24 Best Puzzles to Keep Your Child’s Mind Active this Winter

Two little girls assembling one of the best puzzles for kids

When you have kids, cold winter months require plans of action, not to mention snap activities for surprise snow days and sick days. Puzzles for kids are one smart solution because they’re brain-stimulating, super affordable and don’t involve screens. The best part for parents: You can put puzzles together as a family, let kids problem-solve on their own or do a little of both! Here are the best puzzles to keep everyone entertained.

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1. Best floor puzzles
$ 10.97

PAW Patrol Floor Puzzle

46 pieces

Your rescue-ready preschooler will get right to work on this cardboard PAW Patrol floor puzzle. Large pieces for little hands to maneuver and shiny details to piece together promises a whole morning of busywork.

$ 12

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Giant Cardboard Floor Puzzle

36 pieces

This colourful floor puzzle is a hands-on way to help preschoolers learn their letters. Work together to name the silly characters and their letter-themed puzzle objects (Alligator and apple; Bear and bow tie, etc.) to further kids’ alphabet recall.

$ 9.97

Long & Tall Puzzle, Colour Dancing Dinos

51 pieces

Try to stop your preschooler from dino-stomping all over the house after finishing this five-foot-long floor puzzle featuring colourful dancing dinosaurs. With over 50 pieces to connect, it will keep their active brains busy!

2. Best wooden puzzles
$ 9.97

Ryan's World Ryan's Food Truck Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

24 pieces

With thick wooden pieces for little hands to grasp and turn, small kids who love Ryan’s World will enjoy building this scene of Ryan’s favourite things: pizza, food trucks and his best animal pals.

$ 8.47

Spark Create Imagine 3D Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

26 pieces

This beautiful wooden alphabet fits seamlessly into any nursery décor. Before you know it, toddlers will want to busy themselves by fitting each letter into its corresponding holder. That’s your cue for fresh coffee, mama!

$ 22.97

Little Baby Bum Chunky Wooden Sound Puzzle

5 pieces

From the nursery-rhyme giant Little Baby Bum, this cute wooden puzzle plays animal sounds with each successful fit, plus a round of “Old MacDonald” when your toddler completes the whole thing.

3. Best 3D puzzles
$ 26.17

3D Globe Children's Puzzle

180 pieces

Like two educational toys in one, this 3D globe puzzle begins with building a sphere out of puzzle pieces, then it transforms into a functioning globe with illustrated touchpoints for each country. It makes a great gift.

$ 39.99

Lamborghini Huracán EVO 3D Puzzle

108 pieces

Endorsed by Lamborghini itself, your grade-schooler will stay focused for hours building this 3D puzzle replica of the Huracán EVO, wheels and all. Detailed instructions are included, so you can be as involved or hands-off as you want.

$ 203.01

Disney Castle 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

216 pieces

Not only is this 3D puzzle an exact replica of Disney World’s iconic Cinderella Castle, but the walls reveal nearly 100 classic Disney characters as your movie-loving tween builds from the ground up.

4. Best 1,000-piece puzzles
$ 16.97

DC Comics Showdown at Gotham Pier

1,000 pieces

Your superhero-loving kid won’t blink twice at the number of puzzle pieces it takes to build this showdown scene featuring Batman, Superman and Aquaman. But how to do it? Send their problem-solving skills into overdrive.

$ 17.97

Darrell Bush Crescent Moon Bay Jigsaw Puzzle

1,000 pieces

The serene lake house scene in this 1,000-piece puzzle can serve as an entry point for quality time with grandparents, or a nice way to connect with your older kids on a snow day.

$ 17.97

Clementoni Gradient Puzzle

1,000 pieces

Any kid with an eye for detail will enjoy the satisfaction of a gradient puzzle, built by locating puzzle pieces that relate to each other in the colour family. It’s a budding artist’s dream activity!

5. Best animal puzzles
$ 10.97

Adorable Best Friends Puzzle

300 pieces

Dreary winter weather is no match for this colourful and adorable puzzle scene of dog buddies wrapped in knit scarves and hats. Add some hot chocolate and you’ve got a pleasant afternoon of family fun.

$ 12.97

12 Mini Cat Shaped Selfie Puzzles

12 puzzles, 500 pieces total

It’s safe to say we can all relate to one (or more) of the emotions on these cats’ faces. Kids will get a kick out of building each of the 12 silly expressions.

$ 15.97

A Dog’s Life Puzzle

750 pieces

It’s just a bunch of dogs playing poker. But wait—do some of these pups have extra cards in their toes? For art lovers, the iconic 1903 dog painting A Friend In Need hangs in the background, too.

6. Best Harry Potter puzzles
$ 44.57

World of Harry Potter Puzzle

550 pieces

For puzzle-loving kids who crave a challenge, this haunting scene of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has few colour variations to keep them problem-solving for hours.

$ 23.98

Harry Potter Great Hall Puzzle

1,000 pieces

Your middle schooler will be transported to Harry Potter’s Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle with every archway, gargoyle and floating candle. With 1,000 pieces, they could be under this puzzle’s spell for days.

$ 14.97

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Puzzle

550 pieces

Die-hard Harry Potter fans will love rebuilding the iconic poster of the very first movie while you regale them with stories from life in that faraway (read: 2001) era.

7. Best Disney puzzles
$ 27.97

Disney Dreams Collection Puzzle Set

4 puzzles, 500 pieces each

This puzzle set has something for everyone with scenes from Fantasia, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp and Tangled. Have two or more kids? Why not suggest a race to see who can finish theirs first!

$ 21.99

Disney Frozen: Frozen Friends Puzzle

200 pieces

Not your average Disney Princess compilation, this kid-friendly puzzle puts a “cool” spin on Frozen‘s beloved characters including Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Hans—not to mention Olaf and Sven. It’s a fun, kitchen-table kind of activity.

$ 18.69

Cinderella Puzzle

200 pieces

Rebuild that magical moment when everything came together thanks to a Fairy Godmother, who dressed Cinderelly and sent her off to Prince Charming’s ball. Bippity boppity boo! (And if your child’s obsessed with princesses, they might love these 20 cool fashion and princess dolls.)

8. Best Star Wars puzzles
$ 19.99

Star Wars Pinball Art Puzzle

1,000 pieces

Featuring artwork from The Empire Strikes Back, this classic puzzle is ideal for kids and teens just getting to know the original Star Wars episodes that you already love.

$ 18.69

The Mandalorian Jigsaw Puzzle

500 pieces

This puzzle features Mando carrying an adorable baby Yoda in his arms, which pretty much sums up the compelling plot of award-winning The Mandalorian. It’s a nice one to reserve for father-child bonding time.


$ 14.39

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Puzzle

500 pieces

You don’t even have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate this painterly scene of a glamourous Rey brandishing her lightsaber. Pull this puzzle out on blustery days when the wind howls and everyone stays in.

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