Need some organizing tips for the holidays? Preparing for guests is an essential part of the season, and Walmart Canada has storage solutions to get your home tidy.

While the holiday season is often focused on gift giving and spending time with loved ones—and rightfully so—getting your home ready for all this activity takes smart planning. Before your guests arrive to celebrate the season with you, it’s important to organize your home. That’s where Walmart Canada can help: you’ll find a wide selection of storage solutions to fit the needs of your home.

To help find the right storage solutions for you, I’ve prepared several recommendations to turn the yuletide season into a yule-tidy one.

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Honey-Can-Do Deluxe Quad Sorter – Mesh Bags

While bins have long been the go-to solution for storing dirty laundry, inside your clothes become a jumbled mess. The Honey-Can-Do Deluxe Quad Sorter is an amazing alternative for sorting clothes. With four mesh bags, everyone in your family can have a dedicated bag. Or, you could easily separate colours, whites, and dry clean clothes. The wheels make this storage solution mobile, increasing the convenience factor. Who knew sorting laundry could be this fun?


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Sterilite 26 L Blue Latch Box

There’s something elegant about having your storage boxes match, especially when they’re stacked. This 10-pack of latch boxes will keep your storage coordinated, and at a reasonable price, too. Since they are see-through, you can easily determine which items are in each box—making organizing a much easier undertaking.


Prepac 60″ Wide Hanging Entryway Shelf

With the winter cold comes warm jackets, and with jackets comes a need for hanging storage. That’s where the Prepac 60” Wide Hanging Entryway Shelf comes in handy. It provides ample hooks for your family and guests to hang their jackets, and eliminates digging through a crowded closet for your jacket. Now you’re getting the hang of this tidying thing!


FHE Group Sandscript Bench with Tray

Ottomans are an incredibly “handy” piece of furniture, which is ironic to say since they’re often used as foot rests. This FHE Group Sandscript Bench features a stylistic print, perfect for a nice living room centrepiece. There’s also plenty of storage space inside, making this a very practical furniture choice.


Prepac Drifted Gray Cubbie Bench

Having a storage option you can sit on is quite a luxury, and the Prepac Drifted Gray Cubbie Bench offers just that. This bench-turned-cubbie is a wonderful option for tucking away shoes. Even better, it doubles as a last-minute seating option for those guests that you didn’t initially plan for.


Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc Linen Look Fabric Storage Ottoman

Sometimes a traditional ottoman is all a living room needs to complete it. This linen ottoman from Worldwide Homefurnishings is a sleek, modern choice. As a classical storage solution, it will be a major asset for containing clutter during the holiday season. Plus, it’s contemporary look blends with a wide range of décor options.


Stack-On 30 Drawer Storage Cabinet

With some prep work, your garage can become a go-to storage space for the whole family. There are many storage options for garages, and this Stack-On 30 Drawer Storage Cabinet is one of the best. It allows you to keep everything nicely organized in individual drawers. Just think about all of the good holiday snacks you could hide from your family and friends in this thing.

Prepac-Elite-32-inch-Storage-CabinetPrepac Elite 32-inch Storage Cabinet

Nothing quite says storage like a tall 32-inch storage cabinet. This unit from Prepac is a great solution for large items you want tucked away. Whether it’s sports equipment, or holiday presents, they will be hidden and safe inside. With its two adjustable shelves, and you’ll be hard pressed to find items you can’t store in here.

27-3-Drawer-Ball-Bearing-Slides-Cabinet-WRB-2703BK27″ 3-Drawer Ball Bearing Slides Cabinet WRB-2703BK

If portability is a deciding factor, this wheeled cabinet is an amazing investment for your garage storage solution. Featuring three drawers for you to neatly tuck away supplies, there’s ample room for tools, stocking stuffers, and more. Buying this beautiful unit ahead of the holidays is an early gift to yourself, but you don’t have to admit that to anyone else.

MAINSTAYS-Fabric-6-Shelf-Closet-OrganizerMAINSTAYS Fabric 6-Shelf Closet Organizer

There never seems to be enough space to store your important items, like clothes and shoes. That’s where Mainstays’ six-shelf closet organizer fills a very necessary niche, allowing you to tuck away shoes and wearables in your closet with ease. With additional six shelves in your closet, you’ll be on the fast-track to getting everything organized.

Honey-Can-Do-Double-Rod-Freestanding-ClosetHoney-Can-Do Double Rod Freestanding Closet

A seasonal storage option can make a world of difference. Honey-Can-Do’s freestanding closet is an ideal way of giving guests extra storage during holiday stays. It’s a wonderful space-saving closet to help you get your winter wears organized.

Rubbermaid-3-5ft-Complete-Closet-KitRubbermaid 3-5ft Complete Closet Kit

If you want to up your closet organization game, then this closet kit from Rubbermaid is a great choice. Featuring two 3′ x 12″ wardrobe shelves, a 2′ x 12″ wardrobe shelf, two 18″ x 12″ linen shelves, and a support pole, this is a complete closet kit. The configurability will come in handy during the holidays, as you’re bound to receive a few wearables as gifts.



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