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Just about everyone these days is talking about the idea of getting rid of what doesn’t hold meaning or spark happiness in our lives (certain family members not included).

Let’s explore ways to find just the right space for what you do have and want in your home. Now … if I could just find my list ….

Ah—here it is. Right in this pile of stuff I keep meaning to sort out.

The task of organizing can be a hassle, but the peace of mind that comes when you’ve finished organizing it all is so rewarding. You know how you were recently searching for that one darned receipt as you prepare your income taxes for next week’s deadline? Pick up a filing cabinet like this Storex model, and you’ll (hopefully) be more prepared come tax time next year.

Storex Filing Cabinet 2 Drawer+Roll Away Lid Letter&Legal sizeStorex Two-drawer Filing Cabinet + Roll-away Lid

With locking caster wheels and a flat top, this handy 2-drawer filing cabinet lets you stack one upon another, and move it or park it wherever you have space. It’s made of polypropylene and designed to be moisture and rust resistant. This storage solution has a rolling top cabinet for office supplies like pens, markers, paper clips and more.

Can we talk about THAT drawer? You know the one I mean: the one where everything from takeout menus to batteries, bread ties, dental floss and USB sticks go to hide and, presumably, die? Now imagine someone’s going to open that drawer one day, someone who isn’t a forgiving member of the household. You do not want them to see what’s in there, do you? Here’s some help from none other than Rubbermaid!

Rubbermaid White Drawer OrganizerRubbermaid White Drawer Organizer

There’s a place for everything thanks to Rubbermaid’s ingenuity when it comes to crafting space organizers. This nifty drawer organizer measures 12 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches—simply eyeball your clutter, see what fits and voilà! You’ve tactfully tackled those tangled twist ties. Terrific!

Now that you’re getting your junk drawer act together, let’s tackle another mess-maker. I remember reading about a celebrity wife who had her very own “wrapping room.” To me, that was the ultimate in opulence: just imagine a space for all of those rolls, ribbon and bows! Oh, the exquisitely-wrapped gifts I’d give. While that’s a lottery winner kind of dream for most of us, look what I’ve found. This Honey-Can-Do rolling cart for storing gift wrap, fabric and ribbon with a prop-up table is truly the next best thing.

Honey Can Do Rolling Craft Storage Cart,Honey-Can-Do Rolling Craft Storage Cart

This storage craft station by Honey-Can-Do features long compartments for wrapping paper rolls and three dowels for hanging ribbon. The divided storage area is ideal for storing thread or yarn, and a bottom shelf has space to house storage baskets or bins full of smaller objects. Wheels mean you can bring it out when you need it and hide it when you don’t. Who needs a wrapping room, anyway?

Now that that’s a wrap, let’s move on to our next messy question: is there ever enough storage in the bathroom? (I’ll answer that for you: NO!) You’ll want to check out this compact stand by Exquisite for over the toilet. Back in the day, I’m told, they were called “Johnny Poles.” Now, they’re stylish, practical and have a nicer name. This bathroom storage organizer comes with two extra pieces!

Exquisite 3 Piece Bathroom Organizer SetExquisite 3-Piece Bathroom Organizer Set

This Exquisite organizer set includes a three-shelf over-the-toilet organizer, a four-hook over-the-door towel rack and a spare toilet paper holder. Just think of the drawer space you could free up with the help of this organizer set. It is designed for easy installation and measures 64.5-inches high by 23-inches wide.

While we’re still in the bathroom, here’s something you might find handy: a stylish pill organizer by AMF. You might find it easier to sort and keep track of your prenatal supplements and vitamins each week.

AMF Week Pill OrganizerAMF Week Pill Organizer

Made of high-quality PVC, this fashionable pill organizer comes in a coil zipper case for possible added security and discretion. Individual pill containers are made large (meant to store larger-sized pills) and designed to be easy to open. This pill organizer features seven compartments designed to hold seven days’ worth of supplements and vitamins.

Since you’ve got some organizing done, maybe you’re ready to head outside and enjoy a spring day. But look at that messy entryway table or bench near your front door. If you’re like me, you’ve got keys and maybe a dog leash covering it up. A lanyard for work might be sitting there somewhere under the baby’s hats, too. Let’s take a look at this cool Honey-Can-Do hanger with hooks that fold up until you need them.

Honey Can Do 4 Hook Wall HangerHoney-Can-Do 4-Hook Wall Hanger

This modern wood and chrome hanger comes in black and is made of solid bamboo. It is designed to handle the weight of a small purse as well as that leash, lanyard or set of keys. Wall mounting hardware is included and, best of all, these hooks flip up when they’re not in use. Compact and stylish, it will help add a note of funky function to your entryway (or maybe even your bedroom closet).

While we’re at the front door, let’s take care of that annoying pile of shoes and rubber boots that seems to grow with each passing day. This Seville Classics 3-tier shoe rack can help clear the clutter.

Seville Classics 3-Tier Bronze Utility Shoe RackSeville Classics 3 Tier Bronze Utility Shoe Rack

Putting a shoe rack to use near the front door can help you step up your organizational efforts this spring. This Seville Classics 3-tier utility shoe rack is coated in a luxurious Satin Cocoa finish. It features removable mesh panels for connecting multiple shoe racks. It can hold up to nine pairs of shoes and requires no tools for assembly.

There now—doesn’t that feel good? I don’t know about you, my friend, but just thinking about tidying up and putting things in their place always clears my mind. I don’t know if that’s Feng Shui or just not hearing my mom’s voice telling me I’m messy, but whatever it is, I’ll take it!

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