth and comfort into our lives and ask for little in return. They support us with their love, helping us get to where we are today.

This Mother’s Day, make it a special one by showing your appreciation and thanking her for all she does. In honour of Mother’s Day, I have put together a special poem dedicated to all the amazing moms out there!

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An Ode to Mom

From the moment we met
A bond was made.
You held me in your arms
A loving embrace and a tender smile.
From that moment on
You were always known as Mom.
From my first steps to my first word
You were there for it all.
I remember you reading stories
Telling me tales both big and small.
You raised me to be respectful
Teaching me right from wrong.
Pushing me to reach higher
And taught me to stand tall.
Through all the challenging obstacles
You were there to support and encourage.
You’ve watched me grow up
And become who I am today.
I’ll always hold on to the memories we’ve made
And look forward to the ones to come.
On this Mother’s Day I say thank you
This goes out to all the mothers.
For being with us through thick and thin
Just like my mom.
Never replaceable, always dependable
You’re one in a million!

This Mother’s Day, show your love and cherish the moments with the one who means the world to you. I hope this Mother’s Day poem inspired you to write a poem of your own—if I can do it, so can you!

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