Cat sitting on a scratch post surrounded by barkitecture

If you’re a pet parent who has yet to embrace the barkitecture trend, consider this your official cue to hop aboard the bandwagon. Barkitecture is all about decorating your pet’s space with stylish items. With a literal smorgasbord of affordable options that are as stylish as they are useful, these 10 barkitecture categories will not only pamper Fido or Fluffy—they’ll add a dose of chic to your abode!

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1Pamper your pooch with a stylish doggy daybed.

dog in a daybed

More than just a place for your fur baby to snuggle up and catch a few winks, many doggy daybeds now offer a perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality that your pup will love. When selecting a daybed, keep your dog’s age, mobility level and size in mind. And don’t forget to add a toy, blanket or treat to make their abode more welcoming. For maximum comfort, opt for an orthopedic dog bed!

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2Level up your cat’s scratch-options game.

cat scratchpost

Once upon a time, scratch posts posed a serious décor challenge for feline parents. Thankfully, modern adaptions are not only more aesthetically pleasing, they’re also functional, easier to place through your space and many serve as an ideal lounging destination for your kitty. For best scratching results, look for options with various textures and surfaces and ensure that the unit is sturdy and able to accommodate your cat’s weight.

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3Meet your kitty’s accommodations demands with these stylish beds.

cat in a stylish cat bed

Cats are all about napping, so why not provide yours with a pet bed that’s as comfortable as it is stylish? Look for an option that utilizes breathable and durable fabric, which will repel or easily release hair and place it in a locale that’s in or near direct sunlight to keep your furry dictator sufficiently pleased.

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4Pass on mundane food dishes for stylish, modern finds.

dog and cat drinking from bowls

Sure, you can go the traditional pet food bowl route, but why bother when there are fun and chic options to be had? From stainless steel and ceramics to wood and plastic materials, spicing up your pet’s feeder station is simple. Looking to add even more appeal to the area? Choose a neutral or complementing placemat that will also help keep bowls in place.

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5Help Fido cozy up in a blanket made just for him.

dog in a blanket

Designated pet blankets not only enable your pooch to snuggle up with a throw designed just for him or her, they can also protect furniture, floors and beds from invevitable messes and stains. Look for durable, easy-to-clean fabrics—think acrylic or polyester—and pay special attention to how well potential options are likely to hold up to play-related snags or rips.

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6Boost your home’s kitsch factor with pet-specific trinkets.

office with dog poster on wall

Want to spark some serious joy in your space? Look to pet merch, which is all but guaranteed to imbue some smiles. Whether you prefer a breed-specific painting, a fun welcome mat or a cute living or bedroom accessory, these additions will add a pop of cool (and adorable!) to your décor.

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7Dial up your food and treats storage with these on-trend finds.

dog food containers

Unlike the garish, utilitarian food containers of old, today’s modern options thankfully marry function with style. For best results, choose one with an airtight lid to keep bugs out and maintain kibble freshness and ensure you select a container that’s large enough to hold your pet’s food without monopolizing too much of your kitchen or pantry space.

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8Store your fur baby’s toys in a container that looks magazine-ready.

pet toy container

Stylish and durable, these bins are a cinch to clean, easy to tote and can easily store a plethora of pet-related playthings, from toys to leashes to balls. Choose the size and material that best suits your pup’s or kitty’s needs and consider adding a divider to dial up your catch-all’s organizational game.

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9Catio, schmatio. What your fur baby needs is a hammock.

cat on a cat hammock

Quite possibly the ultimate piece of barkitecture design, cat hammocks add a layer of chic to your space while enabling your feline friend to feel snuggled and secure. When purusing hammock options, look for one that can be elevated–cats are instinctively drawn to areas that allow them to observe their surroundings from above—and ensure that it’s sturdy enough to support their weight.

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