Some lucky gamers will get the chance to test the alpha build of Nioh 2 soon, but the rest of us can admire the new trailer.

Developer Team Ninja announced yesterday that select PlayStation 4 owners will get access to Nioh 2 as part of a closed alpha test. The closed alpha will run from May 24 to June 2, giving players over a week to demo the sequel and provide Team Ninja with valuable feedback.

On Twitter, Team Ninja described the closed alpha as something intended to help development. Only a small number of players will be invited to “manage the feedback” and ensure the team can address issues as they arise.

If Nioh 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, there will likely be more opportunities for fans to play the game prior to its release. Team Ninja ran alpha and beta tests for the original Nioh and used player feedback to improve the final game. The result was a game that stood with giants of the genre like the Dark Souls Trilogy (PS4, Xbox One). To celebrate the announcement—and build hype for the game—Team Ninja released a new gameplay trailer, too:

Cody’s Take:

Nioh was a sleeper hit that took the gaming world by storm, blending stylish samurai aesthetic with hardcore gameplay that even the most seasoned gamers struggled with. Its sequel appears to promise more of the same, and the trailer looks downright gorgeous, too, drawing obvious comparisons to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC, PS4, Xbox One) at times. From the gameplay footage, it appears that Nioh 2 could have multiple playable characters, including William (from the original Nioh) and a priestess. It also seems you can change form into a yokai with its own moveset, hinting at deeper, transformational gameplay.

Nioh 2 will need to grapple with being a household name now rather than a surprise success, but I’d be shocked if the sequel didn’t rival the original. Team Ninja listens to fans, and this Alpha test is another example of that. By the time the finished product rolls around, the chances of it being anything less than stellar are Nioh zero.

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