Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt 101

Finally, spring has come and planning an Easter egg hunt is on your to-do list. This annual tradition is a favourite among children of all ages. Adults can also participate with planning the hunt and other activities during the celebration. Keep it challenging yet fun for hunters of all levels of expertise with different hiding places. Change up the search by throwing in interesting prizes like gift cards, arts & crafts items, and others.

10 Tips for A Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Add laughter into the mix with unexpected and funny hiding places that are sure to add comic relief to the hunt.
  2. Everyone likes a challenge, but don’t make finding the eggs too difficult. Fun is still the main goal!
  3. Search for eggs with your kids. Build their confidence by “missing” the easy ones and letting them make the easy discovery.
  4. Hide pencils, stickers, and other fun items instead of only hiding chocolate or candy
  5. Give your kids hints. Notes, clues, and cues add fun and an element of mystery.
  6. Eggs have to be at your height to be found. Consider this when planning and hiding all of the eggs, especially when you have kids of all ages taking part.
  7. Leave a trail to a special gift. Make sure kids follow their respective trails by leaving a piece of paper with their name at the beginning of the hunt.
  8. Instead of turning it into a competition, have kids pool all their found eggs into onebasketand divide them evenly at the end. This way, teamwork takes centre stage.
  9. Finding eggs a few days (or weeks) after Easter? Keep tabs of how many eggs you’ve hidden so that at the end of the hunt you know how many eggs are still left to be found.
  10. Hunting for Easter eggs is fun for grown-ups, too. Make the hunt more interesting by adding gift cards to the mix.

Last updated: March 30, 2015

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