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Here are popular New Year’s resolutions ideas for 2020 to inspire you because a new year means new opportunities.

Welcome to a new year, and a fresh start! There’s no time like the present to make good on those resolutions, we have all the items below to help get you on the right track.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

New Year’s Resolution Ideas


Get in shape


Looking to kick the workout regime into high gear? Try an interactive workout with the Apple Watch Series 3.

The watch features a smart activity coach that will keep you moving. Your schedule, music, voice calls and more will join you on the go. Its built-in cellular service gives you the ability to manage it all straight from your wrist.

Save money and live better with a device that will constantly keep you on track with your personal fitness goals, schedule, and music.

If you are looking for more fitness tracker options, we’ve got you covered with an array of brands and options for all ages.


Eat healthier


Sometimes it can be a challenge to fit in the 6-8 suggested servings of fruit and vegetables per day into your diet, so why not use a juicer to ensure you hit your nutrition goals?

The Oster 1000 Watt JusSimple comes with five speed settings to easily juice a variety of fruit and vegetables.

For more juicers, check out the wide selection available for all budgets and needs.


Avoid procrastination and stay focused


I always turn to music when I need to concentrate and get things done, and noise cancelling headphones really helps me work distraction-free!

Sony’s Noise Canceling Headphones are lightweight with great bass, offering hours of great performance to keep you cool and comfortable.


Get more active


If you are looking to tackle some early 2020 fitness goals in the comfort of your own home, the Gold’s Gym Push-Up Stands are a great option.

The pivoting grips workout more muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, wrists and elbows, and engage muscle fibers for more efficient reps.

The sturdy base features an anti-slip material perfect for triceps dips and different types of push-ups. Lower impact routines are also great for those just starting new fitness routines.

Plenty of great strength and weight training options are available, so don’t wait
for a more active you, start a journey to a better you today.


Reduce stress


Commit to more self-care with a personal massager to help with stress relief and muscle aches.

The Shiatsu pillow delivers a deep heated massage that will help melt away muscle tension. The device can also be used to target your neck, shoulders, back or legs, giving you a multi-purpose option for relaxation or muscle pain after a busy holiday season.

Get more stress relief and self-care for less!


Get more quality sleep


The first step to a new you begins with a good night’s sleep. It’s a key factor along with diet and exercise to enhance your quality of life.

A memory foam pillow features a lot of advantages over traditional pillows that enhance your sleeping patterns.

First, it forms to the unique shape of your body, reliving pressure points and aiding with spinal alignment as you sleep. Second, it contains naturally hypoallergic materials that prevent the growth of mould and dust mites. Third, memory foam is very durable, outlasting regular feather or down filled pillows
that tend to lump and flatten over time.

Committing to a healthier you begins with proper rest that will help you live better.


Spend more family time with a fun game night!


We have a wide selection classic and modern games for hours of family fun. If you are hoping to spend more time together, why not pick a night of the week for family game time?

Scrabble is a fun educational board game that’s perfect for some friendly competition and it reinforces math and logic skills while playing.

If you have a household of gamers, many family-based multiplayer titles are available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Overcooked 2 (Xbox One/Nintendo Switch) was recently recognized as the best family game of 2018, offering zany couch co-op fun in a virtual kitchen.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Mario Party is packed with mini-games that are fun and accessible even if you aren’t a video game veteran. It’s inspired by board games so new players won’t feel to far outside of their element.

It’s more family time together, for less!


Take on a new hobby


With a new year, new experiences await! Introducing a different hobby or interest could be what you need to shake things up. We have a great selection of sports and recreation equipment for outdoor adventures like biking, golf and fishing.

I love hitting the trails on a mountain bike and if you are looking to test out cycling, the Movelo 26” Algonquin Men’s Mountain Bike is a great place to start.

The bike offers a very durable steel frame and 18 speeds of twist shifting that help provide versatility for different terrains. With a budget conscience price,
you can hit the trails for less and enjoy more new hobbies.

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