Nintendo’s DIY Mario title could have fans building their own Game of the Year.

Super Mario Maker 2 was just given its own Nintendo Direct and the title shone under the spotlight. The Nintendo Switch needed an early summer hit and, based on the footage Nintendo brought to the presentation, Super Mario Maker 2 could be that game.

The presentation centered around the idea of nearly limitless potential, and that was certainly on display. Angry Sun, slopes, Snake Block, custom scroll speeds and directions, and more were some of the new features announced. Co-op map-making, complemented by a brand new Story Mode and Network Play multiplayer, makes for a much more robust offering from Nintendo this time around.

Another exciting moment was when the 3D World style made its debut during the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct. According to Nintendo, it will offer several features unavailable in any other modes—Bowser chase levels, vehicles and more appear to be exclusives to this tantalizing new release.

Cody’s Take:

Super Mario Maker 2 is the kind of title that could easily be one of 2019’s sleeper hits. Historically, build-your-own-level games have struggled with staying power because of their learning curve and relatively simple content. Super Mario Maker 2 appears to have a fresh, easy outlook on the genre, while also adding a huge depth of content between multiplayer Network Play, 3D stages and Story Mode.

The gaming community has had no shortage of ways to flex its creative muscles recently, and Super Mario Maker 2 might be the most fun way yet. Quite frankly, this game has gone from a novelty item to a genuine Game of the Year contender, and that should have Nintendo fans (chain)chomping at the bit to play this summer.

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