Sony aired another State of Play livestream yesterday. Here’s all the news and trailers.

At long last, Final Fantasy VII Remake made its big return! Sony’s second State of Play once again delivered bite-sized gaming news during its short but meaty ten minutes. In addition to getting re-introduced to FFVII Remake, several new PlayStation 4 titles were announced along with their debut trailers.

In case you missed the show or blinked, let’s catch you up to speed!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – September 6th, 2019

To kick things off, Capcom revealed the first footage of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Iceborne is a massive expansion for Monster Hunter World featuring a new icy locale, Hoarfrost Reach, containing a variety of powerful monsters and a new ecosystem. The expansion will also add new moves and slinger combos for even more hunting options.

Riverbond – Summer 2019

Riverbond is an adorable ‘shoot and slash’ dungeon crawler made by an indie Toronto studio, Cococucumber. State of Play had a brief trailer showcasing the game’s four-player couch co-op, along with eight crossover skins including Shovel Knight, Gualamelee!’s Juan Aguacate, and Raz from Psychonauts.

Predator: Hunting Grounds – 2020

Sony Worldwide Studios and IllFonic announced Predator: Hunting Grounds. In partnership with Fox, Predator is an online asymmetrical game pitting four players against the titular alien baddie. IllFonic also created Friday the 13th: The Game, another asymmetrical survival horror game where several Camp Crystal Lake counsellors faced off against Jason Voorhees. Predator: Hunting Grounds has strong Evolve vibes, a game where four hunters would challenge a deadly monster on alien planets.

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MediEvil – October 25th, 2019

Sony announced the MediEvil remake will be hitting PS4 just in time for Halloween! Based on the trailer, MediEvil is shaping up nicely with vastly improved graphics and cinematics. This is the perfect chance to check out this series for the first time, or for veterans, revisit Gallowmere with a haunting fresh coat of paint.

AWAY: The Survival Series – No Release Date

AWAY is a new survival game by indie developer Breaking Walls. It’s set in the distant future where you play as a small Sugar Glider and step inside a wildlife documentary experience. You’ll leap from branch to branch and glide through the animal kingdom, all while trying to avoid threats and survive. There are several animal species to interact with in this vast ecosystem, including bugs, birds, and very creepy-looking spiders.

Days of Play Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Console – June 2019

Sony announced a limited edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 console. Celebrating 11 days of deals in June, the limited edition console features a stunning steel grey finish with the iconic PlayStation symbols (X O □ ∆) on the face of the console. It also comes with a matching DualShock 4 controller.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – No Release Date

Sony pulled no punches when it came to closing out the show. The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake was shown in all its glory. The short trailer showed Cloud, Barret, and Aerith in both cutscenes and gameplay. We also got to see what the UI may look like upon release.

More Final Fantasy VII Remake news is coming in June, so stay tuned for more details.

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