Nintendo’s E3 2019 showcase is right around the corner, and we have a few ideas about what they may announce.

There are plenty of surprises awaiting us at E3 2019 this year. It’s not uncommon to hear the LA-based industry event dubbed “Christmas for gamers” by the gaming community, including myself. While E3 is a time for incredible announcements, Nintendo is known for knocking it out of the park with big reveals. This year I expect nothing less at E3 2019. Excitement is filling the air as the major event approaches, and rumours and reports have begun surfacing about various games coming to Nintendo Switch.

Historically, Nintendo has used its E3 Nintendo Directs to promote titles arriving within its current fiscal—this year ending March 2020. Given that the Nintendo Switch is receiving a lot of new games over the next year (like Super Mario Maker 2 on June 28th and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening later in 2019), it’s hard to imagine what else Nintendo may have up its sleeve outside of updates on those titles. Still, it’s fun to speculate so let’s give you something to talk about!

E3 2019: Nintendo Predictions

  1. A Pikmin pick’em
  2. Animal Crossing sets up shop
  3. A Smashing DLC update
  4. Xbox deepens partnership with Nintendo
  5. A very different Bayonetta
  6. Earth’s mightiest heroes get some help from Nintendo’s biggest icons
  7. No More waiting…
  8. A major sequel
  9. Primed 4 an update some other time
  10. New Nintendo Switch will come later


A Pikmin pick’em


Pikmin is a beloved Nintendo series that is long overdue for a new game. OK, maybe not as overdue as franchises like Earthbound or F-Zero since we just got HEY! Pikmin for 3DS in 2017. With that said, Pikmin is a personal favourite of the developer and gaming legend, Shigeru Miyamoto, and we know he’s been working on a fourth Pikmin title for some time now. In fact, there are even reports the game’s been finished for years now and Miyamoto is just waiting for the right moment to unveil it!

It seems clear Nintendo’s put the development of the next core Pikmin game on pause so Miyamoto can focus on other projects. However, that doesn’t mean that Nintendo won’t try to gauge fan demand with a port or collection of some kind. Maybe we’ll see the Wii U’s Pikmin 3 announced for Nintendo Switch? It would be a welcome addition to the console’s library.


Animal Crossing sets up shop


Tom Nook’s Nintendo Direct appearance last year to announce a new Animal Crossing game was like Nick Fury telling Tony Stark about the Avengers initiative at the end of Iron Man. I’ve wanted a new core Animal Crossing game for years now, and after the series skipped the Wii U, I was beginning to lose hope. You should expect a lot more details on the game during E3 2019, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nintendo’s E3 booth turned into a massive village to accompany the new details. In the meantime, I suggest checking Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS if you haven’t already done so.


A Smashing DLC update


Personally, I’ve been chomping at the bit waiting to know which characters are going to be added as DLC to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Fortunately, it won’t be long until we find out who will be joining Persona 5’s Joker as part of the game’s Fighters Pass expansion. We know that the next two DLC fighters have been in development since December 2018, which could signal a shadow drop directly following Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation. With many signs pointing to Dragon Quest III’s protagonist, Erdrick, being one of the two, attention then turns to who the other character could be.

Maybe I’ll finally get to see Banjo and Kazooie join the fray. It could even happen in connection with another big announcement…


Xbox deepens partnership with Nintendo


Microsoft has been shaking up the industry lately, and one good example is the company’s burgeoning friendship with Nintendo. What appeared to be a cross-platform one-off in Minecraft has now led to Cuphead arriving on the Switch, and there is talk that more games are on the way. Ori and the Blind Forest, the upcoming Battletoads, or titles from the Rare Replay collection seem like likely candidates for Microsoft to port to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s possible that other massive properties like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza aren’t all that far behind either. Whatever Xbox has planned, you should expect to see its plans for Switch fleshed out at E3 2019.

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A very different Bayonetta


PlatinumGames and Nintendo have a flourishing relationship with the two teaming up to work on titles like The Wonderful 101, Star Fox Zero, and the recently announced Astral Chain. The real pride and joy of this relationship, however, is the renewed focus on Bayonetta and it’s possible that we’ll finally get an update on the third game in the series during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct. Recent reports claim that Bayonetta 3 is going to be a radical departure from the original two games, with potential for an open-world or open-ended design comparable to the settings of Darksiders or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Earth’s mightiest heroes get some help from Nintendo’s biggest icons


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order came as a shock when it was announced during The 2018 Game Awards. Not only was the last entry in the series back in 2009, but the sequel is being spearheaded by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo is publishing it. This isn’t the first time Nintendo’s tried a collaboration with Marvel: there were plans in place to feature both Metroid’s Samus and The Legend of Zelda’s Link as playable characters in the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Sadly, these plans fell through and the characters never appeared in the game.

With Nintendo publishing the third title, seeing Samus team up with Iron Man is a very real possibility. Plus, it looks great on Nintendo to promote a crossover with its characters and Marvel’s in the wake of the box office smash-hit Avengers: Endgame.


No More waiting…


Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes was a great introduction for Switch owners that never became acquainted with the No More Heroes series on the Nintendo Wii. The bite-sized title brought back the world’s greatest assassin, Travis Touchdown, in a romp filled with fourth-wall-breaking humour and a plot that tied into Capcom’s Killer7 universe. Now the stage is set for Travis to make his return to the limelight in a true sequel. The franchise’s creator, Suda51, has already confirmed that he’ll be attending E3 2019, so the stars may finally be aligning for No More Heroes 3.


A major sequel


It’s been almost two years since Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild were duking it out for the coveted Game of the Year title. We now know that development on a new Zelda title is in the works at Monolith Soft, but it’s a safe assumption Nintendo is also working on a sequel for Odyssey. Flashing a logo for a new Zelda or Mario game would be a great closer to Nintendo’s presentation.


Primed 4 an update some other time


We’ve known about the existence of Metroid Prime 4 since E3 2017, and 2019 was the year that Nintendo finally offered an update on the project… much to the chagrin of myself and other fans. The game’s development was ceased as the project wasn’t meeting Nintendo’s expectations. Nintendo then assigned Retro Studios, the original Metroid Prime developer, to restart the project from scratch. As a result, don’t expect to see Metroid Prime 4 for quite some time. We could still see something from Retro Studios, such as a Metroid Prime trilogy for Nintendo Switch, at E3 though.


New Nintendo Switch consoles will come later


It’s widely believed that revisions to the Nintendo Switch are coming as soon as this year. As of this writing, there are two alleged designs, with one featuring a more portable design and the other offering a more powerful variant of the console. I was anticipating news on these consoles during Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation, and there’s a chance it still may. However, Nintendo issued a statement during its latest quarterly report stating that no news on Switch revisions will arrive at E3. Looks like for the time being, we’ll have to wait.

That does it for my E3 2019 Nintendo predictions. Some of these are a bit of a stretch as Nintendo maps out its announcements schedule for 2019 and beyond, but that’s what makes these predictions so exciting! We may get news on titles like Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield and perhaps further improvements to the existing Nintendo Switch Online service. Whatever awaits us, E3 2019 really can’t get here soon enough.

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